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I Am A Beneficiary of World Covid19 Relief Fund Team #2


I like adding life to lifeless lives that is why I cannot do without creative writing, because it is a way of touching some hopeless lives

Me, in my Business Store

Me, in my Business Store

The Reply of Covid19 Fund Relief in U.K

After sending my details to them as required, what I received next was a link to open an online account that would make accessing the money easy for me, and after registering with the bank, I was told that it will take weeks before the verification would be completed and after it was completed they sent me the account and how it has been fully funded by the Covid19 Fund Relief team.

My joy knows no limitation on receiving this, and I start to look at myself, that can it be true? Can this be real? Lo and behold it is real.

Present Challenges

The present challenges faced by me and I believe which others who have won something like this will face is transferring the money to our local accounts, especially those of us living in the developing countries of the world.

This is because of the poverty that is high in developing countries of the world, even when one has received a grant that is about $10,000:00 (ten thousand dollars) in our locations, they will ask us for certificates else we shall be labeled one of the “Yahoo Boys”, and would be harassed and imprisoned by the money laundering agents.

This is the challenge that we are facing in this part of the world, which World Covid19 Relief Team needs to help us look into and address so that we shall not suffer unjustly in the hands of such government’s watchdogs in our countries.



For some of us who have come from the developing world, I want to advise us that when we receive counsels from the editorial crew of the HubPages we should try to be taken to it. We are not expected to write on what is not in our localities for the people of the world to benefit from, we are expected to write on what we are passing through in our environments so that through our written works we shall make the world a better place to be inhabited in by all and sundry.

Wrapping this up

As I wrapped this article up, I will love authors and writers on this site, yea the world to help me in singing a song of praise composed after the tune of Brooklyn tabernacle choir in praising the Lord.

The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir - Sing a New Song (Live)

The Composed Song

Solo 1:

God has done a new thing

For me his humble child

For this I ‘ll sing

For this I ‘ll sing…

It’s marvelous the work of the Lord

For his humble child

‘Tis beyond ‘magination

Oh how glorious, is our heav’nly God

For he does wonders among the living


God has done a new thing

For me his humble child

For this I ‘ll sing

For this I ‘ll sing

What’s done for me

No man can even do

Join me to praise Him,

To praise Him

Solo 2:

I am hopeless, like a cut down tree

Whose root is yet within the soil

And when that root even touches water

The hopeless tree do sprout out again


God has done a new thing etc.

Solo 3:

There’s hope for you, you the hopeless one

You ‘ve got hope in Christ, cleave thou ‘nto Him,

And ‘ven thy faith, in Christ Jesus

‘ll Never even be, put to shame at all.


God has done a new thing etc.



OLUSEGUN (author) from NIGERIA on September 12, 2020:

Cheryl E Preston thank you ma. In my country, when anyone receives money from overseas, but not from government, they usually think such a one is a Yahoo Boy, and it is nauseating.

The rich people here always want to suppress the poor and those coming up, anyone who will make it must always come through them, and if not, then, he may have done something that is not good, it is a bad mentality in Nigeria.

The bible has says our talents or gifts will make way for us and we shall not stand before mean men...(Pro_18:16 A man's gift maketh room for him, and bringeth him before great men.) I believe this, and I know this has started to work for me now and it will continue to work for me and those who believe the Bible (confession of faith).

The relief team opened an International Bank for me and funded it, I must confess, it is a Miracle to me. The account could be used for international deals and businesses. It is awesome! And I know God is great and has plans for every of his child in the world.

The only barrier to cross now, is the FOREX team asks for Certificate to show I am the beneficiary of the Fund to prevent me from been harassed by Government watchdog, I have emailed them, waiting for their response or direct contact to the forex team that emailed me.

Thanks for your usual elderly comments and supports "anti mi" (Note "anti mi" is a Yoruba word meaning my senior elder sister).

English Language don't have words of respect for elders, but Yoruba word does, and that is why some people make simple mistakes when they want to translate the Yoruba words directly, they will use plural for singular person because they want to show they respect the person.

it also takes me a while before I could adapt to this in English.

Much love from me, in Ilorin, Nigeria, to the family up there.

Stay in Jesus love and Stay Safe under His Canopy ma.

Cheryl E Preston from Roanoke on September 11, 2020:

This is good news . I am happy that the relief fund is benefitting you.

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