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Hurt and Pain part 5

This is a part of my life. This isn't a full biography. That would include a bunch of sex, drugs, and life lessons.


Intro to part 5

This trip gets intense. I survive by the will and guidance of an all-powerful being. I'm spared from a village of cannibals, warned of robbery, keep a woman safe from serial killers, and have my jail cell unlocked repeatedly by Jinn. Every day a path is made for me. I continuously arrive at the right place at exactly the right time. If I'm in need God talks to others for me.

This will be the last part I publish for a while. It's a suitable finale.

It Begins



Tuesday 5 September

I walk into Idaho. Tom the bus driver wouldn't let me ride public transit because I have a traveling pack. Public buses are for people going to the casino only. He was concerned I was riding the bus to travel. This is the most bullshit public bus policy I've ever heard of. The buses running south through the county connect at the casino.

I Sleep overlooking the Spokane River in Coeur d'Alene.

Coeur d'Alene is the far east end of the metro area. The lake is a favorite hangout of millionaires.

It's chilly, just above freezing, and starts to rain. I packed an emergency mylar tent. It's a tube of mylar that helps isolate and keeps my pack dry.

I over-packed and leave behind my favorite pair of vans suede shoes.
I start keeping a daily diary of my trip. I write the name and something about each person who helps me.

Wednesday 6 September

Hitch-hiking is illegal in Idaho. I have to watch not to have my thumb out in front of police as I walk down the highway. Cops still stop demanding ID.

In this half of the country hitchhiking is easy. Even in Idaho a person just needs to walk down the highway. People will stop to help strangers out of pure kindness.

I almost make it to Grangeville and slept in a clump of trees. This is the 1st night I sleep outside when it dips below freezing.

Thursday 7

Grangeville is a small town in the lower panhandle of Idaho that borders the Nez Perce Reservation. There is a small convenience store that sells pizza by the slice.

I walk/hitchhike through a set of deep cannons.

I was getting ready to sleep in the woods when the wife of a Seventh-day Adventist came looking for me. When she first passed me she thought I was a deer. Seventh-day Adventists religiously help travelers. She gave me a ride into Council to a park with a shelter I can sleep under.

Friday 8

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Made it to Boise. It's dark and raining again. I find a dry area around an Odd Fellows building.

I start baking up a plan on what to do. All communication is tightly controlled. I did a quick search of dark net websites and find pictures of some of my friends when they were as young as 4. These pictures aren't even protected by a paywall or a suggestive link. This is retribution from the FBI. Anybody viewing them wouldn't be committing a crime. They are posted with clothed models. I know the source of the pictures and the FBI runs these particular websites.

Sat 9

Now that I'm in another metro area I try to take a bus but the busses are a call to ride. I get a ride from a guy into Boise. He drops me off at a Seventh-day Adventist church. This isn't the kind of Seventh Day Adventist I'm familiar with. The SDAs I know don't have church buildings, they worship in their houses. They don't display crosses because it's idolatry.

I sleep behind the Odd Fellows Boise building.

Sunday 10

I taped my feet & ankle for the 1st time to relieve blisters. My ankle pain became minimal. I wish I'd been doing this for the last 10 years. The wraps aren't effective, but duck tape is.

Monday 11

Wasn't able to file a Writ of Challenge to make myself Regular. The government building is closed for Columbus Day.

Vax is required for a plate of spaghetti at the local homeless shelter. I can't even get a shower. I smell really bad.

Tuesday 12

I file a Writ of Challenge at Boise Law Library it's the closest open. The law librarian didn't know what to make of it.

God tells me to go to Florida and find Marci-largo. It's not on any maps and there's no google listing. I don't know why, but it turns out to be the best place for me. DeSantis is at war with the Biden administration.

I saw a strange video of Biden committing suicide last month. It showed him and a marine walking into the oval office. The marine walks out and posts next to the door. A gunshot and a flash inside the office sends the guard back in. The video ends. Since then I've only seen his body double.

This doesn't seem planned so it'll probably take at least a year for the news to report. They won't show a story they couldn't have predicted at least a year before. By doing this they are better able to control the narrative. Independent reporting is how I keep up with this. There are even people who still track Epstein who didn't kill himself.

Many people are unfamiliar with independent media. They stay glued to the tv and only view media that comes from those same 6 media companies. They have very little idea how many of these personalities are simply costumes. Examples are Mark Zuckerberg in a red wig is Jen Psaki. Mitch McConnel in a military uniform and a blonde wig is a general. These aren't just simar appearances. They are the exact same face, height, and approximate body weight. There are distinguishing features that are more unique than fingerprints like eyes, and ears.

Independent media is the only source for news that wasn't anticipated at least a year in advance. The Simpsons creators arent time travelers they pay attention to independent media. What most people believe are current events is a curated narrative as real as the WWE or NFL.

Like the bunch of pedophiles they are, they just push forward as if nothing has changed when the narrative breaks down. The plans all commence like they've been planning for decades uninterrupted.

They've explicitly declared war on the American people on national tv. The news is very passive about it. Those are very serious words and these people aren't known for their sense of humor.

Wednesday 13

Short camps last night trying to get out of Boise. People in Boise have a different character. They are very californiated. Normally people stop and pick me up, but here they scream insults from their cars.
I made it to the Boise Stage Stop when 2 men in a work truck on the way to a ranch picked me up late in the day.

I found a bunch of photos of my kids in my phone. I thought I had lost all of them but my phone had switched the default photo storage. Seeing the photos helps with the constant heartache.

The staff at the Boise Stage Stop invited me to sleep in their theater. The Maze Runner was in the DVD player.



Soldiers Pass

Thursday 14

It takes over half the day to get a ride out of the Boise Stage Stop. I fly a sign asking for a ride knowing that it will help.

"Blue" and his grandson pick me up. Blue is a retired inspector general. As an Inspector General, he specialized in DOJ internal investigations. Few more helpful people could've ever picked me up. He has a slow, comfortable silence style. He gives me a ride several miles past their turn-off to the end of the Spanish fork business district south of Salt Lake. I sleep behind a church 1 block from an In and Out.

There isn't much between Boise and Salt Lake metro area. The area is a long slender strip limited by the ridge and the Salt Lake. The only churches I see are Mormon Temples that are lit white at night.

Friday 15

I get 1 ride from a native woman who wanted to take me home with her. It turns dark with me still trying to get a ride from the gas station at the top of Soldiers Pass.

I have a few road rules I've learned over the years. 1 always have a knife, 2 never hitchhike at night, and 3 never go to someone's home. There are more rules but those are the 3 big ones that get other people in trouble. Going to someone's home is bad because you never know who else will be there. Even if they are honest and kind, it doesn't mean others are. You'll find yourself wrapped up in stuff you never wanted to be in, not even considering the being drugged risk.

Soldiers Pass is haunted. There are very well-known ghosts of dead soldiers walking around at night. The place is known for freak snow storms during summer. A group of army deserters got caught in one and that's how the place got its name. People regularly witness a boy wandering around at night. He's called the Canteen Boy. People take pictures and videos of him.

