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I Can Make You Rich by Paul McKenna - A Review

Canadian Monopoly with collectors gold piece by Kevin Lam, courtesy of Wiki Commons

Canadian Monopoly with collectors gold piece by Kevin Lam, courtesy of Wiki Commons

I Can Make You Rich by Paul McKenna

Love him or hate him, you can't knock Paul McKenna for his expertise in coming up with attention grabbing titles. This book has sold in vast quantities since it was first published in 2007, and I predict that the royalties will keep rolling in for many years to come. Whatever the formula is, it's certainly working for him, but the big question is, could it work for you? Can Paul MCKenna really make you rich?

Well, the answer to that question very much depends on your definition of wealth. For some of us wealth is about fast cars, luxury yachts and big houses, whereas for others, being rich is about enjoying the life we have without having too many worries or cares. Having trained as a hypnotist amongst other things, Paul McKenna is extremely adept at helping the reader to take on board new ideas, and to fit those new ideas around their own personal view of the world.

McKenna interviewed a number of self-made men and women whilst researching his book, including Sir Richard Branson, Dame Anita Roddick, Sir Philip Green, and Peter Jones. He also drew heavily on his own experience of coming from a relatively modest background to a place of solid personal success. From the opening paragraph onwards, it quickly becomes clear that Paul McKenna is passionate in his belief that anybody can improve their lot in life by following his programme. But what exactly is his programme?

For those of us who have dabbled with alternative therapies, studied psychology, or watched Paul McKenna on TV, the use of NLP style visualisation techniques, tapping (EFT) exercises, and a mind-programming CD, will come as no big surprise. We're not talking Rhonda Byrne here. This isn't about the Law of Attraction in an abstract sense. We're not being urged to simply think and grow rich. It doesn't work like that exactly. What we are being urged to do, is to recognise and acknowledge the areas where we are already rich, and to work on the areas where we are not. A key question is, why do we want to be rich? The answer to that question can be very revealing, as can our attitude towards people who have already made it.

'Many of us, it seems, will never improve our lot, because we don't actually like rich people'


Many of us, it seems, will never improve our lot, because we don't actually like rich people. If we have a pre-conceived idea that the rich are only there to rip us off, or that wealthy people are shallow and self-serving, it's unlikely that we will ever join their ranks. Resentment holds us back, and several of the exercises specifically address this issue. Equally, an unhealthy lust for riches can taint our relationship with money, and whilst money-making might be an achievable skill, a sense of richnesss in other areas of life could prove elusive.

Another key concept is about our willingness to change. If we keep on doing the things we've always done, then there's little chance of any dramatic improvements. Paul McKenna is big on telling the reader to make lists, for example, and I've personally found (to my surprise) that list making helps me to focus. This was a small change for me, but it has undoubtedly had an impact on my organisation skills. Other suggested changes are more dramatic, however, but still easily within the grasp of most readers..

Do I think Paul McKenna's book can make you rich? Well it hasn't made me financially rich (so far), but then, on the whole, if I'm honest, I'm fairly happy with my life as it is. I do indeed, already have riches in terms of health, family and friends. But perhaps if you read every chapter, follow the exercises, and listen to the (free) mind programming CD many times, it just might make a difference. The power of a positive attitude can never be under-estimated, and this book is designed to help you achieve just that. If being rich is important to you, then it's certainly worth a try!


Paul McKenna - I can change your life

The Secret - Rhonda Byrne. First 20 minutes


Amanda Severn (author) from UK on May 02, 2011:

Thanks for stopping by and commenting, howcurecancer.

Elena@LessIsHealthy on May 02, 2011:

We don't like rich people...ha...ha...

Amanda Severn (author) from UK on May 17, 2010:

Hi VioletSun, "extra" cash lying around, now that's a pleasing prospect! I hope the book provides some useful inspiration!

VioletSun from Oregon/ Name: Marie on May 15, 2010:

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Amanda: I am intrigued, so will be ordering this book! You and Hypnodude have the advantage of being proficient in hypnosis, so I can imagine its easier to accept the suggestions made by authors such as Paul. I am okay, that is, no real struggle financially, but could use more financial freedom, don't have any "extra" cash lying around. :)

Amanda Severn (author) from UK on May 10, 2010:

Hi Brian, yes, Paul has certainly done himself proud, and good luck to him! Money is not the answer to all life's problems, but it does grease the wheels nicely.

Brian Stephens from Laroque des Alberes, France on May 10, 2010:

I think Paul McKenna has made himself rich, but he does have a fairly unique skill which I think would be difficult to model for us lesser beings. There are bound to be a few things that you could learn from him, but whether they are enough to make a difference, who knows. Bottom line is that money doesn't make you happy but it can make life a little easier.

