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I Wrote Thirty Books. Now, What?

Jay M Horne is an author, publisher, and avid runner out of Bradenton, FL. As a father he enjoys writing fiction and young adult.

Cover art by the author

Cover art by the author

What can you try?

Ten years is a long time.

I’ve tried all kinds of stuff to get my books seen by people. Never overly-pushy. Well, maybe one or two of my younger, more shameful, attempts.

I’ve tried ads, those stupid funnel things, years of blogging, making my own website (also for years), Facebook, Instagram, hell…
I’ve even stuffed a handful of books, that my kids wrote, into their arms and had them hand them out on a pier at the beach.

That horrified them.
“No one wants one of these books, Dad!”

It’s exhausting.

What can you do?

So, I gave up trying to get my shit in front of everyone a few years back and just enjoyed reading and writing for the sake of it.
Started, I can’t tell you how many stories, finished, about thirty.

I was really thinking,

“Wouldn’t it be great if there were a marketplace where I could sell some of these stories I have begun and never finished? Maybe a market for authors with writer’s block?”

I’ve tried publishing some of my best stuff totally free on the internet just to drive interest to some of the other stuff. But, so far, nothing seems to get people to bite.

What would you do?

Now, when I stumble across different forums and start looking at things from a new light. I think to myself, well, since I have all these books now, what if I just publish like half the book as a blog post and put an Amazon link at the bottom of the thing for the full book?

Yeah, don’t do that. They don’t like that.
The curators I mean.

Heck, I came this close to throwing in the towel and just writing for my ex-wife’s church last year, cuz, to hell with it! At least then I would have had an audience!

But, no!

I’m still here. And I think I am finally making a break through.
Do you know why?

Because I love writing and I will be damned if I ever think of writing as a goddamn job.

I’m not writing about sports attire, technical analysis, or some pip who needs the attention.
I’m writing because it’s fun.

You hear it all the time. Start with freelancing.
Yeah, no!

Real writers aren’t out there giving the audience exactly what they want and their fans are still eating them up.
Gobbling up pieces of literature like candy.

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Ask yourself, do you go out and buy one of those giant sized Hershey’s bars before you’ve ever tasted chocolate?

C’mon. Stick with me here.
So you got a couple novels. You wrote a few short stories. Had a couple hundred pages worth of laughs with some of your own made up characters.

What’s next?

What should you do?

Well, since these curators don’t like us to throw an excerpt of our novel or short story out there and end it with ‘to be continued…’ or ‘read the rest here’ for such and such price, what do we do?
How do we get our stuff out there?

We do what we love. We write another short story. This time, an exclusive story just for the blog or platform.

One rule: Just make it about the character and in his or her same lingo.

Then you can soft sell with some copy at the end that won’t offend the moderators.

If you like this character’s crazy schemes and adventures, find him in my other works like, blah, blah, blah.

Something like that.
Now, this would seem like bad news to anyone but a writer.

But for a true writer. The prospect of bringing a character to life is the fun.

More writing is never more work. More writing, as long as it's good, is just more character.

And let’s face it. Us writers could all use a little more character. Then maybe our marriages wouldn’t end in divorce!

Perhaps make your little guy tweet a few zingers on a social platform with his picture attached. Like this.

I mean, c’mon! When have you ever devoured anything without first having a little taste?
Okay, water maybe, but that’s only because you were dying of thirst!

I followed my own intuition and it led me here.

Just write, I told myself. It keeps you sane.
Then go jogging.

So, I’ve told you my plan.

My books are out there. Hell, they’ve been out there. I’m sure a lot of yours are too.
Our characters, just waiting to be discovered.

But, it's up to us to give them a voice.


Ten years is a long time to be at this. If you have any advice that isn’t simply click bait, I will take it and offer you some in return.

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That would just be weird.

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