The gas station workers tell me to stay inside with them tonight. There's an active serial killer that hunts this stretch of highway. They are fairly suspicious that it's a man that comes in every few weeks or so talking about killing people.

We talk about a bunch of things including the Mandela Effect. Hearing them tell stories of other travelers. I 1st hear of Steven carrying a cross back and forth across the country. They say he's from Ohio. He does it because Jesus said to pick up a cross and follow him.

Creepy Cannibals



Saturday 16

I got 2 rides both of them are convinced that the government and big pharma want what's best for them. Mike was so grateful for the vaccine companies ever since he was a kid. They gave him a polio vaccine on a sugar cube. A polio breakout ripped through his little rote town back in the 50s.

Made it to the Woodside Desert rest area. Camped under a juniper across the highway. Deserts are always beautiful, especially at night.

Sunday 17

I got 1 very long ride from Rodger who was born in Guatemala. He picked me up just as I began to walk and took me past Albuquerque New Mexico. It was a very long ride through the desert.

New Mexico is a new state for me. I've been to 12 states this makes 13. I'll be traveling through many more on this trip.

Made it to Phillips 66 just past Albuquerque at the Carlsbad Caves turn-off. They have really good chili pork burritos. This turns out to be the last more than mediocre food I eat until New Orleans. The cuisine quality gets bad east of the Rockies.

Monday 18

I got another very long ride from Thomas who was traveling with his 2 kids. they took me from the 66 to Tulsa Oklahoma. Oklahoma is my 14th state.

I saw Garth's name on a water tower and it got me thinking. What did he mean 1/2 of it is his. I thought he meant a certain project at the time but recently I was told by my partner that he hadn't traded. He could've meant a couple of other things. I was very rude to him in my protective stance.

I sleep by a utility access clearing by Jenks Highschool

Tuesday 19

I'm short on money so I donate at CSL Plasma. I need to wash my clothes as well.

I found a nice blonde ale called Tulsa Flag. I don't drink very often but that went down really smooth.

I slept at what smells like a port-a-potty called the Corporate Art Park.

Wednesday 20

I notice distinct changes in culture. The most obvious is the amount of obesity. People also wear much more jewelry. People are very compliant with authority. The idea of non-compliance is difficult for them, especially mass non-compliance. Here I am talking to cowboys and ranchers but they get confused about refusing to register. This is a very well-known form of protest on the west coast. Guns are supposed to be registered but there are so many caches, especially around churches. Its common practice to bury cargo containers. Gun ownership estimates based on the gun registry are meaningless. Freemasons, Mormons, baptists, and just about every gun enthusiast have been doing this since the '80s. When they decided to try to ban AR-15s the farmers' markets across the state became gun shows. The law was deemed unenforceable and then repealed. Washington state isn't a democrat-controlled state. King county is Gerry mandered for democrat control and all the republicans scapegoat them. It's the republicans that are pushing gun control and mandatory vaccines behind closed doors while the extremely unpopular democrats trumpet it to the public. They ensure democrats have seats of power to blame them for the tyrannical policies. Almost everyone hates both parties which is why there are 2 party voting laws. In Oklahoma, it's polarized by party.

I write a bunch of emails offering settlements.

Staying in the same place gathers attention from law enforcement. I was told "You are right" by a random sheriff as we pass at Whataburger.

I sleep on a hill by the University tower.

Thursday 21

I donate a second time at CSL and got my clothes washed.
I made it to the German Society Center. I found small bones buried in the flower garden.

Friday 22

Headed south from Tulsa through Broken Arrow. I got to Boynton. It's rundown with many abandoned buildings.

Across from the abandoned building on Seaman lives a serial killer. He waves me over offering me some water. This turns to soda, then drugs, then candy. I try and spit out the odd-tasting candy as he gives me a sermon. it's confusing and hard to follow. He starts talking about taking up a cross and following Jesus literally. He mentions a prophet named Steven.

It starts getting even weirder. He says he has massive respect for being a pipe carrier in prison. A pipe carrier is responsible for native prayers and carries the sacred pipe and tobacco. It's a position that someone is born into in the Choctaw tribe which he has boldly emblazoned with a chest tattoo. He also says he's a trained ninja. As a devote Christian, he believes in satan and worships him as parallel to god.

He then starts telling me that he is death and is going to kill me with the help of others. I can make it easy by staying the night at his house. He has dogs that "they" use to track people down. It's a pair of Rottweilers. 1 of them is trained as an attack dog.

I check with the "return to trainer" command.

He brags that they ate a man's face off a couple of days ago.

He then starts talking about how cannibalism used to be practiced by the Choctaw. It's a secret practice of the Hermes cult.

He doesn't realize that I immediately spit out the candy. I refused the soda and his drugs.

I hand him my machete he likes it and spins it around showing his ninja moves. Almost cuts his foot off when he drops it. He hands it back to me when I show concern for his safety. This is a big deal to the Lakota.

I walk fast out of town. I catch a ride to the Council Hill gas station from a local. I keep walking fast. God talks to me again and says "go no further".

I sleep in a clearing in a patch of Prim Rose under a group of trees.

Saturday 23

I keep walking again at sunrise. I get a ride from 2 natives to the flying J at the 140 intersection. I watch the news explain how replica guns are real guns and that blank rounds are super deadly. The wads of paper are very lethal. An accident happened on a movie set and everyone is waiting on further details.

I watch a commentator that is clearly CGI. It was a woman with super surprise eyebrows and impossible lighting. many people have uneven eyes. People will tilt their heads so that their eyes are level. This character could keep her eyes level.

While I was trying to hail a ride a truck pulled up. A very sickly-looking woman said "God really does show you the way. You slept where they were going to take you to slaughter you." she handed me a few dollars

Another car pulled up about a half hour later "God is with you. The dogs didn't find you". Then pulled away.

Boynton is a village of cannibals. They had been hunting last night to eat me.

I sleep on the front porch of Concrete Supply House in McAlester. I'd jolt awake every time the crickets stopped chirping.

Sunday 24

I tried walking through the Indian turnpike but the attendants wouldn't let me. I tried hitchhiking through the turnpike until a highway patrolman said I could do that.

I continue down the road to kings truck stop. It's getting late in the day. The girlfriend of a woman that works at the gas station gives me a ride into Kiowa. On the way, she tells me about other travelers she met. Steven who was carrying a cross toward McAlester about a week before. They exchanged information but hasn't heard anything back from him.

I have every reason to believe that the people of Boynton ate Steven.

Walked by hunger games set along the railroad. Walked all through the night.

Need Home


Human Traffic Freeway

Monday 25

I walked through the night. With my ankle taped tightly, I can make it 15 miles before the pain in my ankle becomes excruciating. Late in the day I climbed over a couple of cattle fences and slept in a thicket. The thicket is under high voltage lines that climb a hillside running toward Paris.

