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I Wish It Was Not so Much

You are for little not for much

I Don't get upset, I just think about something.

Not only about myself, all that is my own.

It is the mind that keeps on flowing in the stream of thoughts.

Ever wonder why I should give feedback to someone .

Will he like my thought then why should I say something.

It's all just by saying but not saying anything now.

Now It just remained tight in my mind that I wish it were like this.

Time has passed, It's just sorrow to say something

Wishing that someone would listen to slowly.

There is a feeling that there is someone who is not mine without me.

Wishing that no one should give a gift, give a flower.

There was no great desire, but it was a little , that too incomplete.

Every wish will remain unfulfilled every wish.

I wish it was like this before someone could read the words of my mind.

Life is going on like this but not listening to anything.

Not sorry, my wish is just a little relaxed, how are you asking someone.

Not much, my life is short, but maybe not even that.

Was there a little someone who cares about me.

Just in a moment as if nothing is left.

I am sad but there is no one who can listen to my heart.

It is a small wish, but even the attempt to get it seems to be unsuccessful.

Because life is running away with time , it remain the same.

Went together for a long time but now I'm tired of walking with him.

Because time is very powerful in front of me and I fail in front of it.

Now every wish has been given a small pause, do not think now.

Just stay like this Now, but oh I haven't got that much of realization.

And if you do, then what would have happened if you did?

Just listen to the words of your heart and whether it is right, your feeling.

How little is the time to say in my life sorry no one listens.

They don't get where they are, they stay in my mind.

Everything in my mind was filled with unlimited thoughts.

Now he is ready to come out by any means.

I also want to take a little step bigger and spread the treasures of the thoughts of the people.

The effort is small, I see what colour brings a little desire.

I have learned a lot, I repeat the same thing from others and see what happens.

Oh I wish it was like this be fore the pain got some sympathizer.

But I was not very close but all of me were far away.

Now I wish to do harm not myself, I have to say something to others.

What to say someone who has no hope.

Now do something for yourself and get away from hopelessness.

I wish to say something, I have to do whatever I want from my heart for them.

Whom I expected a bit now he will care about me, but now I have to be careless for him.

Now I don't trust him about anything what will he say, now I have to say.

I wish it was like this Now they will say that you wish it were like this but now there is no struggle.

I would have changed earlier, I would have been ready for myself so that I would have changed today.

I had no desire or wish for anyone.

But now it just happened that I forgot everything. Now I didn't wish it would happen like this.

© 2021 Sultanakhan

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