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Hurt and Pain Part 4

This is a part of my life. This isn't a full biography. That would include a bunch of sex, drugs, and life lessons.

Ultra Light


Intro to Part 4

I'm finally starting to heal and remember my purpose in life. I'd spent so long lost without a clue about who I am. Over the next several years I regain myself. I begin hunting Epstein with a single-minded determination. My redemption is coming.



Moving in with Sarah and Kevin 2014

I move in with Kevin and Sarah. I rent their extra bedroom for $450. Things go pretty smoothly at 1st. A couple of moments like when Sarah got drunk on her new antidepressants and became irrationally violent running around the apartment complex screaming and wouldn't calm down even after the police arrive. She's also a little bit of a hoarder that gets worried every time I throw things away. She miss places something like her social security card suddenly I threw it away. She finds it in her safe later. She's a medical student on her way to a doctorate in physical therapy. Kevin is an alcoholic he has periods where he's a decent human being this is one of those periods. He struggles with growing out of abuse.



1st Birthday

I have asked for 1 day off the whole year. It's been scheduled for over 8 months. I want the Saturday of my kids' 1st birthday off. 3 days before their birthday I'm told that I have come in on Saturday to help with inventory. It's a whole day thing and I have to spend the whole day.
Last month they tried to have me lead the crew to pick up broken asbestos that they knocked off an old building in the back of the property. I refused and told the crew that it was asbestos and that they were trying to have us clean up. A hot dry day with no safety equipment picking up the smashed asbestos that was used as siding.
Spokane recycling had gotten a price estimate to demolish the building. They figured they'd save a bundle by smashing off the asbestos siding with an excavator and then have the cutting crew pick it up.
My refusal and telling the crew not to, has caused my employer to become upset with me.
I told them "I'm feeling a little ill".
I'm intentionally left without a ride as the Chasity family drives from the apartment after I load up the party supplies into the truck. They drive off after I close the tailgate. Then the other cars quickly pull out and drive past me. I have to take a bus and arrive a couple of hours late.
My family meets them at the park and they claim it was an accident.
I'm fired on Monday for not coming in.

Father's Day

It's my 1st fathers day. I have it planned with Chasity to take the kids to the lake for the day. She's mad that last weekend I went to Sarah's doctoral graduation. Chasity calls the cops saying I'm screaming and threatening her outside of the apartment. She "doesn't feel safe and the kids aren't safe when I'm like this".
This is a complete lie she's been screaming at me incoherently the whole time.
When the cops come she agrees to let me visit the kids in the apartment for the day.
She's using access to the kids to dictate my life while we're not together. I have arson and burglary on my record so a parenting plan will do no good. There's also the stolen car, eluding, and prowling but no one even considers that after reading what 1st comes up. I've got another 2&1/2 years before the end of the "deferment until the end of the statute of limitations due to: lack of evidence".

Chasity Attempts Suicide

I have to go to Chasity's apartment to visit the kids. I keep it icy, not wanting to have any sort of relationship with her.

One day she calls me up threatening suicide. I call 911 for her, but they ignore me and hang up twice before I'm relayed to the Sheriff's department, which also hangs up on me before I'm transferred to Cheney Police, who also hang up on me. After a few more calls they agree to do a wellness check. They say there appears to be nothing wrong when they visit.

I arrive a little while later just before Chasity's cousin arrives. I leave.
Chasity overdoses on her pain medication and booze and spends the night in the hospital.

I spend every weekend over there. Now that Chasity is suicidal I worry that the kids will find her dead. Over the next few months, we start patching our relationship up. She's still the same manipulative person.

Raymond Reddington


Raymond Reddington 2015

She doesn't know how to drive a car but buys a car from her sister for me to drive them around in. It's a white Malibu with 200k miles.
I take it on a long test drive to North bend. At the gas station, I run into Misty, Vanessa's friend from the Camaro clam bake. She invites me to her house to roast a bowl.
As we're smoking her friends ask me if I want to join their company. "They could use someone like me to help with security."
They bring in a man named Raymond Reddington.
"You look like Micheal Jackson!"
He's had a nose job and his chin is pointy. He has the same stench. He has the same eyes. He has the same manner of dress and body language. He has the same voice.
We glare at each other. He has his goons. We're both surprised to see each other. I'm unarmed and he has a pistol tucked in his waistband.
"You know each other?" Misty asks
"This man is the sorcerer whose real name is Jeffery Epstein. He's been on the run since his island was raided".
"It's you! how did you find me?"
His security team puts their hands on their guns.
"You didn't tell them what happened to the last crew."
Misty grabs the phone. Epstein is a well-known name in the area and there's a multi-million dollar reward for him.
Epstein turns and runs out the door with his security new security team.
Misty is on the phone with the FBI and they want to know who made the ID. "I'm the Shadowkin". As I head out the door hoping to follow them. I see the armored limos already pulling out of the driveway. I get into the Malibu and try to follow. They are speeding away with too much of a head start.

How Far it Goes

I'm visiting as normal on the weekend when Chasity tells me she's "going to show me how far it goes". This is out of the blue and strange. I have no idea what she's talking about as she leads me into the kids' room. They have just gone to sleep and she flicks on the light.
"I'm going to show your dad."
"I just want to sleep, mom"
"Just let them sleep you can show me in the morning".
This is the 1st clue I ever had. I couldn't make any sense of it, it was just weird. Chasity wouldn't explain what she wanted to show me.
"You have to see it".
Chasity didn't want to show me anymore by morning and neither did the kids.

2016 Quit Smoking

I join an MMA gym and start training cage fighting. I can run on my ankle for short distances and want to get into shape again.
I use cage fighting as motivation to quit smoking. Since I injured my ankle 6 years ago, I haven't been working out at all. I've been smoking and I'm completely out of shape. I'm the heaviest I've ever been since joining the military at 220 lbs. I joke that I'm the one who put on the pregnancy weight.
Getting back into shape is more difficult now than when I was young. Being 30 it takes twice as long for the same progress.
During the 1st couple of months of jujitsu, I got arm barred and choked by the girls. It's a process I see others going through as well. Fighting trained fighters is different than fighting normal people. Fighting cage fighters is different than fighting trained fighters. Learning jujitsu in one of the world's best gyms is very humbling but I dedicate myself to making the most of the learning curve. For the 1st couple of months, I was helpless against the most common traps.
Learning jujitsu wrestling and muy Tai with cage fighting specifics.

Life Goal


Trumps 2nd Week

I have heard a rumor that Harry is asking tribes in the area to name him Mountain Blue Jay. This name was given to me by Flying Hawk and has deep significance.

As I'm walking up to Tonka to ask him about it his phone rings. It's Harry offering him more money to be named Mountain Blue Jay.
"I'm sorry I can't name you that. No one can name you that, no matter how much money. I'm not the person that would be able to name you something like that."

As they are talking I look down the street. I see familiar faces. It's Epstein's security crew. I walk across the street and get a better angle. An armored limo is parked around the corner. Epstein walks out of a deli known for its excellent jelly donuts. I get back to my car in a hurry. I spend the day following them. They head south of Seattle turning from I-5. That night just after sunset they head back on to I-5. They head toward North Bend. They turn off by the outlets. They keep on the south side and stop at Tennant's park trailhead. They quickly unload heavy wheeled luggage and start into the woods.

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Epstein is the type of monster to abandon the kids in suitcases. Leaving them to die slowly if he feels any pressure. Sometimes you have to let the bad guy get away.

I follow the limos. They turn into the Burger King parking lot, so I turn into the Shell to fuel up. They've spotted me and are trying to lose me. The route is to take a back alley cross the creek at the minor bridge then head north at the first left. They know the area like locals.

I get back on the freeway for the 300-mile drive back to Cheney.

About 15 minutes later I get a call. It's the witch doctor. There has been a break-in at Caro City.

Caro City is our name for a construction project with a bunch of experimental technology. This particular one is geo-energy by harnessing seismic activity. The site makes enough to power hand tools and a little bit of feeding into the grid. Mostly we get to record the growth of mountains.

Trump is newly elected and pressuring all power generation to max capacity. It's his 2nd week in the office and there are already demands.

The site is on the other side of the trail. I don't think of the time to travel that far. I just figure this is my lucky day. Epstein has been caught by our security.