Tuesday 26

I wake up to the boom of gunshots. There are hunters in the field below shooting deer with muzzleloaders.

A metal sign saying "hitchhikers maybe escaped fugitives". I first saw a sign like this entering Tulsa but in lights. Signs like this make catching rides difficult. People in Oklahoma are very willing to give food and money to travelers, rides are hard to get. They are very suspicious of travelers, I've only seen 1 in this state.

Mike eventually stops and gives me a ride to Sherman. He buys me a burger and gives me $20.

It's getting dark again so I call it a night. A pink sunset and a thunderhead is growing in the gridwork of chemtrails. I've been told that pink sunsets means they're using lithium. Chemtrails are no longer speculative conspiracy theories. They are an admitted fact by the government along with released videos of the squadron of planes they use to dump most of the chemicals but they also use commercial planes on short flights.

I take shelter under an awning of a vacant part of the Ashley Home store strip mall.

I'm packed super light. A mylar tube as a tent and a knitted blanket instead of a sleeping bag. I still get wet from rainwater running under but it's better than full exposure to the storm.

made it to Sherman Texas

Wednesday 27

1st bait and switch promo advertising at a McDonald's. They have the McDouble on their dollar menu but charge me $2.50 for one. They say "we don't sell it for that at this location". As it states boldly in lights on the menu board behind her. I've never encountered something like this before but it happens a couple more times as I travel through the south. At less of an accidental mistake, meals are usually comped. This is the McDonalds across the 75 from Orange Tree Bar Restaurant Banquet Hall.

I sleep on a concrete slab next to 2 metal doors covering underground utility access. The wind storm destroys the mylar tube I'm sleeping in.

Thursday 28

I walk most of the day again until I get picked up and driven into McKinney.

I sleep next to an RV dealership by Saltgrass Restaurant.

Friday 29
The strap on my pack is ripping off. I buy a yarn needle to sew it up. The plan is to use the fishing line I keep with me.

I continue walking south to the Parker Train Station in Palano. I catch the Red Line through downtown Dallas to 8th and Corinth Station.

This station is a Crips hang out. I share some salmon dip and pita bread with a man cutting hair for change. He's never had it before and loves it.

I catch bus 444 to Elmore and Landcaster. The bus driver expresses his fear for my safety through rhetoric, tone, and body language.

This is a largely black and Hispanic neighborhood. I saw less gang graffiti in Compton. I don't think this is as dangerous as handing my blade to a Choctaw cannibal.

They removed the outlets and placed the soda fountain behind the counter at Mcdonald's because of abuse.
I go to go Burger King to check my messages and Charge my phone. I get an invite to join the Illuminati. I tell the person a little bit about who I am. They get offended and rude. This makes me think it wasn't a catfish.

I see another white person. She's a street walking hooker in a tie-dye tube dress wearing Nike shower shoes. She complains "my lips are dry and chapped from um the wind and stuff."

If this area is safe enough for street walkers then it's safe enough for me.

Specifically, Nike shower shoes are a major part of fashion around here. There are people dressed in leather and jewelry wearing them. They wear them with athletic socks.

I hang out with crackheads under an overpass while I sew up my pack. People keep driving up and handing them pairs of shoes. They burn these in a small fire they keep going. It happened 3 times in the couple of hours I spent with them.

I'm getting tired and know better than to fall asleep around these people. I sleep in the Bank of America parking lot. I figure the worst to happen to me here is that a cop will tell me to move. Banks are some of the safest places to be in rough neighborhoods. I hear multiple gun fights through the night.

Sat 30
The 14 lb fishing line doesn't work as a sewing thread. It breaks very quickly.

I walk into a grocery store and pass a couple of employees. A security guard on the far end of the store "COME HERE" as he points at his feet.
He bellows louder and points to his feet.
"What is it?"
He begins screaming incoherently and making more aggressive gestures.
"Can't you just tell me?"
"why can't you just tell me?"
I'm not a person to be treated like this. There are other places I can buy food or string. I walk toward the door.
The other employees start yelling "DON'T COME BACK!"
When I'm almost out the door the security guard tells me that I need to leave my pack at the customer service desk that I was standing next to when he started screaming. He wanted me to walk across the store so he could scream it in my face and then have me walk back to where I started.
I don't leave bad reviews often but this isn't out of character for the area. The rudeness to everybody, not just me, is jaw-dropping. I understand now why these places get burnt down during riots.
I buy a spool of thread, tortillas, and an apple turnover at Fiesta Grocery a few blocks away.
Walking down Illinois toward 45 I caught the strong drift of human trafficking. Not much specifically other than an Independent baptist church and oddly waiting people in parking lots.
People use the frontage road to pick up sex workers. A couple stops and asks me inquiringly. I follow the road past Obama's Male Leadership. There is a lineup of pedophile cars by their bumper stickers at Southern Skate Roller Rink.

I sleep behind the extra large bus stop across the street, next to a Wells Fargo.

Sunday 31

Found an abandoned bike along the frontage road of I20. It's an aluminum Mongoose with 1 pedal, a broken seat, and the gears are stuck in a slight uphill gear. It has a front and rear suspension. I taped the soul of a child's memory foam shoe to the seat, making it more bearable. Rusted handlebars complete the mess. It's ugly, bearly functioning, and hurting my butt, but still better than walking.

Made it to a shell/sonic at the north end of Palmer. There's a Game of thrones actress ordering food. "She's the sword lady!"

A child screaming for help from a Grey van with Texas plates. It quickly pulls away. Halloween is a dangerous night for kids.

I sleep on a trail cut into some trees across from the municipal building in Palmer.

Monday 1 November

I get the bike to shift into middle front gear with WD-40 and some wiggling, maybe I can get it into top gear with a little more.

2 women and an infant are being trafficked at a gas station. It's an unnamed gas station. There's no name on any of the signs but it's open. They are Waiting with luggage for someone to pick them up. A man starts yelling at me in Spanish when he sees me writing.

I use thrown-away carpet padding to make a better seat. My ass is bruised and sensitive from yesterday.

Arizona Charlies has a bunch of pedo symbols, cop car parked, and offers 5k per Night "bingo". It's a half mile south of Rice.

Make it to Petty's Chapel Baptist Church in Corsica.

Satanic Graffiti


The 5

Tuesday 2

Harrassed by a Sheriff for sleeping at a church as I was rolling up at dawn. Neighborhood dogs barked all night. The sheriff is a habitual liar, that ignores openly advertised child trafficking. I don't have much respect for people like that.

I see what I think is a staged accident scene. 2 police vehicles are parked next to a fallen motorcycle with beige molly webbing side saddles. 2 more vehicles are brought in on wreckers. 1 of them was a blood drive full-sized van with the front caved in.

I made it to Jacksonville. Checked by a small gang looking for an easy target to rob in about 30 minutes. I sleep in a field surrounded by churches under an ominous tree.

