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The Psychology Of Words:
Is Persuasive words are mental manipulators. Professor John Tyndale, the English scientist, used to tell about the psychology of words used by his servant. Each morning the elderly man would knock on the professor's door and say: "Arise, sir. It is near seven o'clock. You have great work to do this day!"
You too have great work to do this day. You too have to learn to use words to tell your story. You have to learn to paint with words, to portray, to deliver a message.
When Tzu Chang asked Confucius the meaning of the word virtue the sage said: "Five things constitute virtue. They are cour- tesy, magnanimity, sincerity, earnestness, and kindness. With courtesy you avoid insult. With magnanimity you win all. With sincerity men will come to trust you. With earnestness and kind-ness you can achieve success."
Note those five words: courtesy, magnanimity, sincerity, earnestness, and kindness, all of them a workshop to get what you want through words, all of them a way to "get through to people," all of them capable of being demonstrated through words.
A word may be praise. It may even be a cry out for help such as occurred on that cold, rainy day in 1953 when Edmund Hillary and his guide, Tensing Norgay, successfully scaled Mount Everest.
They were descending when Hillary slipped. He called to his guide.
The Sherpa tribesman sunk his pick in the ice. The rope held. Hillary's fall was broken. He not only owed his life to his Nepalese guide, but he owed it to calling out for help with words.
Words are constantly informative. They not only tell you that housewives use 30 million cans of food daily but that by 1975 air-ships will carry 200 passengers at 1,200 miles per hour. They tell you that prepackaged food will in the future come with its own heating element, that ultrasonic sound waves will replace mechanical agitation for washing clothes. All of this in words, a non-stop flow, an inexhaustible well of words that is the lifeblood of human
communication. They are the pulse of social flow. Through words you live and learn. Through words you live and love. Through them
you build a brave new life and stay young, and live longer, as longas you use the perpetually strong psychology of words.


How does your voice actually affect people?
Spoken words reveal attitudes. They spotlight a thought and the very tone of words may imply what words themselves do not say, because 95 percent of of all human beings misuse their voices, they ofen say what they have to say manner they later regret. They misuse their voices and it is this misuse of tone, rather then con teat, which is so ofen misconstrued. This means that a voice which is monotonous, lacks vitality.
Bows without end, is emotionless, carries negative inflections, or a scratchy or loud, is bound to be irritating to people. You simply
don't get through when this happens.
No one can afford to be unconscious of the power and glory of success. No one can afford to have the human voor in the bid for success. People identify him through particularly irritating sound voice is dull, people expect that you will be dull. If your voice is gravelly, rough or uncouth, people classily you as gravelly, rough or scouth, and only the strongest of other personality fact the Impression Circle can ever change this classification. Because of this, your voice can become a forbidding showcase when improperly used. Or, it can become a glorious route to success with people. So your voice, as part of your Personality Appeal, and a living part of your Impression Circle, is essential to success.
As a guide to avoiding the kinds of speaking voices which antagonize people I have set up a chart indicating types of voices, which people do not like. These are obnoxious vocal characteristics, which hack holes in your Impression Circle.

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