I begin thanking everyone for their hard work. It's been diligent progress. "Finally catching Epstein proves dreams really do come true."

"It's not that day."

"Wait, then why are you calling me? This is very sensitive information that I have anything to do with this project."

"The boys caught President Donald Trump, Elon musk, Tom Hanks, and.."

He was cut off by Bill Barr pretending to be Donald Trump. "We have permission to be here from Mountain Blue Jay." They've just read the paperwork for the nonprofit attached to the site and have no idea that it's me.

He tries convincing me that he's Trump. The voice is wrong but he's getting vaguely specific about what happened 22 years ago.

"Is Donald Trump giving you notes?"

Trump blurts "I've never seen him before!"

This is technically correct and already established in our current conversation.

"There's the voice I remember. Do you mind saying 'cheese pizza and guff, it's the best!"

The current situation is that Trump and his friends ditched the Secret Service to have a Cabal Feast while conducting industrial Espionage. Our security has them and we deployed road barriers as standard procedure.

The road barriers are a quick deploy tank trap that can stop a T-52, that we developed. After this, it was on an episode of modern marvels where it trapped an Abrams by ripping off its track and wheels.

A Stryker company responded when the president pressed his panic button. They tried running the blockade. Now there's a flipped Stryker.

On the phone is a handful of other people trying to calm the situation down. President Putin, Senator Bernie Sanders, Mr. Fancy Pants, Esmeralda, Cameron, Mark Bowden, and Bill Barr. Bill Barr is Trump's attorney. Mark Bowden is Trump's emotional support. Cameron is sharing a phone with Esmeralda. The project is named after her. Mr. Fancy Pants is the closest thing to a dad Esmeralda has. President Putin and Bernie Sanders are big question marks on why they'd be on the phone.

People think 'no, Melania would be Trump's emotional support.' No, she thinks he's disgusting too. A joke about Donald Trump being homely had her choking, and near killed her.

People might think Trump's not like that. I don't know if Mark is like that but Macron is. Headlined as the "Trump whisper" which means exactly that in France. Trump got caught vigorously rubbing Macron's crotch during a press hearing. The banner that's normally in front of the table wasn't there. In front of the European press. He gave Macron a handheld tour of the White House shortly after that. "Trump and Macron have a special relationship." How people miss these things is a wonder to me. Anyway, Trump likes little boys, full-grown men, and sexually assaulting women. MAGA knows about the sexually assaulting women and is cool with it, so he's pretty well insolated from all this. "Grab her by the pussy". I think he sexualizes everything.

"You think there's a little bit of displaced rage going around?" Mark asks as I figure out what to do.

"There is! watch me use it".

"What does that mean?" Trump nervously asks.

"God help you. He's king shit and you're in his territory." Mark replays.

"Ask the soldiers for some 550 cord guts."

I have them tie their dicks off with the nylon string. They have their dicks placed on a log and handed machetes. I hear the thwacks as they self-emasculate on my command.

"Just joking guys, tattoos are on your arms."

"That's enough!" Mr. Fancy demands.

"You're right nuclear war spoils all the fun."

"What are you going to say to a jury?" bill Barr asks me.

"Chopping off pedophile dicks street side, like a Norman Rockwell, painting Americans like they like to be painted."

One of the dicks has the tattoos so it's nailed to a tree at the trailhead. A camera is pointed at it to study the wildlife. Some ants come, a squirrel nibbles on it a bit, and a few winters later a deer eats it.

Epstein was still on the trail headed their way. When he didn't get the signal from Trump he turned off another trail but sent his crew with the kids and a kidnapped friend of mine Anna Hutson. They were intercepted at the trailhead. The goons made it to the parked cars and escaped. We recovered Anna, the kids in suitcases, and the ATVs he was using to traffic them.

I'm so happy I answered the phone like that it was a life goal of mine to chop off his dick. Something on my short list of life goals, even mentioned it to a couple of people.

Epstein got away but we saved the kids from a Cabal Feast. 3 groups we know have now escaped the ritual. 1 before my group, my group, now this one.

Epstein has broken our deal from 22 years ago. He didn't stay away from my friends.

Cage Fighting

6 months after I began training I'm ready for my 1st cage fight. It against a different Mat goodnight. There are 2 mat Goodnight as particular as that name is. One is short and scrawny and can't fight at all. The other is 6'2" with a 220lb walking weight fighting at 205.
Wrestlers and cage fighters will lose water weight before weigh-in so they can get into a lower weight class. I'm not doing this. He's being heavily favored in betting.

I play it safe and take my time. He's nervous and constantly defensive. I keep throwing these lazy kicks trying to bait him into grabbing my leg while commanding the center of the cage.

Seeing how easy it is to throw kicks he throws one of his own. I dodge but catch his attention by waving my hand. I pretend to be a ventriloquist as he resets his stance. It's a trick. I Switch Kick the inside of his thigh as he watches me talk to my hand. This is as hard as I have ever kicked anybody in my life. He crawls out of the ring between the 1st and second round. I big black line where I kicked him shows that it's broken.

I'm fighting once a month. It gives me 1 week of light workout recovery after a fight, 2 weeks of hard training, and 1 week of fight prep. Even if you win a cage fight you can expect to get banged up a bit. Not my 1st cage fight, came out of that nearly scratch free.
2nd fight is against Carry Ross. He runs an MMA gym and his kids are professional fighters. He's in his late thirties 6'2" ~215 walking weight, weighing in at 195. Nearly Everyone is getting against me on this one. Heavily favored doesn't describe the situation. This is supposed to be an easy fight so carry can finally win after a several-fight losing streak. He's bigger and much more experience than me.

I stay aggressive and hammer him through the 1st round. Halfway through the second, he throws me into the cage. I reverse off of it and check him into the cage. I pin him by burying the point of my should into his hip bone and drive up. This shoves his liver into his chest cavity while lifting him off his feet. He's in extreme pain, can't breathe, and can't escape. He taps. The referee doesn't call the fight so I keep holding him. I tuck his arm behind his back as he taps with the other more frantically. I take my time and set up a camera by holding his arm against the fence. He goes Limp. I begin to pull his knee. As soon as I take my shoulder off he snaps awake and starts tapping and hopping on one leg. If he falls his arm will be ripped and twist out of its socket.

The referee still isn't calling the fight. It's amateurs, there is no reason to severely injure someone because of bad reffing. I let go and turn to the ref and shout. "He been tapping!"

The ref shrugs and gives the chopping hand signal to fight.

I spend the rest of the fight chasing him around the cage. He gets one good head kick in but I head butt it, breaking his heal. Now he's limping and retreating.

I finish the end of the 3rd round with a Standing Guillotine. When his butt gets pressed against the cage he starts tapping again then the bell rings. The ref doesn't count that tap either.

We have 3 scheduled rounds but the judges want a 4th. I agree to go another round. This is amateurs and fight experience is what amateurs is for.

Near the end of the 4th round, I slip him into an Arm Triangle. He taps and the bell rings a few seconds early as the ref is pulling me off.

In a split decision, they call my corner but Cary's name. The fight win was robbed from me. Cary paid good money to win a fight and it was expensive. Some of the judges also hated Cary and loved seeing it so much they want a rematch.

My 3rd fight is against Nick Masonholder. He's a wrestler that's been training cage fighting for a year. This will be his 3rd fight as well. He's also cutting from about 220 to 195. We all agree that I should've won the last fight so he's matched with me to continue increasing the difficulty.

It's a good fight. I keep having him lined up for a knee to the dome. He's bent over, knocked dizzy, and unguarded. Knees to the head are illegal in amateurs. The idea is that people can gain experience without serious injury. Every time I spaz out stopping myself from throwing that monster knee. The spazing gives him a of couple seconds to guard and attempt a takedown. I do this a few times before he manages to choke me, winning the fight.

I spend the next month training myself to do other things than knees and elbows in those opportunities. There are many other things I could've done that would've ended the fight. I diversify my fight enders and want a rematch. After my last 3 fights, no one wants to fight me. Either they want higher-ranking fighters or they know they're going to lose.

The fight starts with him Side Hopping in an over advance to my flank. If only I could throw an up elbow and wreck his night. I blade my stance for a spinning back fist instead.

He reads and immediately stops and guards.

I start kicking his ass hard. He's got nothing for me.

