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I Am Not a Famous Writer

It's just the beginning of the journey

I am not a famous writer nor a good poem writer.

Just want to write something that's going on inside me.

No I have no one to listen nor understand my words.

That's why the thoughts inside me are coming out through written words.

My words or lines are not like those of a great writer.

I am just writing my series of thoughts in a random way.

Because I am not a writer but what should I do if, I try badly.

Don't despair, Don't get discouraged, Don't run away from life.

Just looking for where I was wrong, be it wrong or will always be.

The search for these question is on but right now the answer is probably yes, I am wrong.

Because I am not capable myself now, nor am I under restriction in freedom.

Dependent on others, will he show his freedom, he is trying to get it now.

Hey there's not much to do but because you're within limits now.

My words are still immature, with time maybe they mature.

Have the ability to do something, but now this skill needs a connoisseur.

From the eyes of the connoisseur, it maybe called diamond or gold.

Don't even expect in to become a diamond or gold just be a little light .

So much light that by its brilliance one can find one's own purpose.

I do not know how to write well but the turmoil of words forced

The pen kept moving on the paper and what did I writer.

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No combination of words, no orderly way, just systematic style.

The mind is running away, on which road he does not know what he wants to seek.

Goes beyond his limits, but he is also bound, perhaps within his limits.

It seems that whether someone is free or not or everyone has been imprisoned by some evil invisible force.

What is such an unseen power from which no one is freed?

I think it is a very difficult task for someone who composting conspiracy.

Tying someone in extreme situations and standing far away laughing.

If a writer would have been famous, name would have been on fame, not luck like this.

But still there is no sorrow, but a little bit from the innumerable but some.

I want a lot, but only a small effort fulfills a big dream.

Today the luck is all bad but it is not too late to change the time.

Today the confluence of my crooked and disorganized words may make something big tomorrow.

Hope is like this and where there is a will there is a way.

No artist in today but a little effort to get what else is.

If I Don't even try, will the high flight be complete?

Underdeveloped or weak style is supposed to be true.

The writing is not right, there is no coordination of words but there is a churning of ideas.

No, I can put pen to paper on high level writer.

Through this only I can express my thoughts, talk or say something.

No medium to narrate the past on its own so chose writing.

Admittedly, I am not a great writer, yet I am completely ignorant.

You have to go far where you have a shade for those who listen to the words.

Are you looking for yourself or loved one's, where someone can understand before leaving my mind?

When the writing will be meaningful, when the dreams will be fulfilled.

When someone understands my poem or my purpose, then my meaning will be fulfilled.

Poetry is still incomplete, the author is unknown, the art of writing is a incomplete.

When understand me through this medium, when I will be a famous full writer but not famous yet.

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