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What Does the Devil Do All Day?

James A. Watkins is an entrepreneur, musician, and a writer with four non-fiction books and hundreds of magazine articles read by millions.


What Does the Devil Do All Day?

Is the Devil a real person? Most Americans seem to think so. But curiously, very few who do believe he exists believe he has any influence at all on them, their friends, or their families.

It might remind Baby Boomers of the old television commercials that featured the “loneliest man in the world,” the Maytag Repairman, whose product worked so well he had nothing to do but play Solitaire all day, bored out of his mind.

There has never been a culture on Earth without people who believed in the presence of evil spirits, the existence of a supernatural world, and paranormal activity. Is there any evidence in our postmodern world of the existence of a real live Lucifer or Satan?

Adherents of New Age Religion certainly believe that they are in contact with non-physical spirit beings. Witchcraft and other Occult Arts are more popular than ever in America and Europe. If he is real, What Does the Devil Do All Day?

James A. Watkins

James A. Watkins

The Cosmic War Rages On

The Cosmic War Rages On


Those who command the heights of our society deny the reality of the spirit world. They teach us to scoff at the existence of the Devil. It is not fashionable, even in many churches, to speak of Satan these days. Most Americans find the subject awkward and embarrassing, and the culture at large rejects belief in evil spirits as archaic lunacy.

Belief in non-physical beings has formed an integral part of human consciousness since time began. If evil entities truly exist, we would expect to see belief in them all over the world—and we do. From ancient savages to the most refined nations of today, all known peoples have believed in demons. And all have thought that the spirit world is at war. That is what we see in the Hebrew Bible, aka the Old Testament, and in the Christian New Testament: A world engulfed by a conflict between unseen presences that influence our lives, for good or for evil.

As it is nearly impossible to find a civilization that did not believe in life after death, we also find that all societies have accepted that life is both physical and spiritual, and that our Cosmos is both visible and invisible.

The belief in demon possession is perhaps the most universal religious phenomena in the world, among the most advanced peoples and the most primitive. Down through history we see those who have sought to appease or use demonic powers. From the beginning of time, people everywhere have been convinced of the reality of both good and evil spirits and avowed that evil spirits are out to entrap people and take possession of us. Exorcism has been practiced not only by Christians, but also by every major religion, including Hindus, Buddhists, Taoists, Muslims, and Jews.

There is a growing fascination in America with zombies, vampires, Witchcraft, and the Occult in general. So, belief in spiritual warfare is not the only belief in the supernatural or paranormal. Americans spend $300 million a year on psychics; one-third of us give credence to Astrology; half of us believe in ghosts (22% are convinced they have seen one); three-quarters of us believe in angels (demons are angels gone over to the dark side).

Occult themes have become common in books, television, and movies. Wicca is growing by leaps and bounds, along with other forms of Paganism. Young Americans are fascinated like never before by mystic knowledge, magical powers, and revelations from the spirit world—as long as it isn’t connected to the dreaded ‘organized religion’ – as long as they can say, “I am spiritual, but not religious.”

New Agers reject the Gospel but do believe in the spirit world, the supernatural, and the paranormal. They will accept medicine men, shamans, witches, witch doctors, psychics, sorcerers, astrologers, gurus, yogis, mediums, seers, and tarot card readers.

New Age adherents are in contact with invisible entities, but they insist ALL spirit beings—unlike all humans—are good and nothing but good. On what evidence? They take them at their word; the spirit guides say they are good and have nothing but good intentions, whatever they are.

In 1993, the American Psychological Association issued its long-awaited report, twenty years in the making, on its research into psychic abilities, and concluded—catch this now—that while they found no evidence humans can send messages across the Cosmos, it does appear that we are able to receive. Receive? From whom? They didn’t say.

