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I Am A Beneficiary of World Covid19 Relief Fund Team #1


I like adding life to lifeless lives that is why I cannot do without creative writing, because it is a way of touching some hopeless lives



Coronavirus is a virus that belongs to the positive stranded Ribonucleic Acid (RNA) virus, the microbiologists and other scientists have said that it is a positive sense single stranded type of RNA.

It has been christened Covid-19 by the world health body because its outbreak has been noticed in 2019, although not much attention was placed on it when its symptoms was manifesting in Wuhan, China.

When this was noticed, it was discovered that the drugs they were using for the patients who presented with such symptoms could not heal them, thence the alert level for the kind of disease was raised to red and all the health bodies around the world was contacted and the initiation of lockdown followed.

Frozen- The Corona Version


It has been said that there are other infectious diseases caused by RNA virus that belongs to the group that Coronavirus belongs to, and they include among others the followings: Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome type 1, (SARS-1), Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS), and coronavirus is called SARS-type 2.

Again it has been noticed for quite a while according to documentations that there used to be a major change every hundred years in the world, stating that in 1918, something like this happened and it was called Severe Spanish Influenza or H1N1 virus in which about 50 million people were recorded dead.


In the year 8000 BCE it is said that that was when positive stranded RNA virus has been in existence and it has been classified into alpha, beta, gamma, and delta types.

However, coronavirus has not been virulent over these periods but has been metamorphosizing into different strands until its virulent strain was discovered in 2019.


During the Lockdown

The World Health Organization having initiated the lockdown and which other continents and nations health bodies complied with, decided to involve other disciplines in the world, in getting rid of the “august” visitor among humans.

As all hands have been on deck in ensuring that things return to normalcy among humans, the World Health Body started monitoring everyone especially through the use of the internet, monitoring our contributions to ensuring that this menace be gotten rid off amongst us.

Intriguingly as the management of the health bodies all over the globe is doing this, she notices from the documents reaching them that the people in the developing world are not finding things easy like those in the advanced climes and are assisting them financially, to cushion the effect of the lockdown on the populace.

They equally called on the financial institutions to make adequate use of the internet in ensuring that opening of accounts, withdrawal of money, depositing money among other things would become easy for all and sundry all over the globe.

This thence necessitates the online opening of offshore account by many of the international banks globally to help people who have traveled out of their domain and are being cornered into a position where they are, to use the avenue to continue their work.

In addition to this, the World Health Body in conjunction with the World Financial institutions decided to set up World Covid19 Relief Fund to help reach people that the government of some countries cannot reach so that the downtrodden in the society would not feel neglected and or exempted from the benefits they are reaching out to the world.


Counsel of HubPages Editorial Board

Many of us who have been registered members of HubPages would recall that the management or editorial crew of the HubPages do send regular messages into our inbox of the need to write something about the Pandemic for the world to learn from. Adding that through that we shall be able to draw more people to our site and publications.

Initially, I do not know the importance of this, but when I read a Hubs’ publication on Coronavirus, then I decide to do some reading into the pandemic and through the little I did I was able to also publish something on Coronavirus then, and would also proceed afterwards to compose some hymnals on the pandemic.

Benefits of Yielding

Because I was able to yield to the counsel of the management and or editorial board of the HubPages, I discovered that many people have visited my site during this period.

I looked at myself and discovered that this is one of the advantages that the publications on Coronavirus has fetched me.

I had to write the team, telling them my location, Ilorin, Nigeria, and there is no means for me to claim the fund.

This article would be concluded in the second article there I will end with mimicking Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir as I composed a song of Praise in this respect to appreciate the Lord.


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