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How to Write a Magnetic Marketing Copy (With Examples)

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We need writing that’s compelling, interesting, and unique. We need writing that’s magnetic.

Some may consider that magnetic writing is all about talent and putting everything at once. But, in reality, this is a strategy to apply a few simple techniques to make any piece of writing more compelling.

Magnetic Marketing copy is the powerhouse to attract potential customers and clients to your services and products. It works in writing cover letters, sales letters, blog posts, tweets, business proposals, and many more. All these writings need to be interesting as well as compelling to the readers, that’s why we need copies which are magnetic and can market the work in the best way possible.

Smart business owners know it is important to grow retention and increase repetitive business to maximize customer values. But, the question is, how marketing can be made magnetically powerful to attract both new and existing customers? The answer is back and forth marketing. It is important to always be attentive to these questions to continuously deliver excellent products,

“What’s New?”

“What’s Awesome?”

What does it mean by Back and Forth Marketing?

By BACK MARKETING, I am referring to your existing customers, some of whom are bored and unresponsive to your daily emails and ads. You must forge a new plan to reinvent your business. Ask yourself, “What’s New?” every time, whether it is a new product-line, fresh service package, incentive programs or distinguishing content. It keeps you motivated and your vision accelerated.

You must have regular compelling content in your monthly printed newsletter. While digitization is everything, printed media is still not outdated and is very effective in luring the old customers back to your products. Indeed, the printed newsletter has more chances of getting caught by readers’ eyes, rather than emails, which may get filtered out by the spam detection system or left ignored by the user.

Bring uniqueness to your monthly newsletter. Make sure your content brings value to customers’ daily life by demonstrating customer-driven industry work and discussing common problems such as time management formula or outsourcing options and so on.

Don’t be just serious and formal, try to engage in light-hearted jokes that make the content memorable. Engaged customers not only buy frequently but also encourage others to get involved with your business.

By FORTH MARKETING, I am referring to the strategies that can attract new and fresh customers to your products. This is more specifically a word-of-mouth marketing, which is a hundred times more effective than what you say about your brand value. People tend to believe those more, whom they know and have seen them using the products.

Referral marketing is the key. As said by famous animator, Walt Disney, “The best approach to get highly successful in the marketing world is to do the work so well that your customers can’t resist telling others about your products.”

Make a mark with your innovative and high-quality service and tell them “What’s Great” with your products to resonate your business name in their mind for a longer time. Ask for referrals from your satisfied customers. If they express their positive opinion, ask them, “Hey, thanks for your feedback. We are looking out to reach more customers. We highly depend on people like you to spread the word. It’d be great if you can help.”

Have your business cards and referral forms ready to give them to your satisfied customers. You can also send flyers with coupons and ask the customers to give to their relatives or friends by the end of the week or a specific date. This is a reliable and fast way to reach new customers.

Here are a few ways you can use to build an attention-grabbing copy:

1. Stay Confident

You are the expert in your field. What you do, you do it with full research and consciousness. And if your audience takes action as per your words, their situation will drastically improve. You might get little wishy-washy, but don’t be pushy. Always remember that people want themselves to lead. If you can do that, they’ll readily follow your words. So stay confident and create content with authority.

2. Be You

You have a distinct personality that makes you unique and outstanding from others. Try to share your flaws and show them who you are, help your readers identify you and your story. What mistakes you did and what you learned from them? Have you ever done anything foolish? And how your experiences can help your readers to avoid doing the same mistakes? Adding little interesting information about yourself will attract readers to you.

3. Give High-Quality Useful Information

The best way to build readers’ trust in you is to make them see you as a useful resource. When you deliver them with high-quality information, they’ll look for more. It majorly implies to articles and lead generation reports as well as brochures and web copies. Even if the whole motive is to sell, you should transform it into a piece of helpful advice.

4. “What’s in it for me?”

People do judge book by its cover. They are going to read your work only if they find something beneficial for themselves. Instead of crafting advertisement like an advertisement, use captivating headings, sub-headings and bullet points like news. Research your audience’s demographics and behaviors.

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4. Don’t Overwrite

Don’t try to include every possible statement in your argument as supporting sentences. For example, “Nowadays most of the youngsters are highly curious about social media” can be written as, “Nowadays youngsters are curious about social media.”