Wednesday 3

Christmas songs already dominate the music played in Mcdonald's.

All my clothes are soaked under rain gear. It's a hot southern rain all day.

Kyle and Jayden give me a ride the last couple of miles into Wells. They are very nervous about cops finding out they gave me a ride. Apparently, it's very illegal for them to give me a ride.

I sleep on a bench in a church breezeway down the street from the gas station where their girlfriend works at.

Thursday 4

Made it to a church. Was sleeping behind it when god talked to me again.

"Wake up, you need to leave"

"I have permission it's out front on the sign"

"I'm god and you need to get up before you get robbed by the 5"

I get up and peddle away. I see a cop car turn down the road. I stop a block away intending to sleep behind a gas station.

"Don't stop until Woodville"

On my way to Woodville, I have to pause to drink some water. I'm outside of a trailer park and a Christian talk radio show is blaring. A wife of a pastor calls in to talk about how her faith was just confirmed. Her husband had installed cameras around the church because they had satanist graffiti on the building. They call them the 5. She saw a person sleeping behind the church when the 5 arrived. She had a really bad feeling so she started praying to God to wake me up before anything bad happened to me. I woke up immediately and left just in time.

I spend the whole night riding toward Woodville. I arrive just as light begins to break.

Psychopath at the Park


Park Employee With a Knife

Saturday 6

I sleep behind a temporarily closed dairy queen in the morning.

I make it to Port Arthur. There's an island in lakes a line called pleasure island. The locals call it the big bridge instead of referring to it directly. Didn't go but that's a very strange thing.
I sleep behind a temporary closed Trinity Lutheran Church. The stairs leading up to the back door gave me a sense of security I haven't felt in a while. Ever since the cannibals I've been sleeping in a paranoid state. It's a steep set of stairs that I block at the top with my bike. I still jerk awake at the occasional car door closing.

Sunday 7
At a Raceway, I bought chicory coffee that was supposed to be fresh ground gourmet 100% Columbian. I know the taste of chicory coffee from field chow in the Army.

My legs and butt are hurting from all this riding. My butt is still bruised from riding with a broken seat.

I make it to Orange and sleep at an abandoned bank across from Market Grocers.

Monday 8

I make it to Reeves. I sleep next to the dollar general on flat carts.

Tuesday 9

The rear tire blows a mile before Opelousas. I have enough money to fix it. It's dark and I need to find a place to sleep.

I sleep in an old mock village. I wake up to the smell of a Hessian.

Wednesday 10

I fly a sign offering free poetry reading. It's the 1st time I've flown a sign for anything more than a ride since "flirt for a dollar" on Venice Beach in 2006. It doesn't take long before a man in a Tesla gives me $20.

I don't make it far before my tire goes flat again. It won't air back up and another can of fix a flat does nothing.

I notice I'm getting a strange rash around both my wrists. I'm not sure if it's bug bites or sun exposure. It's dry itchy bumps with some looking like pimples.

I sleep behind the Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic Church in Port Barre.

Thursday 11

Clergy wakes me in the morning twilight with $20.

At the gas station, I was eating a doughnut and sipping coffee. Other customers start commenting how I'm a waste of perfectly good air. They come back a few minutes later very upset that the gas pumps are pumping air, not gas into their trucks. The cashier has never heard of anything like that and won't refund their money. The next person that uses the pump comes in complaining about the same thing. The attendant checks. It's hissing and pumping nothing but air.

There's still no fixing the tire. I have to get to Baton Rouge before I can.
I almost make it to Erwinville riding on a flat tire. I'm careful of bumps because I don't want to destroy the rim by bending the lips.

I sleep behind 2 storage sheds along the railroad just before Reliable Landfill.

Friday 12

Making it over the bridge was scary. Drivers don't share the road around here and there's no shoulder, bike lane, or pedestrian walkway. the bridge is steep with a high crest so ships can cross underneath. The next closest bridge is 50 miles south at Gramercy, but that's completely unrealistic.

I make it to Baton Rouge. because I need to eat and drink water I no longer have enough money for a new tube. I read poetry outside of Walmart and get $10. Walmart is out of stock.

I Sleep behind a vacant bank building next to Good Wood Grill on Good Wood blvd.

Saturday 13

Watching the tv while enjoying. $2 chicken biscuit bundle and a $1 soft drink at Mcdonald's. They're trying to convince people that drone flyovers of farmland helps corn grow straight up. I don't watch TV yet every time a TV is playing, they say the most ridiculous stuff.
I tried fixing my bike but the tube pops immediately. It's cut from the inside of the bike tire. Riding with a flat tire has destroyed the tire. I have to wait till tomorrow.

No sleep, I spent the whole night writing at Whataburger.

Sunday 14

Tried to sleep during the day at Highland Park. Threatened with a knife by a park employee. A park-goer didn't want me there so he asked the employer to ask me to leave. He didn't want the park to become overrun with homeless people by letting me nap.

I get a ride from a guy who took me in the wrong direction. Need to get to Walmart to fix the bike tube but he dropped me off several miles in the wrong direction at a neighborhood Walmart. He completely ignored me asking him to stop.

I sleep in a patch of grass by Chickfillet.

Policy of Corruption


Discriminating Against Veterans

Monday 5

A man pulls up in his truck and gives me $20. "might sound strange but the holy ghost told me to give this to you"

I'm walking out of Good Will with a new shirt. An old lady is appreciative of me holding the door for them and gives me $120.

I sew up my pack again. The polyester thread is breaking.

I head out of town and sleep in the westmost dugout of a group of baseball fields south of 42-61 junction.

Tuesday 16

A couple invited me to have sex at the swamp viewing area i10-hwy60. "I'm about to fuck this old pussy back here, follow if you want some". I didn't follow.

Saw my 1st alligators and Cacabara as I was entering Saint James. I thought the Cacabara were giant mutant musk rats until I looked them up.

I sleep at a hurricane-damaged strip mall across the street from 1st American Bank, between Windixie and Walmart.

Wednesday 17

Howey, an evangelist, prayed for me and gave me $40 in PJs while I drank coffee.

I donate at CSL Kenner. I need money so I'm going to spend a couple of days around here. I can donate again the day after tomorrow.

I have my 1st creole food from the Breaux Mart deli. It's seafood pasta, fried shrimp, and jambalaya. This beaks the mediocre food streak. Best food since the chili pork burrito in New Mexico.

Thursday 18

I Slept at the vacant bank building at a sharp 90° along Jefferson highway. I woke up as it was being shown to potential investors.

Traveled around New Orleans. The French Quarter is super gay and demands vaccines.

Still getting used to seeing people in the obesity belt, even the news anchors.

I sleep at a hurricane-damaged golf course by Breaux Mart in Kenner.

Friday 19

Donated at CSL again.
A Burger King tried to overcharge me. They have 2 meals for $10 advertised on their windows but then claim they aren't doing that promo after people order. It's on a road just north of CSL Kenner heading east.

