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I Woke Up This Morning And Got Out Of My Bed.

I am a multi-talented prolific writer with a passion to motivate etc. I've been writing from a little child, notebooks and pens were my toy


I woke up this morning and as I got out of bed.

I looked through the window with a still sleepy head.

Birds of all colors flying through the air.

Gliding so gracefully they don't have a care.

Chirping and singing melodies of song.

Sometimes never stopping as they go on for so long.

I Love to hear them Yes! The music they make.

Out of my bed and looking through the window I am now fully awake.

Outside is getting sunny as the sun begins to shine bright.

As it gives off it's hot lucent light.

Shining and glowing as it's sun rays spread out wide.

When it gets very hot under an umbrella when I go out I will hide.

The sun's rays spread out as it gives strength to plants and trees all around.

Even on to little seedlings that is getting ready to sprout from the ground.

I know it's there.

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As I can see it's rays every where.

A blinding ball of light.

Yes! The sun that is round hot and bright.

Summer is soon here as everything continues to grow.

Lots of flowers on show some growing high and some growing low.

And little plant seedlings that is bursting from the soil.

Growing by water, wind and sunlight and never polluted oil.

Birds and butterflies looking for nectar sweet.

Landing on flowers looking for something to eat.

Sunny sun shine on show.

And Oh! How it glows.

Just glowing all around.

On plants, trees, grass and flowers that lays on the ground.

Giving them strength to get up and grow.

So their beautiful faces will sprout up open and to everyone they will show.

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