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I Read How to Kill Your Best Friend by Lexie Elliott - Here's What I Thought

Alaysha has been creating stories since she was in elementary school and writing and publishing poetry since the beginning of high school.

"If you suspected your best friend- the person you were closest to in the whole world- was a murderer, what would you do? Would you confront her? Would you help her keep her secret? Or would you begin to feel afraid? Most importantly, why don't you feel safe now that she's dead?"

I think we all have that one friend that's a bit more eccentric than the rest of the group, whether that be their music and fashion taste, the other people they hang out with, or their choices and personality traits. But for one group of friends that eccentricity is murderous rage.

Lissa has been missing for months and was declared dead after the recent discovery of her body, which was lost immediately as she slipped under the waves she was found in. Her two friends Bron and Georgie arrive at her memorial service and can't help but think about their past with Lissa and the mysteries surrounding her death.

Most importantly, Bron, Georgie, and I were left with one question. How could Lissa, of all people, drown?

When I came across this book I was browsing Barnes & Noble trying to find the perfect one to burn my Christmas gift card on. I roamed the store for ages waiting for something to catch my eye. And this is the book that did it.

"Georgie, Lissa, and Bronwyn have been inseperable since dominating their college swim team; swimming has always been an escape from their own problems, but now their shared passion has turned deadly. How can it be true that Lissa, the strongest swimmer they know, drowned? Granted, there is something strange about Kanu Cove, where Lissa was last seen, swimming off the coast of the fabulous island resort she owned with her husband.

"Lissa's closest friends gather at the resort to honor her life, but Georgie and Bron can't seem to stop looking over their shoulders. Danger lurks beneath the surface of the crystal-clear water, and even their luxurious private villas can't help them feel safe. As the weather turns ominous, trapping the memorial guests together on the island, nobody knows who they can trust. Lissa's death was only the beginning..."

The mystery surrounding Lissa's death isn't the only thing causing suspense. This book is full of drama, including a cheating scandal or two and revelations about just how unhinged Lissa can be when she's upset.

This thriller had me on my tiptoes waiting for the next twist. Reveal after reveal made me unable to put it down, and this captivating is what brought me out of my latest reading slump. I highly recommend this 5-star read.

Spoiler Warning

There are a lot of things in this book I just can't talk about without spoilers, so here's the warning for anyone who hasn't read it yet.

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I don't have a favorite character in this book, but Lissa's antics throughout it are what made me want to keep reading. From the beginning, I was sure that Lissia was still alive, but the motive was unclear, and I had thought that the mystery POV plotting murder was her. But when Georgie revealed that she had planned to kill Lissa because she was afraid of what she would do if her suspicions of an affair turned up true, that confirmed my suspicion that she faked her death because, even though she wasn't the mystery POV, the story of her jealous rage, Bron's confirmation to the reader that she had an affair with Lissa's first husband, and the fact that no one else had a motive halfway into the book, made me certain.

I loved the back and forth I had trying to figure out if she was alive and what her motive was if she was, but there is one thing I think the book could have gone without entirely. The serpent of Kanu Cove.

The story of the serpent did provide tension in the book, along with its sighting and almost-attack on the swimmers at the memorial service, but nothing really came of it. The ending had the serpent saving Georgie, urging her to continue swimming and guiding her to land, but Georgie herself doesn't know if it is real or a hallucination from exhaustion and oxygen deprivation, and neither do I, and, ultimately, its role in the climax was minimal. I would have enjoyed it playing a larger role in the plot, but maybe its appearance should have been eliminated from the book altogether. It promised a more fantastical element than it ended up providing and left me a bit disappointed when it was't fulfilled.

End of Spoilers

How To Kill Your Best Friend was a rollercoaster as you tried to follow the breadcrumbs laid out and figure out what really happened with Lissa and the trio's past, and besides some aspects I would have liked to be further explored or taken out, it was still immensely enjoyable, exceeding my expectations going in.


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