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I Am Your Bread & Butter, Wisdom & Wealth.

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Senior to You for Ages and Ages

I am a senior to you for long

My spouting bestows merriment to the earth

And forever it is will of heavenly Joy.

Before wouldn't open your eyes, I've been young fresh

for ages,

whenever I am ready for yours Mirth

Of advent that glad of Mine;Nature.

Predominantly I'm for Bliss

But You're not the same for Me

Sky has been an eye witness for ages,

Undoubtedly make known, it given human voice,

What You(human) destroyed for long to mine of Air, Water, Soil,not left even my earth womb....

You acknowledge or not, but all in history like silent sailar in dark sea,

I am your Bread and butter, wisdom and Riches, what not even it took place.

No compassion, you contrary With Me, and unless me, Do obtain such a success?

The boasting of yours intellectual thou felt Where's yours pride with out me, Ahead for an inch do go you ?

You for devastation, Me for your delightful of construction....

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In the remarkable year of 2020 ; A Reprehensible thing... taken place..

You created Biological Virus and split over all

Knowingly and Unknowingly I am destroyer and creator

What you did anything for hazards...

Being a part of mine, How long have I been carrying you for times...

Dear Human,

Wisdom comes from me...

Your knowledge spoils your underfoot that me,

Not neglect you are a part of Mine.....

You are mortal.....

I am immortal become inadequate for your children....

Nature is our friend, isn't it?

Beauty of Nature gifted by Almighy

© 2020 Jeshurun


Dr Viral Patel from India on September 16, 2020:

Great Video....Enjoyed it with poetry

Jeshurun (author) from Nellore AP India on August 02, 2020:

Thank you Brother.....

OLUSEGUN from NIGERIA on August 01, 2020:

The virus is serious. Devastating. Good one.

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