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I Read 4 Books Jisoo From Blackpink Read & Recommended


Jisoo is just the sweetest and kookiest. Apart from her stunning visuals, amazing talent, and god-tier personality, she also has an immaculate taste in books. She is 1/4 of the global phenomenon that is Blackpink, a girl group from South Korea made up of Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa. Kim Jichu also happens to be my BP bias♡.

I saw a Twitter thread years ago about the books Jisoo has been seen reading or the ones she's recommended, so I bookmarked it. So, I read these books a few months ago thanks to Jisoo and I thought about sharing my thoughts on them. So, here are four books we both read (i finally have something in common with her).

1. Kim Jiyoung, Born 1982

I've seen a lot of people rave about this book. When I looked up books Jisoo has read, this popped up as well. The book is about Jiyoung a woman who struggles to cope and live harmoniously in a male-dominated society.

This is the book that made me angry that I decided maybe moving to South Korea isn't a good idea. However, even in the Philippines and countries all over the world, women are being abused, preyed on, and constantly fear losing their rights and dignity. As a child, I thought I can do anything, be anything. As I grew up, I learned to dress "appropriately" and that women don't have the same opportunities as men. It's sad living in a conservative, yet judgmental society. This book was just amazing and I see why it's received so well. It captures your attention with its storytelling and gives you stats in the footnotes. This is a book I think everyone should read, women, men, and non-binary folk.

2. The Courage to be Disliked


It kind of pains me to know Jisoo read this book. Amongst the members, she's the one overlooked by fans. I see videos of "fans" ignoring or being rude to her, but she still gives her best during performances and always has a smile. The Courage to Be Disliked is a self-help book and the title speaks for itself.

I lost my interest in self-help books when I was around 18. I just find that characters in fiction have more to teach than a self-help book that lasts 300 pages only to tell you the same thing. I appreciate the sentiment of the book. There is still hope amidst all the pain I went through, but telling me that I can move past my trauma because it "doesn't exist" trivializes the human struggle and experience. It's not my cup of tea, but it might be yours.

3. Norwegian Wood


In my last post, I wrote about RM from BTS. There I pointed out how much of Murakami fan he is. Jisoo is just the same! Instead of Kafka on the Shore, I thought of reviewing Norwegian Wood. The book is about Toru who's in love with his best friend Naoko, but the two of them cope with the loss of their other best friend Kizuki. It's a coming-of-age novel with Murakami-esque elements like sexual discoveries, western music, and cats.

I love the ode to The Beatles' song Norwegian Wood. But, this is just not the best work of Murakami's and even he knows that, but a lot of people are just into it. I would give it maybe a 3.5-⭐ rating. The way women are depicted in his books are always so sad and disappointing, whereas the men are just so cool! (Note the sarcasm.) As far as coming-of-age books go, I've read better. And don't get me wrong, I love Haruki Murakami's works.

4. Pride and Prejudice


I'm so happy Jisoo has read this because honestly, Jane Austen is my ult classic lit bias. Pride and Prejudice is a romance novel set in the Regency era of England. It follows Elizabeth Benneth who is full of prejudice, especially on Mr. Darcy who is full of pride.

This is THE book for me. Jane Austen really is just the queen of rom-com and I love her wit and humor. Jisoo is also playful and funny, so to see her read this makes me so happy. The book may have been written two centuries ago, but it still has a lot to teach about relationships, family, and a woman's place in society (hint: it's anywhere a woman chooses to be, even at the stage conquering the world).

*sidebar: can we talk about how cute that cover is?

Here's a Jisoo for you for reaching thus far


In conclusion, Jisoo is perfect. Her vocals, her visuals, her personality, and even her reading list is parallel to no one. She motivates Blinks like me to read and be socially-informed whenever she talks about books or posts a pic of her bookshelf on Instagram. Her books span self-help, feminist, and classic literature. She makes my days better and I can't express how grateful I am to her. I only wish for all the girls, Jennie, Rosé, Lisa, and Jisoo to have the best. They give us so much and work so hard. They have the kindest hearts and I love them.

Anyways, I hope you guys get to read the books above.

Sending ♡, lyka

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