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I Write Quotes, Not Tragedies Part 4: November Edition!

Emee.chan started writing her own quotes and then dared to try it with poems.


Quotes Of November

1. We believe in God, yet we're atheists when it comes to believing in ourselves.

2. Isn't it kind of funny, ironic even, how a simple nothing can make a mess out of everything?

3. Keep it private, it'll last longer.

4. You tried to make me an option, so I took it upon myself to make myself the only solution.

5. Showing emotions is considered a weakness, but using them against someone is strength? I beg to differ, I find the last option quite cowardly.

6. Love is in the air? Don't get it twisted, it's air pollution.

Bye For Now!

Well, this is it! Thank you for reading and if you liked some of these quotes, even better!

These are all of my quotes...for now at least.

These are all of my quotes...for now at least.

© 2021 Emilija Veljković

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