Out of desperation, he ties up, trying to stop the punches and takedowns. He throws a deliberate elbow ignoring the rules.

I duck and he throws another, again I dodge. He throws a knee to my head and I block. Then he lands another elbow in his flurry of illegal moves. I'm sent reeling and he's able to tackle me, elbow me in the temple again, take my back, and apply a Rear Naked Choke; before I get my wits back.

I try a big buck and a twist but it's too late. I have to tap or my head's going to pop off.

The referee ignores the blatant rules violation and calls the fight.

After this, I'm not going to fight amateurs anymore. I'm not getting clean fights, and if knees and elbows are allowed I should be getting paid for it. I've been fighting pro-quality. The new plan is to train up, lose another 15 lbs of fat 180@5%, then water cut 25lbs to fight as a monster lightweight for pro fights. I can train up while I do this.

Lose Apartment

In the same week, I lose the gig I'm working because it's seasonal and my apartment. Kevin has been moved out for months and Sarah hasn't lived there for a year. I've been cleaning the place up since it was trashed and everyone would freak out when I cleaned. I just transferred the utilities into my name and will be taking over the lease in a month.

Kevin decides that this apartment is nicer than the one he moved into with his girlfriend and starts telling Sarah that I broke into her safe, stole her jewelry, and sold it. Sarah's pissed and wants me out immediately or she's calling the cops. Kevin gave some of the jewelry he bought Sarah to his new girlfriend.

With no job or apartment I can't continue training.

Move In With Chasity

Chasity has been leaving the kids to be babysat by Gwen. Gwen has a super creepy boyfriend that sets my nerves on edge. He's giving all the signals of a violent pedophile rapist.

I move in with Chasity because it's my only choice to keep my kids safe from him.

Chasity wants to go to a movie with me and have a break from the kids. Gwen promises that Anthony Jackson won't be around and if he shows up she won't let him in. I don't trust her and she keeps looking at her kids bedroom.

I decide I'm going to look just to make sure. Chasity is closer to the door and says she will.

"Nope not in here checked under the bed and in the closet".

Later in court it comes out that she found him hiding in there and didn't tell me.



Stop A Kidnapping 2017

It's a few months later and I'm on my way to work. Chasity calls me and says Gwen needs me to pick her and Aviana (3 years old) up. They are living in a motel now since they got kicked out of their apartment. Anthony Jackson was threatening neighbors and punching holes in the walls.

I pick them up and Aviana tries telling me something in the car. I'm focusing because I don't want to be followed home and I don't want what Aviana tells me to be prompted by her mom.

As soon as we get in the door Aviana starts telling me and pantomiming her older brother being beaten by Anthony Jackson.

Gwen goes on to tell me how they'd been kidnapped. They were being held against her will. While she was locked in the bathroom she escaped out the window and cut Anthony's tires. People saw and called the cops. She was threatened with arrest by the cops and handed back over to Anthony Jackson.

It's two days later, I'm driving home with Chasity our kids, and her son Gabe. I've been dropping him off and picking him up from school.
Anthony threatened Gwen's sister into telling him where she was. Now he's outside our apartment threatening to break down the door and kill everyone.

I call the cops to cover my ass. I know the cops ain't shit and will only make things worse. If I don't call them though, when asked in front of a jury why didn't I call the cops, a long life story won't work.

Jurys are selected mostly through the recycling guilty verdicts process combined with political surveys. They don't care about public opinion but they can use the information to draw favorable jurors.

The cops make a showing before we get there. Gwen is outside with Anthony holding Aviana. She's signaling the cop that she's in danger but the cop ignores her and drives off.

I don't know if the cops have shown up. When I drive by I see Anthony threatening Gwen with something. His back is toward me as I park the car in the back parking lot of the apartment complex. I don't know what he's threatening Gwen and Aviana with, I'm being prepared for a gun. I grab a hammer from my tool belt and slip it into my sweater pocket. I leave Chasity and the kids in the car out of the line of fire. I quickly and quietly rush up behind Antony.

He's whispering. One hand is holding something pointed a Gwen and Aviana in his pocket, the other hand making a low cutting motion.

As I come up behind him Aviana screams and looks at me.

Anthony turns around trying to say something.

I grab him by the throat and kick his leg out. This is called the VIP takedown. It causes the hands to open and cast down behind him protecting his tailbone instinctively. I'm instantly on top of him. I can see that his hands are empty but I'm sitting on his weapon. I punch him in the face a couple of times before he rolls to his belly trying to get up. I elbow him in the back of the head shitting down his motor control.

He cries and begs for me to stop.

As soon as I do he starts fighting to get to his weapon or up.

I elbow him every time he moves as he pleads for help from passing cars.

The cops show up in a couple of minutes. They separate us. They place him next to the women and children. He starts explaining why he was trying to kidnap Gwen and Aviana.

"Shut up! I could arrest you for something like that!"

He pulls the knife from his sweater pocket and tosses it behind him as the cops discuss my hammer.

A cop sees him. He walks behind him picks up the knife, and hands it back to him "you dropped this".

The only cop with a body camera gets my attention "you need to calm down buddy, you just need to calm down," as he starts pumping at his gun.

I hear breathing behind me. I dodge my head left and a fist passed where my head just was.

The cop that was talking to me is silent in disbelief.

I don't trust corps and my senses are always on full alert in these situations. Things like a mouth breather suddenly behind me, gets me more nervous.

I hear him take a few steps back and then rush toward me. I sidestep and he almost runs into the body camera.

They don't talk to a single witness but arrest me over the protests of the witnesses.

"Fighting isn't allowed in Cheney."

They send Antony home saying he's free to leave "make sure to throw her in a trashcan when you're done, so she gets used to it"

While I'm in jail for the weekend Anthony Jackson keeps calling threatening to shoot my family. He sends pictures of the gun he's going to use.

A couple of days after I get out Gwen leaves with her family. They say she can live with them. It's a lie, she's dropped off at Anthony Jackson's.

She escapes with her kids and calls the cops to report the kidnapping. They load her and her kids into the cop car and drive her back to Anthony Jackson's.

Gwen escapes with her kids again and stays at a battered women's shelter. She has a restraining order on Anthony but he's free to ignore it. He even poses as Gabe's dad to threaten them while he's staying in the hospital. Gabe has chronic health problems.

In the June 14 issue of the Cheney Free Press, there's an article about Representative Matt Shay and the Police Officers Union ending the Cheney Police Departments' pilot body camera program.

This was removed from internet viewing when I began posting about this incident after they purged during the trial.

Facebook and Youtube blocked me from comments and posting "inflammatory content". It was citing sources, that was the problem. As long as I sound like a crazy person it's okay, as soon as I have sources I'm blocked.

This is the same Mat Shay that runs on an open and very vocal pro-genocide platform. "Kill them all".

It's a year before my court date. A couple of days before I start seeing the doctored photo of me from 2007 is being presented on the news. This is the last time I saw the photo.

During the trial, the police lie "Cheney doesn't have, and never had a body camera program".

Anthony Jackson is related to some of the local Freemasons. I've heard but can't confirm that 80% of cops are Freemasons. It's the closest thing to an explanation as to why Anthony Jackson is allowed to torture, rape, and kidnap.

They wanted to throw me in prison after trying to stage a murder. Make it look like I went for the cop's gun. When this didn't work they charged me with assault for stopping an armed kidnapper in the act of kidnapping.

Cops in Spokane county are notoriously corrupt. Despite having very little gang violence they manage to be the most dangerous police in the country. Famous for beating people to death for arguing with their brother the night before, shooting preachers, and raping kids on camera during the day while they wait for the bus next to a busy street. They give the cops that get caught desk jobs until things cool down. Gotham ain't got shit on Spokane.

Hard Life


Homeless Again

Chasity is threatening to testify against me if I don't marry her. Just after we marry we are evicted.

After stopping the kidnapping and being charged with assault I'm deemed a dangerous person by the apartment manager. We are living homeless again.

During summer the 4 of us manage to live out of a compact car. I do my best to make camping fun for the kids. We hop between camping parks. On weekend we go on road trips. The kids love driving on the beach as any 4-year-old would. I put them on my lap and let them steer as we cruise on the sand.

During the week I drive them into town in the morning. The kids go to daycare, Chasity goes to work at the same daycare, and I go to work.

