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IELTS: 09 Important Reading Tricks


Quality reading is always important. Reading is really become easy if you do it regularly. Even "Bill gates reads 50 books around a year" So, you should try to improve reading skills. You can maintain that through some easy tricks. Check out some easy tricks which can help you to upgrade your reading capacity:

01. You have to keep a good number of Vocabulary in your mind and know Grammar. Because proper knowledge of Vocabulary and Grammar can help you understanding the article pattern which you are reading.

02. Try to read as much as possible from books, newspapers, magazines, article and also from internet blogs. Whatever you like the most read about that, it can be history, sports, politics or business topics and try to read more than once. It'll help to make you confident and encourage for reading more.

03. Don't bring your books too close to see or too distance to understand. Too close will hurt your eyes and too distance will make words blur and hard to read. So, proper distance is important. It will help to increase your Peripheral vision.

04. Use pencil, pen or finger to point the lines which you are reading. It'll help to avoid reading one line twice and make your concentration better.

05. You should read unnecessary lines quickly and slow down to the important lines. For example: Must read properly the exam questions with proper time and understanding because those can be tricky.

06. Understanding what you are reading and keeping that in memory is also very important. To do that, you can highlight or mark important lines or try to connect them visually.

07. While reading something must read the title and introduction properly. It'll give a proper summary of the writing.

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08. After reading something always try to ask by WHO, WHY, WHERE, WHEN, HOW. If you can answer all those then you read that article thoroughly and appropriately.

09. Last of all Reading quickly isn't important. important is Balancing the Speed, Attention and Remembering the article properly. If you can maintain these 03points with good speed then you become a good reader..

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