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Creative Writing: Great Topics to Write About - (Part 1)


I've made a few requests of old and new authors alike...

In the time that I've been here, I've requested a few (more than 300) things for writers to research (or not) and then write about.

Why? Well quite simply, writers (sometimes) need a "creative spark of inspiration!"

How? Well, you need to be a part of the HubPages community. If you aren't yet, click here to join first. Then come back to this page (bookmark it if you need to) and begin by answering as many of these requests as you feel comfortable with and let us know in the comment section when you've written something!

Have fun and be creative!


20 topics for old and new authors to write about - and they're FREE!

  1. Twisters That Tickle The Tongue? Click here to write your own!
  2. What are the least known mistakes made by writers? What have you learned over the years?
  3. Who is Jesse Palmer and what is his history with Jessica Bowlin? Start writing about these people now!
  4. What types of donuts are offered at Krispy Creme and what is the price range of each in your area? Share with us what you've found out!
  5. How do you create an entertaining, educating, search-engine-optimized article? Do you know how to SEO?
  6. What are the benefits of owning multiple websites, even if you have no content on the website? What are your thoughts?
  7. What are the "essentials" and what are the "extras" when you take a vacation? Share your travel experiences!
  8. What are the most popular tourist attractions and/or theme parks in your state? What are your thoughts? Share them with your friends and with everyone else!
  9. Who is the most prominent citizen in your town/city/state? Why? Write about them here!
  10. What are the most annoying traits of a salesperson? Tell us all how you feel about salespeople!
  11. What are the destructive effects of using too much salt in foods? If you know, please let us know!
  12. Why should you stay on the good side of your in-laws? Are there any really good reasons?
  13. What are the ten highest-grossing Broadway Musicals? If you know the top 20, that's okay too!
  14. What is the Mozart Effect? We know he was a great composer, but how does he still have this "effect" ???
  15. When committing what you read to memory, what time of day is the best and why? Does it matter what type of material you need to memorize? Does it matter where you do your memorization? How about how you memorize?
  16. What are the benefits of adding peanuts, yes peanuts, to your diet? Doctors, Dieticians and regular people's responses needed!
  17. Is it true that binaural beats have an effect your brainwaves? Can they make you smarter? What other types of effects can binaural beats have? Can they help to heal someone?
  18. How does being involved with the arts affect the intellect of a person? Does it make a difference as to which type of art the person is involved in?
  19. What are the twenty most common questions asked in a job interview and what are the best answers for these questions? Bosses and job seekers, let us know your perspective!
  20. If a ten year old child has just found out that he is diabetic, what diet and exercise regiment should he follow? If you know, share!!! Write!!!

More great writing ideas in the form of requests for you creative writers...

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  • Best Requests
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    These requests are popular amongst the writers here for a reason! :)

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Previous topics for the HubMob are:

  1. All About Various Popular Hair Styles: Their history and how to create them. Answer Ryan's request!
  2. Fitness, diets, staying in shape and losing weight: Tips for becoming a healthier person. Answer Ryan's request!
  3. Do it-yourselfers, How-Toers and Step-by-Steppers: Teach us something, Hubbers! Answer Ryan's request! 
  4. It's All About Halloween: Dressing Up, Making Treats and Being Scary. Hub about your favorite part of Halloween. Answer Ryan's request! 
  5. All About Pets: The different stories, advice and tips that have to do with them. Answer Ryan's request! 
  6. Green Thumb Hubbers: Landscaping, gardening and loving your yard. Answer Ryan's request!

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jaypatel on August 05, 2011:


Ladybythelake55 from I was Born in Bethesda, Maryland and I live in Chicago,IL on July 27, 2010:

I believe one must find their writer's voice before they can start to be a writer or author. Once you have found that writer's voice you change it from romance, hisorical romance, to fiction to non-fiction and other serious subjects to write about. My writer's voice varies from one subject to another because I am a paralegal and family rights advocate and I help people. Listen to your writer's voice and let it guide you.

ProCW (author) from South Carolina on January 20, 2009:

:) I look forward to seeing what you come up with!!! :)


Laila Rajaratnam from India on January 20, 2009:

Thanks,ProCW,I was sort of having writers block for writing ideas and you have given me ideas! Thanks!:)

ProCW (author) from South Carolina on January 20, 2009:

You're very welcome soni! :)

Hope to see you back soon! :)


Rajinder Soni from New Delhi, India on January 13, 2009:

Wonderful job Pro. After reading your hub, my stale mind is full of fresh and unique ideas on writing something different. Thanks for the inspiration.

ProCW (author) from South Carolina on October 16, 2008:

Thanks! :)

sharonsarah on October 14, 2008:

Really nice hub. Good ideas are shared. It is very much useful for upcoming writers.

ProCW (author) from South Carolina on October 13, 2008:

Thank you very much, In-Correct! :)

In-Correct on October 13, 2008:

I just love your images!! =]

ProCW (author) from South Carolina on October 13, 2008:

Thanks for the comment Karen! :)

Karen Ellis from Central Oregon on October 13, 2008:

I've bookmarked your page - just in case. But, usually I have more ideas than I have time to write.

ProCW (author) from South Carolina on October 13, 2008:

:) Thanks! :)

You're a SweetiePie, aren't ya?!!! :)



SweetiePie from Southern California, USA on October 13, 2008:

This is a great way to get writers motivated to answer some of those top notch hub requests. I am glad ProCW is so original, people should emulate his example.

ProCW (author) from South Carolina on October 12, 2008:

Thank you, 02SmithA!

If you write a hub from one of these requests, feel free to come back and post a link to your hub here! :)


02SmithA from Ohio on October 12, 2008:

Thumbs up.. Nicely done.. very good list to start the brainstorming process.

ProCW (author) from South Carolina on October 12, 2008:

Hey there, Shirley!

Thanks for the great comments! I do hope they help get some people's creative juices flowing!

Thanks for the thumbs up and vote! :)


Shirley Anderson from Ontario, Canada on October 12, 2008:

BTW....thumbs up and Google page vote for you!

Shirley Anderson from Ontario, Canada on October 12, 2008:

These are EXCELLENT ideas to get the creative juices flowing. Reading each of those titles made me think of others in the same vein. One topic springboards to another branch on the same tree of thought.

Great job, CW!!!!!!!!!

Constant Walker from Springfield, Oregon on October 10, 2008:

Wow! That percussion teacher was WAY off, eh? The true meaning has nothing to do with music. Odd.

Well, there you go...

ProCW (author) from South Carolina on October 10, 2008:

Hey Constant Walker... um... I don't wanna say you're wrong... :) You may have your own Mozart Effect... :)

See these links for more info on "The Mozart Effect" ... and when and if you use them in answer the request, they all have at least a google PR of 5. :)





Good Luck! :)


Constant Walker from Springfield, Oregon on October 10, 2008:

I'm gonna take a stab here, without doing research - honest!, on what the "Mozart Effect" is.  A percussion teacher at my jr, high school told me I had the Mozart Effect, and I looked at him blankly.  "You know how to play drums without being taught," he said.  This lead me to take more interest in Mozart.  So, I'm going to say (I'm really going to look stupid if I'm wrong, eh?) the Mozart Effect is a natural musical ability.

fishskinfreak2008 from Fremont CA on October 09, 2008:

Very interesting, although I have very little knowledge about these topics. Good luck

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