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I Have a Short Poem


Pride destroys


Seeing his face, we are loved,
He is very proud, just denied,

These ways of expressing love are also amazing.
Through books, hearts are given in letters.

The letter we sent came back in pieces
Now its broken pieces, are sewn up.

Everyone explained, love is not easy,
The unsuccessful people are drunk day and night.

Love is not from the heart, it is from wealth, maybe they,
The beats that are ignored.

Love is from the heart, but Garrat is still alive,
Even in love, sometimes rewards are taken.

Now they will find, the one who loves me in the world
One last chance, we are given them.

The moon, the sun too, we saw the eclipse taking place,
They don't know in which pride they live.


Bhumi on June 10, 2021:


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