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Thank You Notes and Poems for Teachers

I love my teacher

Short Thank You Poem for Teachers

Short Thank You Poem for Teachers

Thank You Poems for Teachers

These are the cute love and appreciation poems and notes for teachers, you can write these teacher poems on your class whiteboard to surprise your teachers or send this poetry on Teachers Day. Teaching is the most respectable profession in the world and this love poem about teachers shows a true respect for all teachers. You can also dedicate this cute poem for your favorite teachers anytime.

A teacher is a passion entirely

She let your name travel with light

You win grades and crystal trophies

She calls your name with pride

Her notes give the fragrance to your mind

She guards the faith and knowledge

She is like a fountain of hope

A true hope for future generations

I live in a world of my teacher presence

In a world of love and joy

She guides my life with dear friends of childhood

Her light of literacy give me courage and hope


Thank You Teacher

You are a teacher,

You made ​​light of hope

The spirit of breath

You hold hot fire

With the voice of love

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And love-filled look at

My books on the table and

I feel a passion of success

I am diagnosed with

Teacher love syndrome

A Special Teachers Day Poem

I am thankful for my education... specifically,

To the people that made an effort to teach me the things

I found interest in, as well as the things

I needed to learn in order to survive and provide.

I've been exposed to amazing teachers in my life,

And the most important ones had no idea

They were giving me a lesson half of the time.

From rocking a stage to paying the bills,

That I've encountered throughout my life

They have shaped me into the person I am today... for better or worse,

Whether they meant to or not.


Thanks to my teachers

Let me start by saying I'm thankful for every teacher who has come and gone in my life. Miss Beth - you showed me that marriage at a young age is stupid.

Miss Stacy - you gave me the best gift anyone could ever ask for and gave me probably the best 4 years of my life.

Miss Amanda - you made me realize a lot about myself and what I wanted and needed in life.

Mr. Brown - you made me gets myself together and be a better person.

Miss Christina - you showed me fun again and you made me learn that sometimes it's better to never express things that are bothering you and it's best to keep my mouth shut.

This is in no way blasting any of you; each of you has given me a life lesson somehow someway. There are others I would list, but these teachers are the main ones.

Teachers, teachers, Oh, what fun they bring

All of mine can also sing, sing and sing.

They give us homework and projects too,

So that we are never blue.

Homework is fun when it is almost done.

We have fun until we are done.

We learn the songs they teach us and all of the things ahead of us.

We wish the homework would go away but the please teacher, stay.

I love my school to brighten up my soul.

Poem for teachers

I Love Teaching

When my teachers come to school,

They look fresh and cool.

With stacks of books in hand,

They take us through a magic land.

Their words fall like a sun’s ray,

Who teaches to make us great one day.

They always have a smile on their face,

And allows us to learn at our own pace

They help us to move in our own way,

And teach us to grow day by day.

Teachers can’t always be right,

But, unlike us, they’ll never fight.

Teachers have a special place in my heart,

For teaching is the finest form of art.


A Short Teacher Appreciation Poem

I'm more intrigued by the encourager

I've seen how she

In courage stirs, mixes up the water

You're sure to see dirt

When awareness exists

She stands with a fist

A man is racist

.... She teaches

The clan is here in this...

Hearing this. ...

She teaches...

...We call her collectively

Circles are the shape

She's been here for years

Teaching this...

She makes it matter...

Makes it mean...

... More than the mean.

She supports building a team...

She teaches...

We Love how she reaches us...

To each of us...

She’s in each of us...

She teaches...

Thank You Notes For Teachers From Students

Do you know how to write a thank-you note to a teacher? Pick a perfect suiting sample of thank you quote and send it to your teacher.

  • A Teacher is someone who helps others to get to the next level and help the person to be ready to progress in life with knowledge. Thank you for being an ideal teacher.
  • Change doesn't occur overnight it is a slow process that starts with small choices that you make each and every day of your life just tries and be a better person today than you were yesterday and always strive toward your goals and dreams. I am thankful to my hardworking teacher who makes my dreams true.
  • If you’re a lazy person and don’t, at least, give an effort to try and do something productive with your time that will destroy your future. I truly appreciate my superlative teacher who taught me this lesson and I am a successful person now.
  • True loyalty has no expiration date to it. Without loyalty how can you ever truly have trust? Without trust and loyalty, there is clearly no respect. Without respect loyalty and trust the love that is shared will always be irrelevant. I gain both trust and loyalty from you, thank you, my ultimate teacher, very much for your real support.


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Mr. Ahmad , I like your hub about I love my teachers poems. It is good to know someone that appreciate the teachers. Thank you for a wonderful article.

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