As William Guy Carr wrote about those who doubt that devils can speak to us: “If human beings can establish radio and television stations, from which one individual can influence millions of others by broadcasting his opinions on any given subject over the invisible airwaves, then why shouldn’t it be possible for celestial beings to broadcast their messages to us? No brain specialist has dared to deny that in the brain of each individual there is some kind of mysterious receiving set.”

Statue at the Satanic Temple

Statue at the Satanic Temple

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Satan by Gustave Dore

Satan by Gustave Dore

Do Demons and Angels Really Exist?

So for now, simply consider that our universe might be inhabited by unseen entities. If it is, is it reasonable to suppose they could be smarter and more powerful than we are? And since we see good people and evil people in our material world, is it not reasonable to suspect that non-physical beings might also come in good and bad flavors?

Just look at the enormous pain and suffering in the world that is caused by people who do wrong. Every minute on this planet someone is murdered and women are raped. Acts of violence are a constant feature of life, even aside from war and terrorism. The entire world groans under the weight of non-stop evil deeds, along with suicide, sexual abuse, mental illness, addiction, depression, and insanity running amok.

As N. T. Wright says, “There is such a thing as a dark force that seems to take over people, movements, and sometimes whole countries, a force or set of forces that can make people do things they would never normally do. You might have thought the history of the twentieth century would provide plenty of examples of this.”

If we believe in the Bible, and if we trust in Jesus, we must affirm the Devil and his demons. Jesus certainly did. Exorcism is a central fact of His ministry. There is no doubt that He believed Satan is a real and powerful being. Three times in the New Testament Jesus calls him the “Prince of this World.”

The Apostle John wrote that the Son of God was sent to us to “undo what the Devil had done.” Christ teaches that Satan rules an army of unclean spirits. A large part of His ministry was the miraculous casting out of demons, which He also gave His disciples the authority to do. To release men and women from the power of Lucifer was a key part of the Savior’s work while walking the earth, and served as evidence that He was God’s messenger. Jesus is the chief exorcist of all time.

You cannot deny that evil entities exist whilst also claiming to believe in the Holy Bible, for it clearly says that they are real beings, active in the lives of men and women, who oppose the best interests of men and women because they hate us and hate God. There are more than 100 references to demons in the New Testament. Not one New Testament writer fails to mention them.


Satan Adapts His Program in Each Generation

Satan adapts his program in each generation according to the inclinations of those he wishes to tempt. Today, professing Christians are tempted to cast aspersions on God’s moral law to appear non-judgmental and tolerant and, well, nice. They are pressured to accept His moral law being transgressed with impunity.

But Christians have a responsibility to God to expose error with the Word of Truth. Wrongdoers must repent of their sins and humble themselves before God, exercising faith in the blood of Christ for forgiveness.

Satan still works today to make evil appear good and good evil. He is a master manipulator, impugning the motives and misconstruing the efforts of God's people. The Devil teaches that liberty is license; preaches that desire is the highest law for men; proclaims that man is only accountable to himself.

Beware of preachers, or so-called Christians, who substitute the opinions of men for the Word of God. This insults the Creator and gives Satan a laugh at the triumph of his devices.

Now we see publicly promoted contempt for God’s moral law and public promotion of the love of pleasure, an increase in pride, disobedience to parents, and disdain towards religion.



James A Watkins (author) from Chicago on April 23, 2019:

Rose ~ I cannot thank you enough for posting that wonderful review of my new book. As you said so well, “God is so good he brings us out of it, by inviting us to confession, inviting us to draw near to Him.”

I am glad you found my book is about “such a good subject.” I am hoping to be of some service.

Happy Easter and Praise the Lord! I agree with you wholeheartedly: “God is SO good. He calls us to be His FRIENDS!”

And you are surely right that “The devil HATES us SO much...He makes sin look enjoyable.”

Thank you for your blessings. God Bless You.


