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I Love You.

As an independent writer, she worked as an editor in a number of Alexandria websites, and her novel Rathways of Gods won the Prize

They took Sofia today.

I wish I had told her a long time ago.

I wish I loved her a long time ago.

her fate would have been different from this fate.
I loved you despite my silence.

I loved you even though I didn't love you.

To Sofia Oh, if I knew how much I loved Sofia.

I hear them whispering around her, biting them, looking at them with amazement,fear and disgust, frightened, confused, not knowing where to go.

Takes one last look at the boy.

The little man grabs hands with the girl.
Wet from fear.

The eyes are getting sucked up. The young ones are the fruits of bad things.

They are stigmatized with shame.

What shame, Sofia, if they saw you with my eyes, they would have pity if they knew how beautiful you were in the past.

leisurely watches the details of what happened in the old body, from sagging and curvature to the waist and buttocks, exhaling in tightness.

She puts a piece of cloth over the woman and turns on the hot water tap.

It lies in the flow of hot water, feels comfortable for a moment because it has the right to gas thrusts.

She was able to convince the rest of the inhabitants of the old building of the need to abandon the gas cylinders, search for them constantly, and insert natural gas into the old, dilapidated apartments for a little comfort.

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She dips her body in water, does not allow the little cries that wake up to nightmares at night.

one day after the other She must wash her wet bed in the morning, she was upset when she remembered her cause that morning, a disgusting, dirty, ugly girl.

The little one shrunk back to dive in her room in permanent isolation.

She no longer goes out.

She stopped helping her in the afternoon while she was reclined on the sewing machine.

The dream of the knitting factory is moving away one day after the other.

She sold the refrigerator yesterday and got rid of it on the baby might go back to its old self again.

She wakes up early in the morning, the baked goods come out hot from the oven, puts them in trays that cover them well, walks quietly on the stairs to the top floor, opens with the key as she left it in her old hand, puts the food on the kitchen table, passing by the hall so that she does not see it in a scattered image.

What is wrong with the old man not to stop asking about him and everyone her leaves it to her.

Its not her blood. Nothing will happen to her. "Saying the Hearing".

Every night she sees her at night, doesn't talk, waits for him to say something to curse her, and he looks at her the same way.

Fuck you to wait for your pity.

He hesitated in a rage, paying attention so that the neighbor who never stops following her doesn't hear it.

Her husband died and everyone was waiting for his share.

Since he died, she learned not to be afraid, not like the last time her husband left.

She freaked out when she looked into the eyes of her only brother.

She watched his cunning wife's eyes, contracted her abdominal muscles still suffering from the effects of her second birth.

Poor little girl will never see her father. The young man's eyes are confused looking for his father.

He got so attached to him.

Sofia has always hesitated, he was good to the little boy, who loves him as much as she hates her!

The sister-in-law starts looking for a potential new husband, who is always good at getting rid of them.

She learned how to do it every time until she got better.

Despite the fear, she felt free for the first time in many years that she would be able to live without the fear of a husband approaching.

She loved the baby and took care of the baby, even as she moved back to her apartment alone with them, she didn't know how to begin.

She doesn't remember well, but he came back and made her jump one night in the middle of the night into the darkness of the neighborhood in fear looking for a candle to light up the power outage in the street.


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