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Hurting but trying!!!

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I had rough life growing up, especially my college days and it put me down almost never to get up yet my hope in God made me to rise again!!

Hurting Yet trying!


Hurting yet trying so hard✨✨

It's so hurting to see many patients die in front of doctors and nurses yet they are trying to save as many lives as possible.

It's hurting when you can't help others when you locked in your own houses yet you are trying to volunteer.

It's hurting to feel the pain of losing yet are trying to come out of it.

It's hurting when things don't well as you planned yet you're not giving up.

It's hurting when you are frustrated yet you are trying to show that big smile on your face.

It's hurting when you are smiling and hiding those unbearable tears in the darkroom yet you are trying to amuse yourself

It's hurting when I can't focus on what I need to write a thousand thoughts fill my head yet I try to pick the best ones

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It's hurting to see someone fail yet you're trying to motivate them.

It's hurting to see the rich get richer and the poor get poorer day by day yet the poor is trying to work hard to feed his family,

It's hurting day by day.....

Our emotions when not controlled we are turned into hurt and even more deep.

No man is without hurt or scar, when you are hurt you are in pain but as it takes time to heal yet it will leave a scar.

The scar will remind you of what happened to you but you will never be angry or ashamed

And you will be happy because you have moved on, no matter how it hurt you.

Through the pain, you have given yourself space and time to move on for a better pace.

It doesn't matter how bad you're hurt but unless you try to heal yourself, then that's the biggest hurt you'll ever have forever.

© 2021 Daniel R

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