Made it past east New Orleans. A guy gave me $5 as I sat writing at Diamond Discount mini-mart.

"God bless you," I say.

"I gave you the money, God had nothing to do with it"

"God commands us all"

Then the gas pump he's using stops working. The attendant is outside smoking and has him pray the jinn away. The pump starts working again. He looks at me and smiles as the guy pumping gas stares wide-eyed.

The attendant suggests that I sleep around back for the night.

Saturday 20

The Coast Guard is inspecting boats as if they are Fish and Wildlife because it's the 1st day of duck season. Targeting duck hunters with the excuse of life jacket checks. They stay busy by not being too discriminate. 4 of them riding in a silver 4-door dually truck.

I get heat sick and have to rest in the shade next to Rocket Express Minimart.

I sleep at a vacant theater in Waveland.

Sunday 21

My tire popped again mid at Louis Bay Bridge.

My tire patch blows again along the beach in Bixoli.

I take a photo of fishermen in the sunset. There's a dolphin that hunts the shallows at this time.

I sleep along the seawall next to the golden nugget in Bixoli. It begins to rain so I shelter inside the bridge.

Monday 22

There's a shrimp boat dragging a net under the bridge as I cross. Pelicans rest on the boat, others sit in the water. I watch a dolphin swim up to a pelican and they both disappear into the deep.

Fixing bike and Asian store owners at Beach Mini Mart get upset by it after I bought a small breakfast. I've been there about 30 minutes and they're angry.

There is over a half-pound difference between scales at Rosaurs. 3.2 lbs of bananas at the produce scale become 3.72 lbs at the register. Everything is marked up to convenience store prices and filled with old people excited about coupons.

Stopped to help another traveler fix his bike. A woman named Chris ~50 just had an MRI searching for cancer. God told her to stop and give me a ride in her truck.

Tuesday 23

I slept at a vacant restaurant in Tillman's corner near Mobile Alabama.

Got a creepy ride to Pensacola from Spanish Fort. The guy started jacking off in the driver's seat for the last few miles.

Perfect prayer with Pentecostals outside of a grocery outlet. It's not like the grocery outlets we have in the pacific northwest. It has different logos and isn't discounted as much. they don't have a Lois Prices puppet. The southern equivalent to our grocery outlets is Aldi's.

Wednesday 24

I slept in a scorekeeper's booth at a baseball field in Pensacola. The only one that didn't get hit with sprinklers.

1st time ever at a Publix. I used to do surveys and would do grocery store surveys for Publix once in a while. The way the survey described Publix I thought it would be like Whole Foods. It isn't. It's got the same store brands as Fred Meyer.

Slept a Verizon cell phone tower just down the street from Winn-Dixie in pace.

Thursday 25

Everything is closed and my bike tire is flat again. Sleeping at a park. 10 pm a Sherrif pulls up and gets out of his car.

As he gets out of his car "turning off my body camera now, keep it my word versus his" into his mic.

He tells me the park is closed even though there are other people still here. He searches me on suspicion of drugs and weapons because I'm a veteran. This is discrimination against veterans by a guy who claims to be a navy veteran. What a buddy fucker. Happy Thanksgiving.

I sleep again at the Verizon tower until it starts raining then I go to the gas station.




Friday 26

Donate again at CSL in Pensacola.

Sleep in a park across the street from the 1st assembly of God in Holt.

Saturday 27

Sleep at Mossy Head Park.

Sunday 28

Sleep on a pallet behind the east building of the Pentecostal church in Chipley.

Sunday 27

God told me to stop by a cemetery and wait for a moment on a rock under a street light. A truck pulled over to the side of the road about 30 seconds later. Very little traffic in this area and a strange place to stop. I sat watching for 5 minutes and then was told to go and try to talk to the person in the truck. As I walk up the truck drives off.

God said, "I just needed you to help someone".

Sleep next to the Miracle Temple of West Genova. I've been experiencing a phantom rain the last few nights. We're it feels like it's raining but there's no rain.

Tuesday 30

Changed my socks 1st-time n 26 days. Since Wells Texas. They are orange now.

I make it to Tallahassee

Kicked out of the dugouts by Jackson and apple yard, then found a utility cut on Mabry.

Wednesday 1 December

Donated at CSL. Can't access my money because of how far I've traveled. The government restricts travel by removing access to accounts if you travel too far or too long. I've been having trouble since Pensacola. Up until now, I've been able to run my card as debit.

I delivered a handwritten letter to the attorney general office of Florida. The idea is to expose what happened to other attorney generals. Not sure it's going to help. I have really low expectations of people in the government doing anything remotely considered their job. I probably sound like a crazy man anyway and it will be filed in the basket.

Thursday 2

Slept in utility cut on Marby again. I need money to keep moving. I read poetry outside of a gas station.

Friday 3

Slept in the utility cut again.

Donated at CSL. I Still can't access money.

Saturday 4

Slept by a vacant restaurant by JC Penneys and Macy's. A cop car wandered a vacant section of the parking lot until he had a clear view of me. Then security started searching for me. It must've been my cellphone signal. This makes me think my letter didn't fall into the waste basket.

Sunday 5

Slept at the Marby utility cut. I'm going to wait until my card starts working again. I'm told it should be working by Monday since it wasn't working by Friday.

Monday 6

Slept at the Marby utility cut. Bought donuts and coffee at Circle K, Jackson Bluff and Henry. I'm kicked off the property for trying to drink the coffee outside.

Tuesday 7

Slept at Quest management south of Florida environmental protection agency. They have a covered stairwell that stays dry when it rains.

God says "keep moving and don't donate in Orlando". My card isn't working yet but I move on anyway.

I pass a woman pushing a cart down the highway and God tells me "turn around and help her".

Her name is Becky. She says she met Marilyn Manson when she was about to commit suicide. His limousine pulled up. He wrote a song for her. She's leaving an institute for the retarded in Nashville. She has health problems and injuries from being struck by 2 different cars. Says she's been raped 86 times during a kidnapping.

I help her move her cart further down the road. About every 100 yards she needs a 30-minute rest.

She's very paranoid and thinks people bringing her food are trying to poison her. She believes bigfoot is in the woods and is following her to tie her to a tree and rape her. She says aliens abducted her and gave her bone implants curing her stomach flu. She can smell them in some of the trucks as they pass.

That part of the woods was weird, no birds, squirrels, or rabbits, just insects. There are gnats that bite and follow in swarms. The mosquitoes only bite during the day. Also no moss on the trees. This is just past Outzs' Too Oyster Bar.

She wanted me to stay close, then to always touch, then always hold, then sleep with her upper body weight on top of me saying she was afraid of Big Foot. She kept telling me she was going to " frick" me when we get to the store up the road, despite me repeatedly telling her that wasn't going to happen.

A truck pulled up asking her if she needed any help. Then they saw me, did a donut, and took off. A minute later we heard a long series of gunshots from the direction they went. I think that might be why God told me to turn around and help her.