In fall we move in with one of Chasity's coworkers. All of us share a 1 bedroom apartment. Me, Chasity, and the kids sleeping in her living room.

Her dad cosigns and pays the rent. He doesn't know and when he gets suspicious we have to leave.

It's too early for the campgrounds to be open so we stay in a shelter for families. It's dangerous. People drop by to lure kids on a regular basis and the other families tend to be abusive. I once interrupt by walking in on a group of people telling my daughter that their son is now her boyfriend and he gets to kiss her. She's crying shouting "NO" while everyone laughs. This kind of stuff is why I kept us camping last summer.

Chasity Cheats

Chasity starts getting bruises around her nipples, inner thighs, and butt. She harasses me through the night until I have sex with her. I'm not the one giving her these bruises. It's awkward the kids are next to us, I just want to go to sleep, I cum as fast as I can with minimal movement kind of sex.

The first couple of times she says it's an old man at work. She recently got a job as a nurse's assistant at an old folks home. I tell her that he needs to be reported. She quits saying I told her too. She keeps getting bruises. Now she says it's an old man on the bus. She gets more bruises the next week. She says I'm crazy and seeing things.

Chasity has secretly gone off birth control and is now pregnant.

White Inc


Fired For Flirting With A Co-worker

I'm a good-looking dude. I've got a bright and funny personality. Women hit on me on a regular basis even as a landscaper. Coworkers joke about the number of women who catcall me as they drive by.

There has been a female coworker who has been flirting with me. I break my normal reserve and flirt back. I send her a text not knowing she just started dating a foreman.

Now I'm being accused by the boss of sexual misconduct. This isn't remotely close to anything that happened. He's mad about me sending her texts saying "what if her dad read that!"

That's so far removed from what sexual misconduct means. Sexual misconduct is when a person uses coercion to get sex. So he changes his accusation to sexual harassment. But she gave me her number after flirting with me. So he changes it to being mad that I mentioned her friend dismissively when she didn't text back. "What's 'been nice meeting you two' supposed to mean!"

I'm fired and as I try to leave he keeps pumping his fist like he's going to hit me. Hidden Rivers Landscaping is a drug dealing front, dealing largely in heroin, and the dude is pumped up on a bunch of cocaine.

I'm not supposed to know because I'm not involved but I keep finding 8 balls and have been on the streets long enough to know what's up. I even know the landscape architect they use. White Inc is very well known around the Spokane heroin scene. White refers to the White family, a father and son team. It's part of the code they use talking around me. People spend hours in dope trances in company trucks and ditches. Hidden rivers lauders the money and operates the ring.

They agreed to hire me starting at 14$ per hour, pay me 12, then give me a raise when I mention it to 13. Ever since I've been just holding on to it so if have a job while going through the recent events. I'm glad to be rid of these people.

Financial Abuse


Grinch Christmas

I get a new job repairing bridges starting at 17$ per hour. It's a good job and I like the people I'm around.

I've been saving money for Christmas and emergencies by putting a little away every paycheck. It's up to $800. Chasity gets ahold of my card after begging me for an $80 Christmas present. She blows over $700 mostly on restaurants with her friends in 2 days.

The car breaks down that week and now I can't repair it. I have to take the next 2 weeks off until I can get another car.

This Christmas she blames me for not having very many presents. It was a 'let's be thankful for heat and lights' kind of holiday. She keeps telling the kids that I'm a Grinch the whole day. Even though she's literally the person who stole Christmas.

Reputation Attack


Chasity Slips On The Ice 2019

Chasity is mad that I don't call the day in from work. She has a chore list and a bunch of errands I can run for her friends while she visits her mom. She's upset that I'm scheduled to get off work at 2 but have been working until 6 getting overtime. We have bills to pay and work has been slow through the winter.

I get a call around 4 that Chasity is in the hospital. They call the client to confirm I'm at work, not me.

"Perfect alibi," he tells me jokingly.

Chasity has slipped on the ice. She needs stitches over her eyebrow. She's been heavily implying it's me hitting her on social media and to my mom. She playing scared to say anything to the doctors but it's super fresh and I've been confirmed at work. She drops the act when she finds out it's been confirmed by the hospital. "I never said he hit me"



Fired For Getting Sick

Bridge work starts up again in the spring. The management from last year has been swapped out for another group. Last year's management moved to a prevailing wage job. This is the group that employees warned me and the other new hires about last year.

They are a bunch of assholes. They harass women by making inappropriate statements about them while they work. They don't give direction and complain about everything. They don't rotate people doing the worst parts of the job as a show of favoritism.

How to gain their favor is pretty simple, start working 15 minutes every day, work through lunch unpaid, and don't keep track of hours.

They have safety meetings about ganging up on me while I'm under the bridge. They are mad that I won't drop that they've been shorting me several hours every week along with everyone else who keeps track of hours.

The group of us that they see as a problem are assigned to work under the bridge. It's extremely dusty and there are supposed to be multiple things to make work safe that isn't happening. No fan for air circulation and they've stopped giving us fresh dust masks. Everyone quickly gets sick with severe headaches, and sneezing blood, and some of us get hives. I have to take a day off. My insurance hasn't kicked in yet and they refuse to pay for me to see a doctor. I have all the symptoms of acute silica exposure from the concrete dust. I'm fired for calling in sick.

I report the wage theft but never see any of it. Wage theft accounts for 70% of all theft by value. In places like Idaho, it's extremely common and is allowed. The worst that happens to a company stealing wages is that they have to pay a portion of those stolen wages to specific employees, never a fine; even if they refuse the court order.

"Right to work" states are particularly notorious for this kind of stuff. "Right to work" is a set of policies that remove worker protections in the guise of anti-Union legislation. Idaho doesn't enforce OSHA or other workplace safety laws. The idea is that companies will prefer to operate there if they're allowed to abuse and rob employees. They sell it to the public by anthropomorphizing corporations while telling stories of not being able to fire people at will. The policies go well beyond at-will firing. The one pushed by the media in Idaho by the news media was not being able to fire a forklift driver immediately for running into a building support causing over 500k in damages because of his union protection. Have to prevent the riots by changing the conversation somehow, right?

Brain Hijack


December Micheal Confesses To Being A Hessian

I walk into a restaurant called Fusion for lunch. Esmeralda sits with a couple of girls at the far side of the bar as I decide what to order. It's a strange menu. I thought fusion meant that they mixed ingredients with different cooking techniques. This place was a bunch of odd pairing like a drunken college kid. I order the grown-up grilled cheese. It's a mixture of brie, grilled onions, and raisins between waffle-pressed white bread. I have expected grilled cheese to go well with tomato soup, this one doesn't. It's still good enough to eat. The tomato soup contrasts the raisins.

Esmeralda makes her approach. "How do you like the sandwich?"

"The raisins make it weird"

"That's cherry compote, not raisins."

I shrug and look away.

A man in a suit with his back to me turns as he finishes scribbling at the bottom of a recipe. He takes his time in still contemplation and scribbles a little more. It's Mr. Fancy Pants.

Micheal walks out of the kitchen area. Esmeralda heads back over to the girls and to talk with Micheal.

Me. Fancy Pants walks over to me and places $43 in front of me, with a grin and a nod.

"You know this is going to cause problems". Mr. Fancy Pants showing me a favor in front of Micheal is going to ruffle his feathers.

He smiles wider and nods eagerly. He turns and heads to the doorway. He loves magic tricks but as a good Lutheran prepares an escape. He's worried I might accidentally summon something.

Micheal sees this and runs over to scoop up the money as fast as he can.

I cover the money with my hand. "Mr. Fancy Pants gave this money to me."

"No, he didn't, that's my tip!"

"He still hasn't left. we can ask him."

I turn to Mr. Fancy Pants and ask "you gave this money to me, correct?"

He nods

"That's my tip!" Micheal says now obviously trying to make a scene.

If it's a scene he wants I'll make a good one. "You saw him nod yes. Your tip is on the receipt. "

"Why would he give you money?". Micheal doesn't know that I know who Mr. Fancy Pants is. He's not well known on this continent. In Europe, it would be like having the president casually eating in a little dinner.

"He knows I'm a magician and wants to get me started."

"You're trying to steal my tip! What does he have to do? Put in the cash register!"

