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I Write Quotes, Not Tragedies Part 3: October Edition!

Emee.chan writes poems and quotes to express her thoughts on anything happening to her and to those around her.


Expressing your thoughts and opinions by writing quotes or poems can be liberating and therapeutic. It's like keeping a diary, only you're willing to share the words with other people. A sentence a day is never in vain.

Chocolate is the solution!

Chocolate is the solution!

Quotes Of October

1. Being drunk only brings a temporary state of blissful thoughtlessness. What haunts you will still be there once you sober up, along with a headache.

2. Feeling bitter? Eat chocolate. Then you'll feel bittersweet. And you'd have an excuse to eat chocolate...not that an excuse is needed for that. Like at all.

3. It sucks being cold towards someone who once made you feel warm inside.

4. I wish my thoughts would go towards someone who belongs to the future, Instead of straying,
Again and again, to you,
A figure of the past.

5. I dream of someone I can go places with.
Our only witness the beautiful starry night sky.
Destination unknown. Just the two of us, our hearts entwined.

6. You are cordially invited to keep your nose out of my business. Hope to NOT see you there.


This is it for October! I'll see you all next month!

© 2021 Emee chan


BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on October 04, 2021:

Thanks for the quotes.

See ya later.

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