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Please Women Stop undressing

I'm so happy because you're here. whoever you are My name is Amin. I love writing the truth more than fiction


please women
Take a moment to rest
Stop undressing
Hollywood, please
please Paris
please fashion
The market and its race
rips clothes
And the supermodel is on the way to the money
We don't blame her
Blame the photographer
And blame that you offer it for free
On the streets of New York
In the streets of Algeria
please women
Bring back the dress of its aristocracy
Why do you despise cloth?
The principle and the original fall away
So the earth and the walls ache
How do associations meet?
to preserve the earth
Shiny nude dress
How do we protect the surface of the earth?
And we do not protect those who walk above it
please women
We love you naked
But we don't want you naked
I mean, I mean...
Take this mind from me to Mars
And leave me body and feeling
No, do not take the feeling to space
And leave me the body and the love
I mean I mean
I don't know what I mean
But it is not malice or racism
You might be a genius
A good product does not need markets
And everything has a price
Why offer our bodies for free?
And models are offering it for billions
The crazy man looks
without paying a penny
And the law loves to see women
And the law is written by men
And men love women
A strange world that rules it
Market or lusts
please women
calm down moment
Do not rush to take off the dress
So that the earth does not speed up
to the end

© 2021 tabouche amin

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