Peter from Australia on April 28, 2010:

Amanda I do agree the lottery ticket is a required purchase "if you not in it you can't win it" but I'm not holding my breath waiting!

Ozzie sunshine LOL today was freezing 18C (for us anyway) and we have the heater running tonight. So much for the Aussie image lol.

Amanda Severn (author) from UK on April 28, 2010:

G'day Ag, like you I'm more interested in treasuring my lovely family, my great friends and the freedom I have to enjoy my life, rather than worrying myself silly over stacking up vast sums of money. (Well, a little stack might be nice here and there, so I still buy the occassional lottery ticket just on the off-chance! LOL!) It's good to see you here BTW. Hope you're keeping well and enjoying the Ozzie sunshine!

Peter from Australia on April 28, 2010:

G'day Amanda, "Paul" who? I must say that I cannot remember ever having heard of him. lol But then again he has probably never heard of me. Now there is a nice balance of cause and effect.

Seriously though I don't really measure my wealth in material things. I find that the more money one has the more worries are associated with the problems in maintaining that level!

Amanda Severn (author) from UK on April 16, 2010:

Hi Hypnodude, with your background in hypnosis, you're almost certain to have come across Paul McKenna. I've always found his books to be very helpful, and they have an easy to read layout which makes them attractive. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

Andrew from Italy on April 15, 2010:

With such a good review it's almost not needed to even read the book. :) Great hub Amanda, rated up.

Amanda Severn (author) from UK on March 19, 2010:

These books don't appeal to everyone Ethel. They're like marmite!

Ethel Smith from Kingston-Upon-Hull on March 19, 2010:

I think I'll save my money and pass on this one

Dao Hoa on February 10, 2010:

I agree that richness depends on our definition of wealth like fast cars, luxury yachts and big houses, or just simply enjoying the lives we have without having too many worries or cares. I also agree that the power of a positive attitude can never be under-estimate. Thank you for sharing about this book.

Amanda Severn (author) from UK on January 29, 2010:

Hi Pigfish, rich and thin sounds good! I think Paul McKenna is very much an English phenomenum, and I'm interested to find that he's making headway across the Atlantic. Thanks for stopping by.

pigfish from Southwest Ohio on January 28, 2010:

I've just started into McKenna's "I Can Make You Thin". We'll see what happens. I was completely unfamiliar with him until I discovered this book. Perhaps I can be rich and thin. Haha. Good info. Thanks Amanda Severn.

Amanda Severn (author) from UK on November 26, 2009:

Hi Georgina, I'm quite a fan of Paul McKenna (you might have gathered! LOL!) I've used his books quite a bit, and I like his practical approach, and the simple way he lays things out. I've also read cosmic ordering, but didn't find that quite so user-friendly. It's a great concept, but does it work?

Georgina Crawford from Dartmoor on November 26, 2009:

Interesting hub. Havn't read the McKenna one, but have read cosmic ordering - well, if it works for Noel Edmonds! The money stuff is a problem if you don't have enough, But reality is now. There's little point in thinking I'd be happier if only.....because that may never happen. I'm a big fan of positive thinking though, and a little more money is always a good thing.

Amanda Severn (author) from UK on November 05, 2009:

Hi Dolores, I thought that myself when I first saw the book. Having said that, I do like it a whole lot better than 'The Secret' or 'Cosmic Ordering' because it does have a practical approach, rather than just telling you to imagine yourself rich, and then it will happen!

Dolores Monet from East Coast, United States on November 04, 2009:

I guess we all have different conceptions of what rich actually is. This McKenna guy is getting rich off telling us how to get rich. That's kinda funny.

Amanda Severn (author) from UK on October 31, 2009:

Hi LRobbins. The book is an interesting read, and I liked the accompanying CD too. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

Laurel from Germany on October 28, 2009:

Looks like an interesting read and who couldn't use a little extra spending money. Thanks for the review!

Amanda Severn (author) from UK on October 24, 2009:

Hello Elena, You've hit the nail on the head! Lots of people dream of a different life. They want to be richer, slimmer, happier at work, etc. But in reality, if you don't do something positive about it, that change is never going to happen. I love your statistic about the lottery tickets. You've got to be in it to win it, as they say!

Elena. from Madrid on October 24, 2009:

Hey there, Amanda! I think the real eye opener in this book and elsewhere is "if you keep doing the things you've always done, why would you expect different results?" and that applies, as you well said, not only to money making but to just about anything. A while ago I read one of these really stupid studies about "people and money" and I couldn't believe that about 80% of the inteviewed folks said they wanted to win the lottery, but they never bought tickets!! Laugh!