5. Use phrases more than Once

Repeating phrases establishes a rhythm and an organized layout. Our brain loves rhymes, thus, we can remember the repeated phrase in a much better way. It allows readers to flow with your writing style and is quite easy to use. But, don’t overuse it as it may sound annoying, then.

6. Use Active Voice

Unlike passive voice, sentences with active voice tend to be shorter and more conversational. For example, “She desires to have a big house” is an active voice, while “A big house is desired by her” is a passive voice.

7. Be Concise

Even if you put intensive efforts to craft an interesting long-form content, there are very rare chances that the reader is going to read the full content. After reading a few sentences from the starting, the reader starts to scan the content to look for specific keywords only. You are definitely not reading each of the sentences of this article. Are you? Certainly not. You must have not even noticed this line. The best way is to make it as entertaining as possible, yet logical with less content.

8. Provoke, make them Curious

While a few writing formats such as reports and technical documents can have all the information included, persuasive writing is not supposed to cover every information. Don’t reveal everything in one go, make your readers curious to know more. Ask questions relevant to your products, give them hint there’s something more they should know, only if they carry out certain activities.

9. Remove Extra Adjectives

Using adjectives may put more emphasis on your words, yet there are certain places where it can be overwhelming. And if they are avoided, the sentences would be shorter without any change in the message. For example, “I am ready for an in-person interview” can be shortened and modified as “I’m ready for an interview.”

10. Be Straight-forward

Instead of rambling your words, approach to the point. Qualified and respectful words look generous and suit only when you are dealing outside your business such as with the waitress or cab driver. Remember these words have no place in the persuasive writing field.

11. Convey with a Story

My best friend, Prachi, was facing problems with finding the safe and cheapest house for her 1-year residency in New York. She’d money and high credit score, but it wasn’t sufficient enough for her to find the secure place out of so many options. Finally, she posted her request on the site, where we helped her get a decent location with monthly cost as low as $2000/month. And, she managed to spend her time safely and her work became much easier.

12. Use Informal Technique

Writing a magnetic marketing copy is about reaching to potential customers in a friendly manner. Your customers should consider you as their friend and certainly, writing in an informal manner is the only way to do. By this, I don’t ask you to use fillers and slang words, indeed I ask you to write the way you properly speak. Don’t go with the one that you use on social media such as, “‘coz it was hot der, I’d start makin’ ‘xcuses for not runnin’ errands.” Sending your copy is your first impression to the customer, make it last forever.

13. Increase Engagement Online

Unlike traditional marketing using newspapers, brochures, magnetic marketing is meant to channelize business through digital technology. Engage the audience with blog posts, e-newsletters, surveys, and online contests. Social media sites, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and MySpace are used by millions of users, post your content regularly on them. You can also make use of mobile apps through games and information.

14. Give your Readers a Call to Action

When you are done writing with your copy, give your readers an activity to perform. It can be anything related to your business profitability, such as sign-up for email subscription or e-zines (electronic magazines), comment on your blog, buy your book or visit your website. Your efforts in crafting a marketing copy won’t be fruitful if you don’t end it up with a call to action. Don’t overthink, be straightforward and ask your readers to take a particular action to get more of the described service.

Some Examples of Magnetic Marketing Copy

1. Apple



The Apple website is professional yet seductive. The compelling photos with memorable headlines make its products alluring and push customers to come back again and again.

2. Wistia



Wistia customers are focussed on video marketing. The best way to reach potential customers and make them aware of your business.

3. Ledbury



Ledbury knows the way to make its customers informed about their products and the latest trends with a frequently updated blog.

4. Ogilvy



Ogilvy is the most successful marketing company in the world. The way they are consistent with their use of graphics, colors, and fonts on their websites and across all social media accounts really impress me.

5. J. Walter Thompson

J. Walter Thompson

J. Walter Thompson

J. Walter Thompson’s short and concise lucrative headlines with compelling content are worth reading. Look at the graphics and their one-liners heading.

Magnetic Marketing copy is a powerful tool to accelerate business growth. If done correctly, it can help you reach immense profit within a very short time.

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