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I Often Wonder Why People Read My Poems

Today In A Changing World

We can't even thank all the wonderful people

For all their support

They removed the comment section from every hub

I want it back

I want it here and here to stay

So people can tell me how they feel

If it is a week after or years later

It seems ludicrous

That we have come so far

Yet, we are so backwards

I wonder what would have happened if?

When we first went to school

If our teachers corrected our papers

Never told us our mistakes

Gave us our grades

Never gave our parents their professional advice

Mixed with their opinion

How we could be better?

Like we simply were just another number

No personality

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No feelings

Faceless and meaningless

Everyone is different

We don't learn at the same pace

I had many comments over the years

That made my parents mad

Made me think

If I only did it different

It was too late now

So all I could do

Is listen to what both my parents and teachers had to say

I put parents first because they had the most influence

On my next decision

Did I change to make them happy?

Did I change because deep down I knew they were right?

I think a combination of both

I knew I wasn't an all A student

For that fact

I would never be a straight A student

Unless I could bribe someone

That's a thought

That would never work

They would see right through me

Besides there wasn't enough money in the world

The point that I am trying to make

How and why would someone with brains

Take away the comment section

They are taking away the match that lit the fire

The reason why writers write

To stir some emotion

Hopefully to get a good reaction

Sometimes we get what we don't want to hear

Corrective criticism

Something we did not see coming

Now we get a different view

From our readers

Any writer knows

If we did it for the money

We were better off

Doing so many other things

Almost anything else

That paid you for the time you put in

At the end of the day

I have heard so many people complain

I have read about good writers who have voiced their opinion

It all seems to fall upon deaf ears

Well, unfortunately

When people leave

They don't come back

That is a fact

I stopped telling my friends

Because, they don't see the purpose

So the less people

The less traffic

The less money not just for the writers

Bottom line

For the business

For the people who own the site

If it is Hub Pages or now Maven

It doesn't really matter

They too will have missed the boat

Lost out in all the great opportunities

There are so many fabulous and wonderful people

I can't and are unable to thank

For their undying love

Their trust and support

They take their time and it is precious

To read my story/poems

I call stoems

They could be doing so many other things

I know that

I understand there are thousands of sites to visit

They instead have chosen to be here

Doesn't that mean something

So if this is a letter of hope

A letter to Santa that never reached the North Pole

Sitting in a dead letter box

A plea for change

That the big boys upstairs don't care

You can't tell me they are not aware

So if it is in small words

That come at the end of this sentence

Thank you to all the writers who not only write

The most beautiful words I have ever read

Thank you to all the readers

Who read what I have just said

If I could have a late Christmas wish

Because, I think we all want to believe in Santa

Let this go Viral

Show others how much influence we really have

I would not only appreciate it

I can do one step better

I can add your comments and feelings too

So it will no longer just be a letter from me

But also from you

© 2022 DREAM ON

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