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I Am No Longer Sure of the Light

Waiting time elapsed

Every moment of the passing life is irresistible.

No longer waiting for the morning Sun.

All dreams are coming to an end because they have not been fulfilled.

Life is just going on, it's a meaningless reason.

If it happens now, then she is living that the breath is left.

Hey all the same everything has changed a lot .

Now everything is empty in life,nothing remains.

Once there was a lot of dreams in life, now even dreams have become strangers.

But now even dreams are missing from our sleep.

Like someone stole our world of happiness.

Or flew away by putting wings in another country.

It has nothing to do with our life and our sleep.

Every wharf the atmosphere of desolation suffocating.

It will never seem like the morning of a good world.

We try a million, but we lose every moment.

Every hope of ours is falling and the growing dilemma.

No, I never give up in times of trouble.

But the problem and the failure is getting bigger now.

I can't face these huge troubles now.

Because now the walls of mystery have become stronger.

No strength let me break these walls.

Every path that leads to trouble keeps on increasing.

But then she would have remained silent because the road would have been closed ahead.

How long does a person bear a blow to a blow?

A blow more than the strength sometimes makes A person fall.

Free life was guarded like birds, freedom was guarded.

The desire to fly was great but the wings were, cut.

That's why I am not sure how to fly now.

Pushback time running from all sides.

The storm of thunder covered the whole mind.

How to walk a pleasant wind is clean dust.

Memory cover turned dirty.now there is no clear dreams in it.

Exaltation was like new dreams on life.

Don't know how this aspect of life changed.

Got it but now understand this riddle.

Now this riddle like life has started to seem like an absurd puzzle.

Wanting to win it out of beauty but becoming ugly.

Why is this getting harder and harder.

Can't understand the severity of this storm.

Problem is solved but no one seems.

The gap of this life is getting deeper and deeper.

No, now believe that the angle should cross this gap.

I am probably completely absorbed in this now.

There is now even a little bit of faith to not leave.

With faith and belief every dreams would come true.

But now every spirit started to waver.

My life going through immense pain.

I had all the courage to bear it, Broken sure whom I trusted.

Trust turned out to be false, which led to art life.

Mild to thick darkness growing every moment.

Entire life was covered with thick cover.

New spring can come in it, because the cover is very strong and huge.

It is difficult and difficult to penetrate because.

All the courageous shapes that are absorbed fail.

He is full of all that has power.He makes everyone sow with his vastness.

Doesn't have the shadow of any humility on him.

Tolerance does not have the effect of humility.

The walls are sharp in every way he paralyzed everyone with his cruelty.

Now That's why I Don't have dreams anymore.


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