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HubPages Not Bluffing About Her Remuneration for Hubbers #2

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...



I have talked about what makes me join the in my earlier article, and how I backed out for some months before being gingered to come back to this site through an article read having been discouraged by some comments read on the Google about this site.

In this article I wish to complete what I have started in the first article of how and why I believe is not bluffing about rewarding people who are writing on this site.

The Question

The question that arose in the deepest part of me was how would I get connected to Amazon and or other paying sites to start earning for doing these in my country is a little bit hard.

Internet Comments Answered

Since the person has confirmed the possibility of earning through, the writer has answered the comments of the skeptic minds through this page, I said to myself.

The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir - Sing a New Song (Live)

Hurdle Yet to Be Crossed

However, the hurdle I haven’t crossed was that whenever I clicked on “earning” to see if it has changed, I discovered that there has not been any changes there, as I will still find there $0:00. “When will this change?” I used to ask myself.

The Encouraging Word

Having returned to the site to continue publishing, I receive an inner strength from Proverbs 24 verse 10 which states that, “if thou faint in the day of adversity, thy strength is small” to continue publishing despite the $0:00” earning status.

In addition to this my mind also tells me to continue publishing at the site to hone my skills (talents) and learn more from other Hubbers globally.

Getting an Insight Through YouTube

I read a notification sent to me concerning YouTube earning that before anyone could earn anything, the earning must have accrued to $50:00 after which other deductions would have been made and then the money would be credited to the account of the person.

After reading this, I said to myself something akin to this must be applied to too, there, and then I relax my mind.

Need to Work More

For some like me who love writing or are talented and do not belong to group of authors globally, it therefore means to start earning through our creative writings we need not be wearied, we need to keep working until we hit the mark.

I said, to myself that “I need to work more to cross the barrier”.

Thence, I started working, publishing against all odds, even when people repeatedly said I should stop it because it is worthless adventure.

Focus Shifted

My focus shifted from the immediate gain to developing myself, learning from others through this site and other sites and this really helped me to keep me keeping on.

Olusegun sitting at the edge of his writing desk in his room

Olusegun sitting at the edge of his writing desk in his room

Accidental Selection

While trying to publish my articles through my Android phone, because of the problem which my laptop has which has not been completely resolved, I accidentally clicked on earning column and was greatly surprised to see that the column has changed from “$0:00” status that it uses to be for months. My mouth was wide open because my surprise knew no limitations for I wasn’t expecting it.

Earning Through is Possible

On seeing this and comparing it with some of my Forex accounts in the past which used to read $0:00” or “no earning”, I know that this is real.

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Though the changes are yet to be converted to physical cash for me, but it is an improvement and must state that it reawakened my dead hope of ever earning something though this medium.

Now, I can equally reply the skeptics that there are changes and with time the changes will be transformed to reality which will eventually nailed the coffin of the skeptics speaking against this globally.

Reasons for Writing

I am writing this to encourage someone out there who like me, talented one and from the developing world with neither connections to Amazon nor any online business that he or she should not be wearied in their pursuit, and continuing to write for this site for there is a common saying that “Quitters don’t win and Winners don’t quit”.



Beneath are some of the benefits one can derive from this site:

1. Learning from others about myriad of issues globally,

2. No certificate is required for registering nor writing although this would be of benefit to those who have earned some certificates because the knowledge they have would be passed to others through their published articles on this site

3. You are master of yourself on this site, though your articles need to be approved, but a master of yourself because the more the invested time to write, the more the gain later,

4. No foul nor derogatory comments are allowed like other social media

5. No payment needed before earning except getting data on your android phone and whether you use it to publish articles or not you will still buy data,

In Conclusion

The changes to my earning status is a welcome development and this shows that the editors of this site are not relenting in working for all Hubbers irrespective of location and locality to ensure that what has been stated and or the original aim of the site is maintained.

As a micro business person, I know that little money when summed together would become big money in no distant time as long as one does not relent.

The editorial team should also keep the good work, ensuring that needful changes are made essentially for those of us from the ends of the world, developing world, to make this site a wonderful one, special one among its equals globally.



OLUSEGUN (author) from NIGERIA on March 26, 2021:

Wow! Some of us from the developing world do not know this, because $50:00 here is "huge", not for commoners who many of us who joined this platform are.

Rich people don't join something like this in the developing world because of the mentality...

Glad to read this comment from you and i believe it will also encourage some other creative writers like me from the developing world to keep on keeping on, improving on their skills and making the world a better place through creative writings.

Once more thanks John. Continue to stay safe over there.

John Hansen from Gondwana Land on March 26, 2021:

Hello Olusegun,

I am glad you decided to persist with HubPages. It does take patience here if your main aim is earning money. I have been here more than 11 years, and it took me four years before I made my first payout $50. Yes, you read correctly that you must accumulate $50 in earnings before you are paid. That also depends on how popular your articles are, clicks on ads, etc etc.

But earnings aside, this is a great platform that allows you to store your writing at no cost, get feedback, perfect your art, and have it “out there” for others to read.

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