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Humans Are The Real Monsters Under Your Bed

Just a student shedding light on political, moral and ethical issues.


Upon his power of persuasion, one man alone eradicated 85 million of his kind: Hitler - a quintessential model of human capabilities. That is the damage a single human managed to cause, but there are over 7 billion more of you. This diabolic, contemptible species only makes up 0.01% of life form on earth, yet somehow they have provoked the most spoilation.

You weep at the disappearances of the endangered species, yet you are a portion of the blame their extinction. In the preceding twenty-five years, humans have ended the lives of a tenth of earth's wilderness. You, humans, have caused the loss of 83% of earth's wild mammals, and with the futile percentage remaining 60% serving as livestock, not to mention the annihilation of half the earth's vegetation. A bird is the emblem of freedom, yet 70% of all birds on this planet are incarcerated in cages so diminutive that a sheet of paper cannot fit and are deemed as ‘farmed poultry'. What happened to abolishing slavery? All these statistics only apply to land animals. Scientists appraise that within 2048 and 2050 the earth's seas will be fishless. This is not astounding when looking at the statistics. In the mere years of 1999 and 2007, 2.7 trillion fish were plucked from nature annually.

Plethoras expostulate - it is essential for humans to eat living creatures for their wellbeing or that they are solely following their ancestors who invariably ate meat as a means of survival. That be the case, why aren’t you living in caves? Why aren’t you hunting for your meal? You, humans, have just gotten indolent over the decades expecting those of lower 'status' to do the dirty work for you. Humans are now living in a modern society that is far from salubrious but still you, and they entitle yourselves to a barbarous primitive, but at the same time, you take great umbrage to those words.

The air breathed is the most vital thing that keeps you, and additional species alive. Quotidianly omitted that now it is formulating impairment to living species and even deaths. Humans have made this cherished air so virulent that it is causing four hundred thousand, human, premature deaths each year, and that is merely in Europe. Humans set their own 'air quality standards' but decide to derelict them, the thing you formed, these ‘governments’ being one of the chief contributors. The principle being the abused animals that you identify as livestock. An approximated 51% of carbon dioxide is the culpability of animals. Worldwatch Institute postulates that Factory farms generate myriads more greenhouse emissions than other human-made contraptions. Soon the air will be as corroded as the humans.

“There are 500 times more pieces of microplastic in the sea than there are stars in our galaxy” – Independent.

In the forthcoming years, plastic will be overpopulating fish. As of the year 1964, human production of plastic has doubled, scientists estimate this to quadruple in the upcoming years.

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Speaking of overpopulation, following September 2017, the human population has exceeded 6.5 billion; by 2050 there will be over 9 billion. "It is the elephant in the room that nobody wants to talk about" Professor Guillebaud remarks. Considering this, humans are causing innumerable amounts of destruction. Scientists allege “Earth is capable of proving healthy diets for ten billion people in 2060 and preserving viable habitats for the vast majority of its remaining species.” While this is not fallacious, this resembles to be the last straw till karma strikes. Earth will not be destroyed by mother nature, but rather by her most grown creations. Those said creations are sending rockets to detect what other planets can sustain lifeforms. Send humans to space to commence the destruction of yet another planet that appears inhabitable.

Indubitably land and agriculture are essential to the preponderance of earth's inhabitants, including humans. In the U.S alone 18 million acres of forests perish yearly, that is roughly the size of the country Panama, as forests and agriculture are diminishing, the poisons you produce cannot be salvaged and mended by the trees. Consequently, the planet's temperature will keep ascending and as we all know icebergs are melting, exterminating the homes of the boreal animals. That's not all; an attempt to adapt to their new environment forest animals are dying and soon like their northern counterparts will become extinct. Forests and land are vital in maintaining us living organisms alive. 56 million acres of land is utilised for the enslavement of animals, conversely only 4 million proceeds to nurturing humans. The numbers of starving humans exceed 925 million, if the world's supply of crops would be fed to humans instead of livestock would equate to nourishing 4 billion more people with food. Nevertheless, do not blame the animals for starvation - the reason there is so many of them is due to forced impregnation by humans. You, humans, are not only eradicating everything around you but also yourselves.


Without your kind animals would be free roaming different continents, the earth would not be facing overpopulation or contamination- instead, it would survive billions of more years. Your kind was not conceived to intend evil, it was created as an intelligent species to guide the animals reliant on their instinct, but you decided to barge in their food chain and make the verdict to turn a blind eye and let your narrow-mindedness dominate all reasoning. Once you determined pleas were not enough, was when you were not better than Hitler, a human who preferred destruction over logic. Humans are not embodiments of perfection, but that isn't a justifiable answer for all your wrong deeds.


© 2019 Zuzanna Weronika Szafranska

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