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How to teach kids to hold a pencil

How to hold a pencil

How to hold a pencil

Teaching kids how to hold a pencil correctly is important to prevent the development of a poor pencil grip. The poor grip may impair the child's ability to write smoothly and correctly. A common problem for all kids beginning to write is gripping the pencil too tightly, making writing hard. Usually the child learns to relax her grip as writing develops. Frequent practice and tracing letters may help your child to write correctly and to apply the correct amount of pressure.


Tips to teach kids how to hold a pencil:


 1. Place a pencil in front of the child with the tip pointing toward the child.

2. Ask your child to grasp the pencil in right hand with the tips of their thumb, index and middle finger. This is called tripod grip. The tripod grip allows kids to write easily and helps for fine work, and drawing. Drawing motivates kids to write and strengthens the pencil skills. Grip also avoids physical problems of the hand and wrist.

3. Buy some trace letters and lined paper worksheet (alphabets and numbers) and ask them to trace them. Encourage your child to follow the dotted lines to form a letter. This is a fun and easy way to teach kids to hold pencil and writing.

4. Practice everyday for few minutes and slowly increase the timeline.

How to teach kids to hold a pencil

List of fine motor activities to help your child to hold a pencil:

  • Molding and rolling play dough into small balls
  • Using toothpicks to make designs in play dough
  • Threading beads, macaroni, or cheerios onto string
  • Picking up small objects such as pegboard pegs, rice grains.
  • Tearing up paper into fine strips and then crumple them into balls
  • Drawing and finger paints
  • Play games that require precise hand and finger control
  • Buy games such as hens and chicks and beads and baubles.

Teaching kids pencil grip

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its very simple really but when we are child it s very difficult or us i pray god that every student easily know s to catch pencil.............

JNJ on January 11, 2012:

This is really not true. A child should be able to write the way he or she feels good with.

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This technique of pencil grip is fantastic. U did a great job there. Thanks

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i have a hard time teaching my son on how to hold a pencil, but your hub teach me some technique.. now I think I can manage to teach him.. thanks to you.

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great teaching method for holding a pencil.Now i will try with my son.

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