Wednesday 8 December

It begins to rain. Becky has no rain gear and wants me to stay under her tarp with her for the rest of the day. She believes I'm responsible for her now. Nothing happened between us but she was super attached. She uses guilt trips and helplessness to try to get me to stay. She's not my responsibility and I have to keep moving. There was a car that was parked about a mile up the road that took off when I left Becky. It had been there since yesterday.

Affluent People Only


Palm Beach Is For Affluent People Only

Thursday 9

Slept at Forest Capital State Park south of Perry.

The bike frame broke beneath the crank in Athena. It is unrepairable I have to continue on foot.

Florida is the hardest state to get a ride in. I walk for hours before getting a ride into Cross City.

Riding the bike has allowed my feet to become unconditioned. I get terrible blisters.

Friday 10

Slept at baseball field east of Cross City High School. Spent the day trying to fly a hitchhiking sign with no luck.

Saturday 11

Slept at the same spot, Pop Warner Little League Baseball Field.

I start walking and catch a couple of rides. I make it to Gainesville.

Sunday 12

Slept between 2 fences next to Sam's club on 40th in Gainesville. No luck hitchhiking on the freeway.

Monday 13

Slept in the trees behind a public strip mall. No luck hitchhiking again.

Tuesday 14

Slept between the fences next to Sam's Club again.

Found another abandoned bike. It has bent wheels.

Wednesday 15

I slept under the magnolias behind CVS in Ocala.

The bike rim tacoed just over the overpass in Ocala. I'm back to walking.

Thursday 16

I slept under an awning of a vacant building next to Tire King in Spanish Village.

Spanish Village has a local bus system so I started catching local buses.

I made it to the east side of Orlando. People say that you can ride the local buses from Spanish Village to Fort Lauderdale. this isn't true. The first break happens between east Orlando and Titusville. The south end of the local bus service has larger gaps.

Local buses are much safer than hitchhiking.

Security guards are hostile to people writing and eating while sitting on public benches.

Friday 17

Slept behind Wine Country on sr 50 between the hedgerows.

I'm walking down the highway since it's the only way to get a ride in the south. Hitch-hiking by flying a sign won't get you anywhere.

A man in a truck picked me up just before Christmas. I broke a road rule and let him take me to his house. I took a shower, ate dinner, and his wife gave me a big bag of snacks and sandwiches. He gave me $40 before dropping me off at Cumberland Gas Station in Titusville.

Saturday 18

Slept by TD Bank in a group of trees behind a pond.

Started catching local buses south. This is what the people are talking about being able to transfer from bus to bus.

Sunday 19

Slept behind the Home Goods store in Melbourne.

Busses aren't running today so I spend most of the day writing then start walking south.

Monday 20

Slept next to a cellphone tower next to River of Life Church on Emerson Dr in Palm bay. They have a roost for bats.

Walked most of the day to Fellsmere. Got a ride the last mile to Fellsmere. . this is another gap in bus services. I then caught a bus to target in Vero Beach.

Tuesday 21

Slept behind Target in Vero Beach. I caught local buses to West Palm Beach.

Wednesday 22

Slept on the West Palm Beach lagoon waterfront.

There are no bathrooms on Palm Beach and the Atlantic Ocean is a different blue. It's more of an aquamarine instead of cobalt like the pacific, except near river mouths where it's deep algae green.

The island is a rewind to the 90s with modern cars. Palm beach is an expensive retirement village.

Thursday 23

Slept on West Palm Beach waterfront again.

4 Arts archer points to the yacht club. 4 Arts comes from French royalty in the 1700s. The archer points to where they have orgies.

They have beaches with no beach culture. Not a single beach performer anywhere, no one selling anything. There is no music. It's populated by people visiting their grandparents. They have to leave in a half-hour because there are no bathrooms. No one swims. The east coast is weird.

Friday 24

Slept by a freeway noise barrier by Palm Beach Lakes Blvd.

I keep running into the same secret service agent 3 times now.

Walked South through Palm Beach until the police stopped me. They searched me without consent saying purses were being stolen.

"Palm beach becomes a high crime area during the holidays when certain peoples family come to visit".

I'm not allowed to wear BDU camouflage pants "because it's not normal" and I'm told that I must leave palm beach "you'll be arrested if you ever come back. Palm beach is for affluent people only".

They kept saying that I was headed for Marolago and I kept having to tell them I wasn't. They told me that Marcilargo, the largo that I am trying to find, is the inner club at Marolargo.

There is so much wrong with this interaction.

I'm told that if I don't get in their car they'll make up a reason to arrest me like maybe I step off the road onto private property and that's trespassing.

They seem to be using trumps residence to enforce dress code policies. Didn't know about trumps residence before they told me. No wonder why they have no beach culture and everyone dresses like it's the 90s.

Saturday 25

I make it to an air conditioning unit next to a Wells Fargo in West Palm Beach. A street light goes out above me as I lay down to sleep. There is a hawk that keeps flying over me, very strange.

Sleep most of the day before heading out

C.C. With a Black Eye

Sunday 26

Slept at the sound barrier. I've found Marcilargo, now I have to set up a place to communicate what I've been through. Pensacola has the best vibes in Florida so I start heading there.

Monday 27

Slept at an empty lot under construction after the bridge down PGA from the mall in Palm Beach Gardens.

I take buses the whole day and made it to the end of route 5 at Sebastian Hospital in Roseland. There is a gap between local bus lines. It's about a 7-mile walk to the next bus stop north. It's shorter than the Fellsmere walk that I took a few days ago.

Tuesday 28

Slept on a pallet behind the dollar general in Roseland.

Picked up by Cecilia Diahiem at a gas station about 2 miles south of Malabar road. She's in her 60s and is trying to learn guitar. She has senior moments and Parkinson's. She has a black eye. Her husband died last August of cancer and used to play in the NFL. She lives with her son make and a guy named Dave.

Dave McGuire has the personality of Eric Cartman. He's very disorganized and is detailing her house. On a supply run, he asked me to lie for him so that he could steal $72 from her after returns because he decided to paint the house in primer only.

C.C. invited me to stay for a month. I decline.

Wednesday 29

Slept on C.C.'s couch.

Dave started demanding $300 because he's her "guardian devil". After we left he started calling her repeatedly.

C.C. said it was because I was here and that he peed on the front lawn this morning to mark his territory.

He's now demanding $400 or he's calling the cops and reporting her kidnapped.

The silver alert boards start changing as we approach them and we're followed by police. They stopped when we pulled into Daytona beach.

At 711 C.C. told me " it's safe to tell you now, he's the one who beats me".

David McGuire from Indiatlantic, born 1956.

Meth Addict

Thursday 30

I slept in the overgrowth by a vacant building next to Walmart in Daytona. A green car parked facing me was replaced by a cop car in the morning that disappeared shortly after I put my phone in a potato chip bag.

Friday 31

Vacant lot on ridge wood in Daytona.

