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HubPages: Blogging with Benefits

William is the author of several novels, including topics as diverse as technology, canine fiction, and office humor.


Blogging Versus Hubbing

A blog, short for weblog, is generally chronologically ordered, with newer entries
appearing at the top of a stream of written text, photos, or other content. There are
certainly many variations on this construct, but the primary identifying characteristic is the frequency of update. A blog is often updated several times a day with new, generally brief content. A hub is more structured, and once completed generally remains as is, although it can be modified as desired.

The common thread between a blog and a hub is passion for writing about something using a short form. That something can be anything, but in both cases the presentation is online. The hub is more like an article, while the blog more closely resembles a stream of thought.

For a writer engaged in a longer work such as a novel or play, it is often advantageous to take a break to work on a shorter project. As the author of several novels, I find HubPages to be the perfect solution.

Why Writers Write Hubs

Hubbers write hubs for lots of reasons. For some, hubbing is an outlet, an opportunity to vent. Others see it as a venue for serious composition. A hub may be an offer to help, a plea for help, or a place to tell the world a joke or share a recipe.

Or simply, I’m here.

Taken collectively, hubs are as disparate as the authors who author them. For the author working on a longer work, taking time out from that novel to write a hub can be a welcome break from the marathon that is your book. It can also help to build your brand.

In all cases, a hub is a public offering, and such it deserves your best effort to showcase a professionally written article.If you want to publish short articles, retain all rights, be part of a larger, feedback-oriented, organized writing community, and make some money in the process, then HubPages may be right for you, and that is why writers write hubs.

The History of HubPages

Founded in 2006 by Paul Edmonson, Paul Deeds, and Jay Reitz, HubPages is a user content- driven writing community that utilizes a multi-site infrastructure to group articles according to subject area. Purchased by Maven in 2018, the basic model has remained the same, in which HubPages shares income generated by ads with authors of articles that contain those ads. The more successful the article, the more traffic is generated, resulting in more clicks on ads, and more income for both HubPages and the author of the article. Success is governed by a combination of professional writing and article design, as well as adherence to keyword and SEO usage.

How To Write At HubPages

To start writing at HubPages, first create an account. To make money from articles you write will also require a Google Adsense account, but if you don't already have one you can create it through HubPages. Otherwise you can simply use your existing Google Adsense ID.

After your HubPages account exists, to associate an Adsense account go to Affiliate Settings, Adsense, Sign Up. Follow the instructions depending on whether or not you already have an Adsense account.Once your HubPages account is created and associated with Adsense, you can begin creating articles, or Hubs. Ads will automatically be shown with your Hub, and whenever anyone clicks on an ad money is added to your HubPages total. When it hits $50, you are paid via PayPal.

Yes, you will need a PayPal account, which is easy to set up, but beyond the scope of this article.

Do not ever click on ads on your own Hubs, or instruct others to do so.

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Once you are set up be sure that you activate the Earnings Program in your account settings. This allows HubPages to pay you for ad earnings.

HubPages Capsules

HubPages Capsules

Capsules, Capsules, Capsules

The basic element of HubPages design is the Capsule. These are predefined content types that help to set up and organize your article. As seen above, you can include basic text, photos, videos, surveys, and various other types of content. Moving them around is easy, and there are various options concerning display format.

It is often useful to position capsules at first with headings only to layout your Hub's structure. You can always move things around, even after the text is written. Using several different types of capsules is an effective way of spicing up your Hub for the reader.

The HubPages Community

As a member of HubPages you can write, read, and comment on hubs. Others can follow your hubs, and can comment on your hubs. You can continually modify your hubs as well, so if you come across additional content that would make your hub better, simply edit the hub.

As a hubber you can also participate in the frequent writing contests that HubPages conducts. This is another opportunity to get noticed, and to make money. Best of all, HubPages is an opportunity to flex your writing muscles, even when you are in the middle of writing a novel!


It's Still About The Writing

Even if you are a writer of novels, plays, non-fiction, or whatever, belonging to HubPages is provides another space in which to offer your writing. It does not require your own website or complicated setup, it's easy to set up hubs, and it is totally free.

As a writer, the most important part of the process is the writing. However, if you are going to publish your articles for the world to see, it makes sense be part of a community that offers both feedback and monetary benefit. Hubbing in this regard is like blogging with benefits. It’s also addictive, but unlike most addictions, this one can actually earn you money.

Writing Preference

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This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.


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