Amanda Severn (author) from UK on October 23, 2009:

Hi Chris, I hear what you're saying about the Law of Attraction. It's all been done a million times over, from Napoleon Hills, Rhonda Byrne and Cosmic Ordering onwards. What I will say for this book, over and above all the others, is that it offers some practical help and advice, plus some constructive information about how to alter your mind-set, and 're-programme' for wealth creation. I love all the airy-fairy 'think and grow rich' stuff. It's a great fantasy, but realistically just daydreaming is never going to cut it if you really want to succeed, and Paul McKenna tries very hard to encourage action as well as thought.

Amanda Severn (author) from UK on October 23, 2009:

Hi Tiffany Bracelets and Philipo,

Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

Christoph Reilly from St. Louis on October 21, 2009:

Hi Amanda! Well done. I have found that when these new programs and guru's come around, be it "law of attraction," Tony Robbins, or whatever, they are really nothing new. Just a rewording of a concept that's been around for a long time, at least as far back as Dale Carnegie and "The Power of Positive Thinking." They are just capitalizing on it, which I don't fault them for, because there is a good deal of truth in all of them, and if they spread the ideas to a new audience, that's a good thing.

Philipo from Nigeria on October 21, 2009:

Thanks a lot. The book is well titled, no doubt the huge sales.

Tiffany Bracelets on October 20, 2009:


Amanda Severn (author) from UK on October 20, 2009:

H RNMSN, I hear what you're saying about people who have a lot of money, and whilst I don't believe that applies to all successful people, I know it applies to some. Having said that, I don't begrudge anyone who works hard being rewarded for their efforts, but I'd like to see more equality in how those rewards are dished out! And yes, love and life, those are my priorities too.

Barbara Bethard from Tucson, Az on October 19, 2009:

I admit money is a needed thing, but I am more fearful of the things that can change inside a person who has a LOT of money...I would just like to have money for things that are necessary and a bit extra for some things I want..hubpages though, it is a bit of pocket change...I am finally over the specified mark/but no check yet/the move west may have messed it up. but a lot of money to me its not my and life,those are priorities :) great article Amanda!

Amanda Severn (author) from UK on October 19, 2009:

Hi Ethel, his book titles would certainly suggest that he can make us do all sorts of things, but I suspect he'd have a hard job making you (Ethel) do anything you didn't want to! LOL!

Ethel Smith from Kingston-Upon-Hull on October 19, 2009:

This man can make us do many things, or can he? lol

Amanda Severn (author) from UK on October 19, 2009:

Nope! Still no luck. It's available as a UK import, but the capsule won't accept it. Never mind. It's a good job you're so resourceful!

Amanda Severn (author) from UK on October 19, 2009:

I expect it will work. Perhaps I need to try Amazon again, and get an ISBN so that I can list it as a product specific. It didn't come up using keywords, so I just assumed it wasn't available in the USA. I'm always too quick to jump to the wrong conclusion!

Barbara from Stepping past clutter on October 19, 2009:

I found it at Amazon. There's just no photo of the book. Let me know if it doesn't give you the credit- it should, as I clicked in from your site.

Amanda Severn (author) from UK on October 19, 2009:

Hello, Hello, hello, glad you enjoyed the hub, and thanks for commenting.

Hello, hello, from London, UK on October 19, 2009:

Super hub and an eyeopener. Thank you.

Amanda Severn (author) from UK on October 19, 2009:

Cheers for that! It doesn't seem to be listed at Amazon, so perhaps it's not published in America. However, Ebay have a good selection. Personally I've used his books a lot and have always found them helpful.

Barbara from Stepping past clutter on October 19, 2009:

Amanda, I like you are pretty happy with my life, but I would be very interested to read the chapter on working out resentment towards the rich. This has been a struggle for me, my entire married life. I am going to get this book on your site... so see, he can make you rich, lol. Or at least put a little in your coffer, haha. Thank you.

Amanda Severn (author) from UK on October 19, 2009:

Hi Bob, money isn't always the answer, but a little more here and there is helpful. And you're right, hubbing is unlikely to make us rich either, but I guess there really is a lot of satisfaction in being creative!

diogenes from UK and Mexico on October 19, 2009:

Hello Amanda: I had a little money once and nearly drank myself to death! I would like more, but can't be bothered to go through the motions. It's interesting, though, how much work hubbers do for little or no return, which shows money is secondary here. Like Maslow said, we all need creativity (and more clicks!) Good hub, bet you sell plenty of books Bob x

Amanda Severn (author) from UK on October 19, 2009:

Hello Says and Nilum. Thanks for dropping by and commenting.

nilum on October 19, 2009:

Good Hub

on October 19, 2009:

Like to read you More !!!

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