"That would be much different than giving the money to me. How 'bout this? I play you for it. I'll highjack your mind and make you bet against common sense. At the end, if your tip isn't written on the receipt I'll give you the money."

"Deal, no way you can do that."

I pick up a dollar bill and fold it in half the long way. I levitate it off the tip of my finger.

"That's easy, you have a coin to balance it"

"A coin you say". I show him a clean hand. He inspects it as I roll a nickel from place to place. The witnesses can see it but he can't.
"Bet which hand it's in. You get 3 chances. Don't look away, don't even blink."

When he glances at Esmeralda I pass it to my other hand by rolling it off my thumb. I close my hand and have him guess. He's an amateur magician and will know to watch my eyes. I glance at my empty hand for a smidgeon.

He guesses that hand.

I open my hand "good try, but don't trust me really, check my hand" I splay my fingers flip them back and forth, and shake my hand up and down.

"There's nothing in there."

"No, really check, make sure I don't have a fake finger or something."

"There's nothing in your hand."

I've been timing his blinks. I start to close my hand just before the next one. I use my pinky to toss the coin just as he does so.

"Guess again"

He hesitates looking at my hands. Trying to solve the impossible. My hands have been kept in plain sight the whole time. I'm being as fair as a magician ever could be.

I roll the nickel across my knuckles in plain sight.

He sees it and does a double take. He shakes his head and guesses the other hand.

I show him a clean hand, fingers splayed, and wave it about. "Wrong hand again."

He stops and looks at the hand the coin is in wide-eyed. I just showed him the coin and he guessed the other hand. The ramifications aren't hitting home for him yet. He just bet against common sense but he's too wrapped up in playing the game.

I chuckle "guess again".

Now he leans back thinking in a chin-scratching gesture. He guesses both hands by touching both.

I disappear the coin with a lap pass as I open my hands. The movement of my hands turning over covers the toss and my forearm conceals the trajectory.

"Why didn't you reveal the coin?" He asks with venom.

"Why would a magician reveal what he can make disappear." He tried cheating on his third guess this is all super fair.

I begin driving the conversation but Micheal wants to remain the center of it. I do some mind reading. I attribute it to sensory perception like being able to smell a Hessian. I'm trying to get Micheal uncomfortable so that way I can engage with the other people in the room.

"You can't smell a Hessian if you can't smell me!"

"It doesn't count as mind reading if you tell me."

This finally shuts him up. He just admitted in front of a group of people who know exactly what the Hessian Pedovore cult is that he is one of them.

He ends up crying in a few minutes as everything starts sinking in.

I make a prediction. Esmeralda can choose a day and a place. Sometime in the next year, not the middle of summer, and within 50 miles. Don't tell me when or where and I'll meet her there in the snow. The middle of summer would make the snow difficult.

They all think I've gone too far.

I push it further. It won't be an ordinary snow and there will be no doubt that it's "knock your dick down Tuesday (doesn't need to be a Tuesday)"

When Michael runs off to the kitchen Mr. Fancy Pants leaves. Esmeralda walks by the kitchen door says something and leaves out the back.

I pay my bill, pick up the money, and head to the kitchen where Micheal has the receipt in his hand. He's sitting on the floor under the ice maker sobbing.

"Tip is on the receipt, correct?"

"Yes, the money's yours. I just can't believe somebody would be that mean."

I heard Pen and Teller use a couple of lines I said on their show. They say it with a reference "how to steal a waiter's tip". It makes me think they watched a video with the beginning and ending edited out. The part where it's confirmed that Mr. Fancy pants gave the money to me and the end where the tip is written on the receipt. It would be a typical tactic of Micheal's.

Mom Daughter BJ Attempt

I been avoiding sex with Chasity since she cheated on me. Cataleya likes to sleep on my side of the bed when she has nightmares. One night I wake up with Chasity sucking my dick with cataleya next to me. Cataleya next wakes up and tell her to leave. Chasity stops. An hour later cataleya comes back having another nightmare. Wake up to Chasity sucking my dick again. I again send cataleya away and Chasity stops. Wake up again and this time Chasity is trying to get cataleya involved. "Let's give daddy what he really wants"
"I know what daddy wants. He wants to eat my num nums" She means fingers. Since she was a baby we played a game where I'd try to eat her fingers.
We don't play the game and I send her away to her bedroom.
I'm shaken and am now putting to get her the dots of what "how far it goes" means.
It's something really hard for me process and deal with. Simply reporting it isn't much of an option. I already know the type of people I'd be reporting it to. It would be an excuse for them to start meddling in our family.

False Report

I spend about an hour a week cleaning out the car. Driving around a family of 5 it can get messy even when doing my best to keep it clean. This constitutes time that Chasity isn't demanding me to do things. She has a big problem with it for this reason. Remember "A man ain't shit and can't let him think he's shit". That means she has to destroy any little bit of peace I find, even while doing chores.

She's demanding that I take her to her mom's in a few hours so she and the kids can visit while I run errands. Her mom's expecting her around 3 and it's 11.

When I'm done cleaning out the car, I check my messages on social media. Chasity sees that I'm logged in on social media and comes storming out of the house. She's screaming, angry about how I have time to be on social media.

She goes back in to get the kids. I'm done cleaning the car so I can take her to her mom's immediately.

She gets in the car but refuses to wear her seatbelt. She does this to have something more to argue about. She knows I'll get a ticket if she isn't wearing a seat belt, but how dare I tell her what to do! I stop the car outside of the parking lot because we aren't driving to her mom's unless she puts on the seat belt.

As soon as the car stops she starts attacking me by wildly thrashing and throwing her hands. I dodge and block until she gets tired and frustrated, it only takes about a minute. She catches her breath and starts yelling for me to put my hands down. I'm not hitting her or threatening to, I'm keeping my hands up so I can block.

"I'll put my hands down if you put on your seat belt." Thinking of I can get her to do that then maybe I can get her to her mom's and leave her for the day.

As soon as I put down my hands she starts swinging again. This time I block with my elbows which hurts her hands. Now she's really mad because how dare I. She isn't giving up. She'll stop to catch her breath for a few pants then swing and slap, mad that I'm using my elbows to block.

She isn't stopping so I grab her arm and tuck it behind her back. I have to drive around the block with her screaming bloody murder to get back to the front of our door. I put the car in park and open her door. She isn't wearing her seatbelt so it is easy to safely remove her from the vehicle. The last thing I need is for her to lock her and the kids inside.

We spend the rest of the day at home. She makes phone calls talking about some horror scene and trying to get me to say things. She makes a false report to the cops about how I beat her up and takes 6 pictures of the side of her face that doesn't have a mark. No marks, just the side of her face. I don't know that she's made a false police report yet, but this is when she does it.

Circulated Paraphernalia


Reporting Chasity's Child Abuse

Chasity isn't handling the fact that I'm not a pedophile like her very well. She's just given Reign a hand job next to me. The kids are losing their confidence in me to do the right thing since now it's clear to me that Chasity is sexually abusing them. She's verbally abusive and keeps threatening them with violence. She is probably most likely violent with them when I'm not around. She screams at Reign when he's doing homework to the point he's in tears then sends him to the corner "for not even trying". I can't simply do nothing, my kids trusting me is the most important thing to me. I call the child abuse hotline. I do this right in front of Chasity.

After this Chasity won't come out of the bedroom. This is the best time I've had with the kids in a long time. We can laugh without Chasity demanding angrily to know what we're laughing about. I can smile without Chasity screaming that I have nothing to smile about. I can play with the kids without Chasity wanting chores done and sending them to their room. We have dinners where we eat in peace, not a single argument.

1 week later a social worker arrived who is only interested in Chasity's side of the story. Everything I say is dismissed because "if she was really abusive, you'd be too scared to call in front of her."

2 weeks later a female Sheriff shows up while we're baking cupcakes. She's wearing spiral triangle earrings and keeps showing them to me, 5 times. She keeps repeating "I got these at a fulcrum Christmas party. I know what they mean and I think they're beautiful anyway". She keeps wanting me to talk but I know better.

I have to say something so I play a manipulation game. I'll start a sentence, then stare inquisitively and unblinking until the other person finished the sentence. I'll say "no that's not what I meant but that's okay". It's my way of talking without really saying anything while gaining insight into my inquisitor's mindset. They'll think I'm dumb and get frustrated, ending the questions as quickly as possible. The hell if I'm going to discuss child abuse with a pedophile cop!