James A Watkins (author) from Chicago on April 23, 2019:

School Girl for Real ~ Yes! Your review of my book is up on the Amazon website and I love it! Thank you!

schoolgirlforreal on April 21, 2019:

You know the interesting thing about this hub James, lol, is a lot of people think God is boring and the devil exciting OR being good is boring and being evil/sinning is FUN!!!!

Sinning gives people NO peace of mind. You're on the brink of going to hell, when one is in the state of mortal sin. But God is so good he brings us out of it, by inviting us to confession, inviting us to draw near to Him. know? This book really is such a good subject that you wrote about, I really appreciate you doing so.

You have helped me. I think it's really important to be aware of the dark side of things

But anyways,

happy EAster!!! Praise the Lord!!!!

God is SO good.

He calls us to be His FRIENDS!!!!

The devil promises glory in this life, but it's just a trick, and then HELL for eternity. The devil HATES us SO much...He makes sin look enjoyable!!!!

Praise the Lord again, not only for showing us so much love and dying for us on the cross, but being there every second of the day....

And for giving us Mother mary to guide us and inspire us.

What a joy it is to be at peace with God and have peace in our soul!!!!

God Bless You!!! james

schoolgirlforreal on April 21, 2019:

5 stars: 5.0 out of 5 starsSatan worshipers commit murders. We need to know our enemy if we are to defeat him!

April 19, 2019

Format: PaperbackVerified Purchase

This is not by any means a "pleasant book", but of course the topic of Satan and his evil works is never pleasant. The reason I bought this book, was from a review left there, stating how it helped the person be more careful what rock music/music in general they listened to, and movies and TV, etc.

yes, it is true what we watch influences us greatly. We need to put positive and wholesome TV /music into ourselves if we want to feel positive and wholesome.

This book is very well researched, and has a bibliography of many books. James did a very thorough job of reading many books on the subject of satanic worship, and the effects Satan has in this world, and in our culture/some of our music.

The 50's were a more wholesome time, I readily agree with James on that! I used to wish I was born then!

I was a little shocked/surprised to hear how MANY musicians sold their soul for fame in this book. It is definitely important as James states for us to SAY whose side we are on: God's or the opposite.

God bless us all, and I suggest DAILY prayer, and bible reading as spiritual weapons.

I think that this book covers in great detail satanic worship, which I had to skim through due to the disgusting details, but IT is important to be informed of your enemy as to not be fooled.

So, overall, I would give this book a rating of five star, due to it's thoroughness. I would like to see a larger section at the end of how we can combat evil (prayer and such things.) But overall, a job well done, and an important topic though not often discussed. Bravo, James! You conquered a difficult subject, and you are doing God's work to warn the faithful against bad music and influences. A must read for any serious Christian/Catholic/believer.

Thank you James. I will pass it on to my friends.

I pray that many will see the truth of the matter, that this is not mumbo jumbo, and that people like tons of people actually worship Satan, and in doing so, perform murders and disgusting behavior, which just goes to show how screwed up and evil that is!!! But, never fear, God forgives, if one wants to get back on the path to God and Heaven, please know you can confess your sins to a priest, and also, in the book, "The Secret of the Rosary" it says if a person prays the rosary daily for the rest of their life, even if they sold their soul, they will be forgiven, and be able to go to heaven in the end.

God is so merciful!

Songs like "highway to hell" and other ones, are not just funny, jokes and James has got the facts to back it up, that these songwriters stated over and over they were influenced by "unseen forces" or spirits inside them. I recall watching a video by Jim Morrison recently, and he said in the song "I reject the Resurrection", which I picked up on right away, after reading this book.

If anything, this book will open your eyes!

I pray in Jesus' name that all who read your book be spiritually healed.

God bless.

schoolgirlforreal on April 21, 2019:

It's right here Jfames! Can you see it now?


James A Watkins (author) from Chicago on April 21, 2019:

School Girl for Real ~ Thank you so much. I really appreciate you going the extra mile to get that done for me. I only have one review. I don't know why.