Gwen is trying to get ahold of me. She wants me to call her to speak over the phone. My phone hasn't had any minutes since Utah.

Saturday 1 January 2022

Vacant lot on ridge wood again.

Spent new years eve with a couple of other people. tried to show them the impossible game of 2 cups but the guy I had performing it wouldn't drop the wadded-up dollar bills into the cups.

Sunday 2

Slept East of Bucees in a patch of woods.

Monday 3

Slept at a construction site south of Circle K north of the bridge west side of the highway in River Nook.

Tuesday 4

Slept in a field by AMOCO gas station north of Brunel.

Gwen told me via text message that Chasity told her that I'm not abusive and never hit her. She wants to know if I'm going to be part of the kids' lives anymore. It's hard for people to understand how far I'm taking it.

I told her that I'm struggling with surviving the pedophile ring that I uncovered in Spokane and have had to leave the state.

Made it to St Augustine. The city claims to be the oldest city in America, founded in 1532. They must mean the oldest city populated by white people. Mexico city is older than that. There are several smaller native cities like the pueblos and Seatle that have been continuously inhabited. Mexico City was one of the largest cities in the world when Cortez arrived.

St Augustine does have historically accurate conquistador statues. By the park leading to fort "Mose" because the historically accurate Fort Negro isn't politically correct.

Wednesday 5

Slept on a bench at the end of the walk to freedom. It's a boardwalk through the marsh to a view of the Fort Mose site. Beautiful sunrise over the salt marsh.

Walked to the government center but missed the bus north.

Thursday 6

Slept at the walk to freedom again.

Caught the blue line express St. John from the Government Center to Jacksonville Main Transit.

The sign on the CSL Plasma doors says they're only open 9-5.

Friday 7

Brentwood park is along Gofair blvd. I slept in a small cluster of trees behind the boys and girls club along the west paved trail. Curled up under my jumbo-sized umbrella during a light rain.

Csl is now closed until further notice "due to unforeseen circumstances". Leaves me with a bus fare problem and a need for socks and underwear.

The easiest way to Pensacola would be the greyhound. I have a known destination now so the easiest thing would be to take the greyhound.

Spend the day finding homeless resources in Jacksonville. They all want a TB test and a shelter pass. I'm guessing that means jabbed. I was allowed to shower and eat.

At least I don't have problems like a white male prostitute in a black neighborhood. He was showing me the thousands of dollars of coke he has stashed in all his pockets and shoes. He's wearing thousands of dollars in jewelry. He can't get a grip on his emotions after the guy who paid to suck his dick called him a faget. Crying and distraught because no one loves him or wants to be around him.

Saturday 8

Brentwood park has a baseball field with dugouts on the south end.

I'll need duct tape, socks, and underwear before I can walk out of Jacksonville. With my ankle untaped ill make it about 3 miles a day carrying a pack.

Sunday 9

Slept in Brentwood park again. walking to the west end of the bus routes hoping for a better place to read poetry.

I meet a Meth addict that tells me a story about how he was diagnosed as schizoid. He was into meth really heavy and bought drugs for a girl in a club. The drugs were unknowingly laced with fentanyl. She died from the overdose and was too young to be at the club. That's when his hallucinations started. He remembers being tied to a tree and beaten by cops. The hallucinations were so vivid that he got ligature marks around his wrist and a broken jaw. . He was then charged and accepted a plea deal. Now he's out of jail, homeless, and flying a sign at an intersection.

Exploiting The Desprate

Monday 10

Slept in Liverman Park. I used the umbrella to cover my legs during the thunderstorm last night.

I buy a pair of underwear and a pair of socks at City Thrift with the change I got from reading poetry.

Tuesday 11

Slept in Liverman Park again.

I walk out of Jacksonville west on Common Wealth. There is a bus that runs from Jacksonville to Northeast Hospital in MacClenny, but it's not on Google.

Wednesday 12

Slept in the woods adjacent to Baldwin park and ride. the clock on my phone has the wrong time zone and I miss the morning bus.

I'm told that the next bus further west picks up at CVS. It never showed. Wasted most of the day.

Thursday 13

Slept on a dock in memorial park. Weird black and white ducks with red faces use the park as a breeding ground.

Waste a day trying to catch a bus at different spots around the intersection. Bus drivers assure me that a bus heading west stops here.

Friday 14

Slept on the pond dock again.

Waited for the bus again in the morning with no results. I find the council on aging, the company that runs the local busses. The man says that the bus routes recently changed. The next bus that runs to Lake City is on Tuesday.

Saturday 15

My umbrella was destroyed last night by the wind. I slept on the porch of a mini building by the tennis courts at Youngs Park in Lake City. It was raining and blowing hard. Keep seeing planes laying chemtrails.

Sunday 16

I slept in the stands of the south side sports complex baseball fields in Lake City.

This seems like a good area to read poetry. I'm going to hang around for a day or 2 to get enough money for a bus ticket. I'm away from yuppies so no one cares as long as I'm not harassing people.

I get a bunch of food given to me. I haven't eaten much in a couple of days. It feels good to have a full stomach.

Monday 17

Slept in at the baseball fields again. Field attendants checked on me this morning. They said that there is a homeless shelter that opens on cold nights by youngs park.

Tuesday 18

It was a warmer night on the baseball bleachers.

I catch the greyhound to Pensacola. It arrived at night by the freeway intersection that the creepy guy dropped me off at while hitchhiking.

Wednesday 19

Across the street from Winn-Dixie on Highway 90 is a vacant building.

Thursday 20

Waterfront mission has free nights when the weather gets below freezing. I listened to a hate preacher talk about women last night. Very little is allowed inside the mission. Me and another man quickly find the no laughing policy. Food is meager portions of clearly donated items that are prepared by volunteer staff. They have cots and bunks for about 50 people. free nights are offered when it gets below 40°, otherwise, it's $10 per night. They have a program where they get you a job working for them and take 30% of your wages. People are continuously rushed. Have to be quick in the morning to pick up your bag from bag check. They charge $3 a day to keep a bag.

I got run out of the cafeteria along with everyone else as we tried to eat breakfast. Another service was starting on the other side of the room and people couldn't be eating for some reason.

Receiving donations while charging to distribute donations in a cash business, this isn't a charity in any way shape or form. They just pretend to be. Simple math is over $15,000 a month off the shelter with no overhead because it's all donated. Not including their program of 30% wages ~ $900 a month per person. They run thrift stores that also ask for donations for the shelter that homeless people have to pay for.

I'm going to have to find somewhere else soon $10 per day plus $3 bag storage is 13x30=390. $390 a month for a cot is a lot.

I get kicked out of the waffle house because of 20 minutes overturn with the restaurant half empty. Fuck them too.

Friday 21

Another night at Water Front Mission

Saturday 22

Waterfront mission again.

Heavenly blessings staff wants me to call the pastor before I can stay. As I'm about to leave the pastor calls the shelter's phone and talks with the person I'm talking to. The person won't allow me to talk to the pastor. I have no minutes on my phone to call the pastor and they are clearly going to be less than helpful.