The spiraling triangle is a pedophile symbol for raping little boys. The cop they sent to interview us was proud to be a pedophile.

Fulcrum Institute is the family law services company that everyone has to go through in Spokane County. They are the only private family mediation firm and the only private supervised visitation service. Their logo is the spiraling triangle nestled between the words Fulcrum Institute.



But Did It Snow

It's snowing a blizzard. The meteorologist is calling this storm evidence of sorcery. Weather patterns don't act like this. Snow storms don't generate themselves. Snow is forming drifts several feet deep shutting down roads.

I drive 100 miles to Coeur d'Alene from work, about 50 miles from home. I arrive in Coeur d'Alene a little before sunset. I see a woman that I recognize walk up a block. I'm hungry and want a beer. I drink a couple of beers and move from bar to bar up the block. I walk into a pizza joint.

I see miss Peek sitting with a group of girls, Violet is with them. They are celebrating Violet's birthday. I'm a mixture of emotions. It's hard for me to process what I'm hearing. Miss Peek has stayed faithful to me for the past 28 years. She's formed a group of trafficking survivors and they revere me as their hero, like a real-life superhero walking the earth. They call the sorority they made "The Clean". I recognize many of the faces. It's hard for me to process anything.

I sing along to the happy birthday song but can't work up the nerve to approach. I'm getting emotional and drinking several beers as I work my way through a bread bowl of french onion soup. I'm not getting super drunk. I just feel a little warm in the tummy. This takes about 6 beers in about an hour for me. I have the curse of extreme alcohol tolerance. It takes a lot to get me drunk and I don't stay drunk, my whole family is like this. I realize how this appears and cut myself off. I have a history of drinking too much when I get nervous and emotional. I don't want to make a fool of myself.

They move to the karaoke bar next door and I follow. I order water and a mushroom appetizer that's taking too long. I'm struggling to try to come up with words when I have this feeling Esmeralda is close.

I get up, leaving my coat and belongings at the table. I walk out the door and into the street. As I do a blue mustang pulls between me and the curb. Esmeralda steps out in full stage make-up. She looks at me wide-eyed. I moved to the door and try to hurry to open it for her. The waiter beats me to the door opening it from the inside. I follow Esmeralda in and take my seat at my table next to theirs.

The girls are whispering to each other. Esmeralda is sitting bolt upright staring at me unblinking. She lives on the other side of the world. She just barely made it before they shut down the local airport after her concert in Moscow.

The waiter looks at us and comes over to me angrily. "What are you doing!"

"I'm thinking very deeply"

He starts accusing me of being drunk like I was making some sort of disturbance.

I tell him "you're being rude. Why can't I eat what I ordered? I haven't ordered any alcohol."

His manager comes over and kicks me out of the bar. It's clear that this is over the arrival of Esmeralda. They don't know me and I'm getting a lot of attention from about 19 women, one of them a celebrity. People get very competitive over Esmeralda's attention. I leave as they demand I never come back. This is a one-way shouting match. I don't deal with rude people and this will be my last visit, ever, to this place.

As I show them my back I hear an aggressive shift in clothing. I block the punch to my kidneys with my elbow. I quickly swat behind my head out of caution, this blocks another punch. I'm already out the door before I turn around.

I wait a few minutes in the snow before Esmeralda comes out. I kneel in the snow in the center of the road. My head is down palms up offering her the air. She gets into her mustang and drives off without saying a word.

A cop car pulls up as I sit the on curb sobering up before I drive home. Olaf climbs out. He looks at me and looks around at the snow falling. "Now I'm impressed".

Good Deed Shadeen

My memories are in full flood. Things that don't seem possible are flooding back to me. Everything is connected. I even have people that keep repeating in my life. I know what Chasity tattoo means. I feel compelled to rewalk my path from when I saved Esmeralda.

It's the anniversary of the day. I'm not the only one that walks the path. Shadeen is an extremely traumatized amputee. He has a knee scooter to help him get around. They call him Good Deed Shadeen. He does free odd jobs for other struggling people in the area.

Frankly is not forgotten. People still watch from their doors at the exact time he was shot. For many people, it's a day on replay.

Chasity Leaves

I walk into Chasity giving Emmett the 1-year-old a blow job. She's ass up wanting me to join in.

"Reign feels that he's getting to big for this".

I can't call the cops or anything. I've already tried this and it just makes things worse. It's bringing more pedophiles around and giving them authority and insight.

I need to pay rent so I leave to help my dad lay the foundation to his new house. I'm keeping in contact because my mom says not to give up on them. It should've been simple work and very straightforward. I've done this dozens times.

Every step of the way is an arguement about how to do it wrong with my dad, someone who's never done it before. I have to put up with him and Pat calling me stupid and worthless as I save the build over and over. Neither of them have any experience with concrete outside of pouring fence post holes. I barely get it done in time before the concrete truck arrives while I'm being scolded for wasting time for filling in around the bottom of the forms so that concrete doesn't flow out 4 inch gaps at the bottom. Everyone that's supposed to be helping leaves after the pour leaving me to finish.

My dad has the audacity then to claim I'm ripping him off at 20$ per hour.

While I'm doing this Chasity leaves to a battered woman's shelter and reports that I've been stalking her that week end. I was about 120 miles away working my ass of for complete assholes so I could keep a roof over our head.

Judge Perjury

2 weeks later I have a phone court date. It's with a judge that's about to be placed on the bench and overlooked by a silent sitting judge.

Chasity is accusing me of beating her severely. 8-10 maybe 12 punches in the face. She claims to have pictures of her face after the horrific attack that left her mangled. She's referring to when she attacked me in the car when she refused to put on her seat belt. She shows 6 pictures of the side of her face. "Explain this!"

"Explain what? What am I supposed to be looking at?"

"EXPLAIN THIS!" Her lawyer insists

"Are we looking at the same pictures?"

"Yes, we're all looking at the same pictures," says the judge

"I don't see anything describe what I'm supposed to be seeing"


"I don't know what I'm supposed to be seeing. Is it in the hairline?"

"He didn't hit me because I blocked the punches."

This just makes more questions so I keep an awkward silence.

The judge jumps in "I see swelling!"

"Then it's on you judge. Could you please describe it, may be by shape and color?"

The judge ignored my question after she acted as false witness. I'm sentenced to anger management, domestic abuse classes, and supervised visitation "to begin once this whole covid thing blows over". The judge cites " secret agenda" as the reason to rule against me.

Talks To Other People


Neighbors Beating Kids

I can't sleep because I worry about my kids so much. I know that Chasity has them living on the streets. She's a highly abusive pedophile that will intentionally endanger them and is liable to commit suicide.

The local authorities are pedophiles that want unsupervised access to my children. They are very obviously operating a child trafficking ring and using the courts to do it. The sign downtown advertising Spokane as a haven for pedophiles isn't a coincidence. In response to the public discovery and outcry over the police beating their wives, they've also put up a bunch of billboards about how they're cracking down on spousal abuse along with back the blue.

I'm so mad about the court case that I can hardly contain myself. I need time before I go before a bunch of trained professionals with the intent to exploit my mental state. I'm completely distraught. I struggle to do basic things and hold it together. I keep the kids' room just as if they are living here. I spend hours every day looking through all the pictures they've drawn me. I have trouble going to sleep and staying asleep.

Sleep disturbance is how I react to extreme stress. Other people overeat, some become sobbing messes, and some drink and do drugs. I can't sleep.

The toys that are kept in the toys keep playing by themselves. They say things that aren't part of their prerecordings. It's not just me, they like to talk to the kids next door as they pass by our side. They call them "the ghost next door" because it happens even when I'm not home. This scares the pants off their parents.

I hear a little girl teasing her dad "hahaha, you're afraid of the ghost next door."

There's a loud smack, a thud, and crying. Then she's ordered to her room.

I call 911 becuase it sounded like someone got seriously hurt. "I don't know exactly where it's coming from. Maybe the apartment below me or next to me". They don't take me seriously.

I see the neighbor girl a few days later she's 3 and her eyes swollen to the size of a grapefruit. This is just after her mom is threatening to swell the other eye shut.

