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I Write Quotes, Not Tragedies: How I Started Writing

Emee.chan started writing her own quotes and then dared to try it with poems.

You have to start with something.

You have to start with something.

You Can Do It If You Try!

At the end of March, I got the brilliant idea to turn my love for writing into a hobby, and maybe publish something one day! Now, I don't think I'm the next big thing in the literature world, but why not see how people react to some of my thoughts and emotions I decided to put into words? Every brain is wired a different way, that's what makes it all the more interesting!

Anyone can write. You don't need a degree for it, though if you wish to go into it professionally, then you would probably need one. But the point is you can do it- all you need is a creative mind and somewhere to jot down what you cooked up in your mind.

Oh and try not to get discouraged if at first you get rejected or if you don't have a lot of readers- you have to start small and be persistant in order to get an opportunity for something greater, if that's your goal.

Nevertheless, whatever your reason for writing is, relax and enjoy what you do.

Write down your ideas, be it a page in a notebook or in your phone.

Write down your ideas, be it a page in a notebook or in your phone.

What Am I Going On About In This Article?

Okay, so as I mentioned before, I started writing quotes before I even got the courage to try and write a poem. When I saw there were sites and apps for writing quotes, poems and stories, I thought "Poems? There is no way I'd be able to write them! Quotes I can handle, but poems aren't really my thing!", but as it turned out later, I was proven wrong by yours truly.

In this article I'll share some of my quotes (they have the ©Emee at the end, so they're all mine). I don't know how many, I'll start off with 3 or 5,6? Maybe I'll add some more in another article.

Hope you'll like some of them!

1. "Let your inner child free. Nobody will notice the difference anyway."

2. "The grass may be greener on the other side, but how do you know it's not photoshopped?"

3. "School teaches you useful things that you'll forget and useless ones that you'll remember you won't be needing."

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4. "You have a right to be unhappy with some aspects of your life, or just life in general. To be happy all the time is an utopia. What you DON'T have a right to do is make other people feel miserable because of your unhappiness."

5. "Don't beg for breadcrumbs of affection when you can easily get a whole big loaf of it. You're a human, not a pigeon."

6. "Beauty and art are best appreciated in silence and at a respectable distance."


That's All, Folks! For Now...

Well, this is it for now! I have more of these, so I might add them in some of my future articles.

© 2021 Emilija Veljković


Emilija Veljković (author) from Belgrade, Serbia on August 03, 2021:

Thank you so much, Brenda, I really appreciate it!

There will probably be more in the future!

BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on August 03, 2021:


I love these quotes.

You definitely have the knack.

Keep up the great work.

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