Sunday 23

Waterfront mission again.

Need to fill out an I-90 Right-To-Work form to be employed in Florida.

Monday 24

Water Front Mission again

Trying to contact vet services told that there will be a vet representative at Waterfront tomorrow.

Tuesday 25

Waterfront mission again

I got the run around for veterans services. I was told they'd be here at 11. At 11 I was told they won't be in till 2. At 2 I was told they already had the meeting and left and that I should've been here at 11.

At McDonald's just after I sat down with my order a couple of other daily customers arrived and started talking to me. The manager immediately came over saying we had to leave. He does want us as daily customers because we stay at the mission and stop in about an hour before check-in, staying about 1/2 an hour. Never have any issues with us, we always order food and are polite.

Wednesday 26

Got the run around again for veterans services at the waterfront mission.

People ready Pensacola won't let me work for them because I no showed in Spokane when I left. I should straighten out my life before getting a job anyways. Filling taxes would get me more money than working.

Thursday 27

Got the run around again for veterans services at Waterfront mission. They won't allow me to use the phone to contact the VA.

They won't accept my $10 tonight. They keep insisting that I join their program. "what are you really doing with your life" they ask over and over.

I'm not going to let a fat shit in a chair that has nothing in his own life dictate mine. I leave.

Jinn Unlock Cell Doors

Friday 28

Found an abandoned medical building. It's warm and very quiet.

Saturday 29

Slept at the abandoned children's autism clinic again. Some kids were exploring the abandoned building this morning.

Sunday 30

Slept at the abandoned clinic again. It's quiet, and warm, with doors. I get a good sleep here.

Monday 31

Slept the entire day at the clinic. I'm really tired and it's nice to be able to rest.

Tuesday 1 February

Another quiet night at the clinic

Wednesday 2

The clinic had a woodpecker hammering through the night.

I've been setting myself up with the local homeless services and spending time writing. I make the occasional video and post them on social media.

Thursday 3

I blocked a couple of doors in the clinic so I can hear if anyone is coming, instead of worrying about creaks. I had a visitor. It was a construction worker looking for a locker to take home with him.

Friday 4

I've started working on the asylum paperwork. Question A1 is a long answer but they provide only a small box. It's "have you, your family, close friends, or colleagues ever experienced mistreatment or threats from anyone?"

The idea with asylum paperwork is that it is the 1st step in being able to defend myself and find legal help, maybe escape the country. Maybe since each of the states are sovereign I can get asylum in Florida or some other state.

Saturday 5

Contemplating who to send my answers to asylum paperwork to.

Sunday 6

Sheryl greeted me at Richards United Methodist Church.

Monday 7

Someone with a flashlight was testing the doors I blocked last night.

Sunday 13

Helped push Hailey's car.

Arrested the morning of March 7th.
The security guard called in a burglary when some people with flashlights were on the other side of the building. I wasn't burglarizing anything so they arrested me for trespassing. I technically wasn't trespassing because it was an unsecured derelict abandoned building and no one asked me to leave. But laws aren't important to law enforcement and on the 9th I learned they aren't important to judges either.

After stating I would be representing myself I was assigned a public defender who couldn't be contacted because he was on paternity leave. the court falsified a continuance of my arraignment as if it wasn't set at the bond hearing for April 20th as stated by the judge.

Meet Master Chief Paul Eppley of SEAL Team 6, he's my bunkie.

I get in a fight with Z. He likes to brag about beating women because it's manly. A couple of days before the fight he starts threatening to rape men. The morning of the fight he says, unprompted, that a little girl lied about him raping her. Then he gets mad at his girlfriend who is dumping him over the phone so he starts trying to pick a fight and settles on me because I'd rather be left alone. It's a short 1 sided fight. 2 other black guys hold me so he can swing free but I use my legs to fight z. The guards break up the fight about a minute after it started.

The showers and sinks would turn on by themselves in the middle of the night, along with the toilets flushing. The other cell mates are divided between is the cell haunted or does the guard have a control switch. Then the door starts unlocking itself.

I plead no contest after serving 43 days on a 30-day max sentence with a 14-day usual sentence. On a crime, I didn't commit by Florida's legal definition of tresspassing. I would've stayed in jail for at least 60 days if I hadn't.

The public defender's office intercepted, opened, read, and kept the letter I sent to the prosecutor's office. They stole this letter before I was assigned a public defender.

Thursday 21

Camped at the bottom of a ravine

Visit Pensacola Police Station to get my things from evidence. My cellphone among other things isn't returned. I'm mostly concerned about my cell phone because it has a bunch of pictures that are evidence and work I've been doing.

The lady at the front desk says she can check the body cameras but then couldn't. Then said she was going to call Ascension Sacred Heart, calls someone, laughed at the response, then hung up. Said she was talking to a supervisor, not Ascension Sacred Heart. Then started suggesting I was wrong, that I didn't have it on me, and to come back later when she had a chance to talk to the arresting officers. When I come back she hadn't talked to the officers and told her supervisors that I wasn't sure if I had it on me when I was arrested.

I filed my 1st police complaint ever while officers tried to distract me, lie about our previous encounters, and play me off as delusional.

Smell The Dog

Wednesday 27

Been camping in the ravine.

Begin refiling for food stamps. My food stamps were cut off because I was in jail.

Career center assessments changed my scores and employees refuse to help me correct them. They share these scores with employers and offer paid classes to improve them. They rig it so people who are qualified for better-paying jobs have to pay them for classes to get one.

Find out yesterday was Esmeralda's birthday.

Thursday 28

Cops deny having my phone

Friday 29

Need to start over on question A1 since my phone will not be returned. Need to get a new phone.

Sunday 1 May

A dog came tromping loudly through the forest to my tent in the Ravine. It circled my tent a couple of times then started sniffing the doorway. I heard men, then started getting really sleepy. I resisted falling asleep by jamming my thumbs into my eyes and forcing my eyelids open with my fingers. Then it gets dreamy. 2 guys put me in the back of a car while I'm fighting. They stab me with hypodermic needles. Then suddenly I'm awake again in my tent. I can still smell the dog and hear the men calling the dog "Tristen". The car and needles are very dream-like with 360 vision.

Monday 2

Turned in the last of the paperwork to lift SNAP sanctions.

Trying to understand what happened to me. Is there something that could run interference on brain waves by simulating Delta brainwaves inducing sleep? Best guess on what happened last night.


I've spent my life in struggle against long odds. I don't believe any part of the United States Corporation has my best interest. I know that all systems, branches, agencies, departments, laws, and policies are intended to exploit me and my loved one for the benefit of the cabal so that they can enrich and empower themselves. I'm a political nillist in the fashion expressed in the Big Lebowski. I know that every piece of corporate media and education is a curated fiction to convince the masses to act against our own interests. I hold the spoon bender philosophy.

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