Spokane Mental Health Investigate Downstairs nieghbors

I see a couple of social workers line up the kids against the wall the next day from the apartment below me. The social workers won't let them talk as they try to tell them it's the wrong apartment.

Refused Service by Fulcrum

I've tried every other supervised visitation service listed in the phone book. None of them do private visitations. Since my kids aren't in foster care I have to go through fulcrum institute.

I fill out the paperwork and get an interview for services. During the interview, I catch on to Mary lying to me. I mention her use of "euphemisms" and ask her to stop.

Fulcrum keeps requiring I fill out more paperwork. They say "that a week isn't long enough to read the paperwork", that I "didn't turn in paperwork", that they've "lost paperwork", that is need to "stop calling every week", and finally that I "need another court order" for them to allow me to see my kids.

Neglected Office


1st Walk into Attorney General's Office

The only person I have that I can go to complain about the outright discrimination is the Attorney General of Spokane Bob Ferguson. I go to his office and I want to schedule an appointment to see him. Everything about what's happening is super illegal, Color of Law crimes.

It's a bleak place with bare brick walls. There are arched brick internal windows into barren offices. The place is absent of any decor other than minimal office equipment. The lone secretary is printing and stacking paperwork into towers several feet tall around the front office. She looks exhausted and frustrated.

She says that I can file a complaint but that's it. She says it in a tone that it won't matter anyways and gestures to the towers of papers she has stacked on the floor after losing counter and file space. I take the sheet of paper and fill it out returning it the next day.

Something is definitely wrong in that office. There's a pedophile cartel working in the area and the only person that's going to help me is me.

House of Trashcan


October Cop Attack

Spokane is very open with pedophile symbols. There are clubs, bowling alleys, theatres, and small businesses brandishing pedophile symbols. The cop's like to hang around the bowling alley just down the road from Fulcrum. It's rumored that Fulcrum brings kids there for playdates. I keep following the symbols to a gated community just outside of Meade.

As I walk the road a group of men in their late 20s is running toward me. They're wearing high school cross-country uniforms. I run to a group of trees. I find a bike, a rope, a flashlight, and an oddly placed trash can. This is extremely weird, none of these have been here long except the trash can. I use the rope to hoist the bikes into the trees and put the flashlight in the trash can. I run off as the group of runners enters the group of trees where the last saw me. I watch as they search around and then run up the road past me.

As I get nearer to the gate of eagle point ridge an old car pulls up. A fat man starts offering to sell me "spare tires" in the trunk.

I tell him "no thanks". I know what he's offering. His car is weighted heavily in the trunk.

He drives off as I hear a helicopter take off not far away from where my pursuers have just run to.

It's a large house at 4300 eagle point ridge. I walk around as a group of men on ATVs is assembled to "look for him, and don't come back till you find him." They speed around the roads looking for me.

I see someone running down the road I just came up in pants and a tee shirt all alone. I figure I can outrun him in a mile or so. That's the distance to the cache and most likely where he's headed.

I know now that 4300 eagle point ridge is a house where they are trafficking kids from. This is probably the house they are referring to as "The House of Trashcan". "Trashcan" is also what the Cheney cops were referring to with their joke about raping a 3-year-old back in 2017.

I run off after him and pass a man on the phone on the same lot as 4300 eagle point ridge.

I'm stopped by 2 men in a truck about a 1/4 mile down at an intersection they are accusing me of beating a woman at a party and trying to run away. I ignore them after asking for their help and keep running.

I get another 1/4 mile when a cop drives up the road towards me. I explain to him that I'm running after a child trafficker and believe he's headed to a group of trees just up the road.

"Get in the ditch so we can settle this quietly without any witnesses!"

"I'm going to have to respectively decline your offer.". This cop is obviously in league with the traffickers and is very upset that I'm interfering with business.

He pulls his weapon and points it at me. All I can see of him is his silhouette in the headlights. If he's going to gun me down, he's going to have to do it in front of witnesses.

I get hit with tasers from multiple directions. Then I tackled. I don't resist as they put the cuffs on. They keep tasering me and yelling "stop resisting". They roll me over to my back and begin taking turns on top of me punching me in the face. I'm brought to my knees the female cop is behind me. I hear a weapon get drawn behind me.

"Esmeralda, Epstein, Adam Levine!" I shout. I'm desperate and trying to buy even a few more seconds.

The male cop yells "stop there are witnesses!" And grabs the weapon from the female officer behind me.

I tuck into a ball trying to protect myself as the ambulance arrives. They drag my ankles against the running bar of the gurney for the appearance of me resisting.

Once inside the ambulance, I begin telling the EMTs what just happened. One of the officers comes in and starts rubbing my leg and smiling. I begin struggling against my restraints as they take blood samples and then inject me with general anesthesia.

They shot me with enough tazers to kill an average horse.



Hospital Mal Practice

I wake up in Providence Sacred Heart Hospital. The walls are crawling like I've been given a hallucinogen. A woman is screaming about her Hans in an eastern European accent. I hear my daughter's name being talked about over the police scanner.

I catch the attention of a passing nurse. I'll get the doctor"

The doctor is an old man "you're awake. Can you tell me where you are?"

"I'm guessing I'm in a hospital."


"Why is my daughter's name being mentioned on the police scanner"

"I'll have to ask people at the desk?"

"What makes you guess that you're in a hospital"

"The walls are crawling"

"The walls are crawling, huh, why does that make you guess you're in a hospital"

"Strange side effect"

"Anything else"

"The woman is screaming about her Hans"

"She can't have her hands free. She needs to be restrained like you"

"She's not saying hands, she's saying Hans, it's her head covering.." I would have continued but he immediately got up and left.

The woman wouldn't stop screaming for her Hans. In eastern Orthodox Christianity if a woman doesn't have a head covering she is seen as a whore by God and she is instructed to never stop protesting if it's removed.

I keep telling all the nurses who check in on me that she wants her head covering and they keep pretending not to understand me.

I refuse to eat or drink anything. These people are evil and have already been poisoning me with hallucinogens. They are extremely abusive. I will resist any time they try to adjust my restraints.

The security will hop on top of me and elbow me in the face as I'm tied down.

I try to calmly reason with them and get disrespected in return so now I'm just completely uncooperative. I'm restrained for about a week before they agree to let me feed myself. If I can feed myself I can refuse anything that tastes off.

The doctor accuses me of screaming for my daughter and naming my cat after Sarah's. Both of these are blatant lies intended to manipulate me and others. They begin telling me the symptoms that I have to agree to have. Once I agree to have them I'm diagnosed as bipolar.

Another female nurse comes in. I don't speak to anyone other then minimally. After a few days of her trying to small talk with me I say that bit coin seems like good investment and I'll talk to my friends about it, just to say something with out really saying anything.

"There he is" she says like I just said something completely insane.

I'm offered to have all the charges dropped if I agree to go to mental health counciling and take medication for the next 6 months. I agree under extreme duress. If I say no they're liable to tie me up, drug me, poison me, and beat me some more. It's almost 2 weeks before someone comes in and takes pictures of my face.

After a agree to counciling I receive a letter from the attorney general's office of Washington saying they have received my complaint. They claim to be bob Ferguson but this is a lie that's contradicted by the header and signature. This is a different office that's taking some of the work load.

Allowed To See Kids

I'm finally able to see my kids a couple of weeks later. They are super excited to see me. I bring snacks, clothes, and their old toys every weekend. Chasity left with them but didn't let them bring any of their favorite stuff. Fulcrum employees get mad that we laugh too much, that we run around too much, that we sing too loud. We're expected to quietly sit and watch TV for the visit. I get in as much play as possible.

Fulcrum seems to be much happier if a movie is playing at least. Fulcrum is a bunch of killjoys because "other kids don't have a dad like you and it's not fair to them.".

They like to stare at my crotch and take notes. They're super creepy but it's about 6 months before things start getting weird.

I have no other way to see my kids. I have to go through them. Seeing my kids again and knowing they aren't dead allows me to sleep again and something to look forward to.

Missed video court 2021

Fulcrum refusing service for several months is billed as abandonment in a court case I couldn't access on zoom. Not much point of attending anyway because the judge will perjurer herself when I start to defend myself.

