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I might


Every step that I take
Every movements of the shapes
I think I might fail
But I keep to disagree with myself everyday

The decisions I made
I should stick through it
And plan on the next
So I know what it takes

I sacrifice almost everything
Fall where I was place
And I didn't want that way
But then what I want is I can't chase

It's better this way
Life put me in this place
I might not know better
But I can work things in my way

You can't always have what you want
So what is given is not a choice in life
This is just the way it is
I know something might be working

I can fit here anyway
I just need to see my strength
I know It can work everyday
I will do my everything

This might not be my chosen faith
But I still will work my way
It's not that easy to say
I might still find my way


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© 2020 Xalice


Xalice (author) on September 25, 2020:

Thank you, your words makes me happy.

AngelaJJ on September 20, 2020:

I like the rhythm of this poem.. thanks for sharing...

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