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I Will Kill All the American People

My name is Amin. I love writing the truth more than fiction


I will kill all the American people
one by one
what. Why are you surprised
Don't they deserve to be killed?
are you racist
Are you emotional
Or a women's fashion designer?
I will kill the American people
I will kill them with laughter
I'm not a funny person
but i'm a writer
The original story
I'm an American
in Europe
or in that land
don't you know me
yes i know you
Aren't you the one who kicked him out of his house?
Because he didn't pay the installments
You are the one who works day and night
To pay for a Marine's dinner
A soldier loses all his battles
In fact
And win it in movies
The only screen you see
without the rest of the screens
I'm kidding with you
We all have problems
first class. third class
Health is important
Take care of yourself

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