Sleep Disturbance



My parents are enjoying me being intentionally misdiagnosed as bipolar. My dad thinks that it means I have Me, Myself, and Irene multiple personalities disorder combined with schizophrenia. My Mom and Corwin believe it means I have bipolar disorder like my mom and Alzheimer's like Corwin. They enjoy taking to their friends and doctors about it.

The kernel of truth is that I had problems sleeping. Not the 1 week every 4 bipolar type sleep problems but the only extreme stress several months straight from late April to late October.

The councilor keeps reminding me that I have to have bipolar symptoms or they are "going to have to change the diagnosis". Her repeating the symptoms and having me recite them while being corrected on symptoms not consistent with bipolar is recorded on the phone counciling appointments. I continue to keep my appointments with her and take my medication for epilepsy for 7 months. 1 month beyond the court mandated 6 month in exchange for all charges being dropped. After 7 months she suggested that we quite because we both know I'm not bipolar. I have no interest in telling her about my life so she reads different ways to handle life events with no relevance to me. I tell her the minimum that I'm sleeping now that I can see my kids, visits with them are very rewarding and what gives my life meaning, that I'm taking my medication, and that I'm not experiencing any bipolar symptoms.

Tax Fraud

I get a letter in the mail saying my check from my tax return hasn't been cashed. I haven't been able to file taxes because I'm being refused Emmett social security number.

I'm very certain this is chastity committing tax fraud with legal advice in order to claim covid 19 stimulus money. She has no income to file taxes.



Last Weekend With Kids

The last visit with my kids the supervisor of the visit wouldn't stop staring at Cataleya especially her butt. This is sexual harassment level staring were for 2 hours straight a wide eyed stare.

You Know Why


Sexually Assaulted by DOC

As soon as we end counciling sessions I'm pulled over by the cops without cause. I've been reposting political memes on Facebook from US starring Jennifer Lawrence. Because of the local climate and the nature of the posts I worm my special court hat. It a black hat with a military credential holder clipped to the band. I wear it when I go to court. I'm 100% always getting arrested or going to court when I wear that hat. Never miss, never wear it when I'm not. Today is no exception.

"Why was I pulled over officer?"

"We both know what this is about."

I'm arrested on a retroactive warrant for assualting the police officers last October. The same event that I agreed to go to therapy and take medication to have squashed. I was never told that those were the charges that they were dropping. I assumed it was some misdemeanor that they fabricated the police report to say. What did I assault them with? There fists with my face?

Immediately when taken into the jail an officer starts misgendering me in a sexual tone for having the little piece of brass on my hat. I call him out for sexual harassment.

A few minutes later I'm being patted down by another officer in full view of a camera. He starts playing with my dick pretending he's trying to undo my belt buckle. He's about 6 inches low for my belt. I start demanding a complaint form for sexual assault. I'm refused.

A few hours later the officer that assaulted me pops his head into the cell. I'm being kept with violent sex offenders when he asks "water under the bridge?"

I won't stop asking for a complaint form. Instead of giving me one to fill out they isolate me in another cell then fill it with several guards one claiming to be the jail supervisor. He says he'll check the cameras but won't allow me to have a complaint form.

I spend the next few days being harassed by their mental health nurse while still being refused a complaint form.

At the bond hearing my court appointed lawyer is a prosecutor that won't listen to anything I have to say or give me a tax fraud form which I've also been asking for. "I just work here".

Instead of being released Im sent to Deaconess hospital for mental evaluation. I'm diagnosed " angry".



Week After Jail for Facebook

When I'm released from jail my apartment has been broken into. The door is unlocked. My cabinets are open. A chair from the dining room is next to the window mount a/c in my bedroom. This is a very particular style of break-in.

2 social workers visit me. One of them is the older lady that investigated the little girl getting a black eye. They are asking me to conduct a mental health survey at my front door. They open a folder and offer me 2 very thick letter-sized envelopes stuffed with money.

I report them the next day during my visit to the FBI.

I begin being followed by cops. They keep a half block behind me. They would park, wait for me to get a block up drive the block, and park. I took pictures and set them to who I believe to be Scarlett Johansson. I know her from Wilson Creek. #584060@12am

Friday 4 refused legal council by public defenders office "M-Scat"



Interm Designee

I haven't been able to find the Attorney General Bob Ferguson for over a year. He has clearly abandoned his office with a frustrated secretary stacking all the paperwork into towers.

I file as interm designee. This is a practice under Maritime law active if the captain of a ship abandons his post. I send it to who I believe is Scarlett Johansson. I know her from the briefest encounter.

The next day when I walk into Bob Ferguson office. It has a cheap and quick renovation. It wasn't like this last Thursday. This is the Tuesday after Labor Day. The wall is adorned with the name and picture of Christine Gregoire. There are 2 more people to help the secretary with paperwork. I hand a copy of the interm designee notice to them while they play dumb about it the recent renovations.

I walk up to the FBI field office up stairs. I ring the bell no one answers.

"Shadowkin at your door!"

The door unlocks.

I walk into a group of astonished FBI agents and give them a copy. They say they want to keep in contact with me.

As interm designee my 1st task is to get a grip on the immediate threats facing eastern Washington. Pedophile ring, covid, vaccines, color of law violation, and what happened to bob Ferguson. An attorney general abandoning his post is a capital offense. All law libraries in Washington State are closed. Mr Crago is the treasurer whose about to become (there's a news article of him resigning, I think his plan was to file interm designee, I learned it in his civics book)

September 8 Kicked Out of Court For Taking Notes

I arrive at court early. I decide that I'm going to watch and take notes of court conduct this morning. I have court in an hour and I'm curious how things are being conducted without an Attorney General.

My public defender at the bond hearing is now sitting at the prosecutor's desk and is conducting himself as a prosecutor. I watch public defenders become prosecutors between cases. Some cases are very disorganized. Many of the attorneys are playing on their phones while the court is in session. This is concerning because phone apps like FaceBook and Google are known to secretly record.

I'm shortly asked to leave by the court for quietly taking notes of their conduct. The conduct of the court is so horrible that I'm a danger to them by taking notes.

I'm expected to wait outside the courtroom with another man that has been ignored by the public defender's office "not for a lack of trying."

I'm finally able to talk to the public defender just before court. She is uninterested in hearing any details of my case and is requesting another mental health evaluation for competency.

I've already had many recent mental health evaluations. I spend the rest of the day tracking the court,s mental health practitioners. I find many frustrated social workers that put me down the path of child mental health evaluations. I find Spokane neurology and psychology of Spokane operating without legal credentials but receiving referrals from other hospitals.

Chemical Weapon Patented 2017


Eastern State Hospital

I'm expected to have a mental health evaluation by Eastern State Hospital. Instead of wasting my time, I tie in the local Covid 19 vaccination concerns. Vaccine certificates will be required on 18 October as part of the mandates. None of the covid 19 vaccines have been approved for human trials. Pharmacists are unable to do their due diligence and confirm the contents of the vaccine.

It's supposedly a very delicate vaccine that breaks down easily during shipping. Pharmacists as part of their job need to confirm that the vaccines are unspoiled or assume all liability personally. They can't do this because there is no insert in the vaccine box just a slip of paper that reads "intentionally left blank".

As part of the upcoming mandates, it's highly rumored that a private security company called OPI is scheduled to vaccinate children in schools with " implied consent" due to children attending school. If there is anyone to talk to about this it's doctor Nelson, a family friend, at Eastern State Hospital.

Doctor Nelson has currently retired again and may very well be fly fishing. Instead, I get a Medical Supervisor that has difficulty keeping up with basic medical questions or to who to refer my questions.

Shortly after I get a text from Scarlett saying that Governor Jay Inslee said "no one cares more about the people of Washington State despite what people may say about his competence". I never told Scarlet about any of this and its strange timing makes me believe this isn't a catfish. I needed a witness and she contacted me back.

Abuse of Foreigners

I've been concerned about the treatment of foreigners. Are foreigners being subjected to medical experiments through coercion?

I learn that like any good cartel most government offices are shell companies. Maybe there is a working phone number that asks to leave a message but the messaging service is full. If they have offices they're empty, maybe a desk with a phone on it. This includes disability, foreign affairs, philanthropy, and foreign students. The multicultural center refers foreign and disabled students to the shell offices for anything other than transgender rights.

Coming For You