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I Wish

Richard Lawrence Belford is the author of "It’s Not Goodbye, It’s See You Later; A Collection of Inspirational Parables."


I had an opportunity to sit down and not only think about what I miss, but what I wish. This inspired me to write a parable that I believe is about as close to a slice of heaven as one can get. A parable is a symbolic short story that illustrates or teaches some truth, religious principle or moral lesson.

Sometimes we simply forget what's important. Therefore on the dawn of a new year and heels of one that can be described like no other perhaps "I Wish" cannot only help us appreciate this world, but understand the next, especially during these anxious, fearful and uncertain times.

"I Wish" has also been published on The Centering Corporation's website at the following link: https://centering.org/grief-digest-articles/i-wish/

The Centering Corporation is a non-profit organization and the publisher of Grief Digest Magazine. It is the largest & oldest grief resource center in North America!

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I Wish

Kids didn’t grow up so fast.
We learned from the past.
And love would always last.

I wish; every Friday that came and went.
were followed Saturday by a special event.
Sunday nights wouldn’t feel as bleak.
And Monday’s blues didn’t start the week.

I wish; life was fair.
God granted every victim’s prayers.
And bullies got what was theirs.

I wish: underdogs would always win.
We knew now what we didn’t then.
And all mistakes were not a sin.

I wish; Spring's promise lasted all year.
Summer days were always clear.
Autumn’s leaves were more than a trend.
And Winter storms were just pretend.

I wish; Thanksgiving helped us see.
No matter where we find ourselves.
How grateful we should be.

I wish; Christmas Eve would never end.
We didn’t have to worry about what we spend.
And New Year’s Day we could start again.

I wish; dogs would live, as long as we do.
Friendships were always true.
Grandparents never felt alone.
And everyone remembered to phone.

I wish; no one hungry was denied.
Cancer was beaten by all who tried.
We didn’t have to say goodbye.
And our loved ones never died.

© Richard Lawrence Belford


© 2020 Richard Lawrence Belford