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How to Submit a Winning Proposal on Upwork

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Jeff Zod is a freelance writer on Upwork and a tutor on Brainly. He has been freelancing for the last 8 years.

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Upwork is the largest freelancer workplace in the world. It gives talented freelancers
access to projects and clients. I joined Upwork in February this year. I have learned a lot since joining Upwork. You can check What Upwork has taught me so far.
In this article, I will share the tips on submitting a winning proposal to clients.

A potential client will usually look at your submitted proposal. The proposal gives you a chance to introduce yourself, showcase your skills and convince the client why you are the best person for the job.

First, you have to find a project that matches your specific skill set. Second, you have to read the work description thoroughly. Many freelancers often make numerous mistakes when searching for projects and reading descriptions.

Some freelancers will select a project that does not match their skills while others will fail to read the work description and proceed to submit their proposals.

The questions a freelancer on Upwork has to ask are :

  • Do I have the ability to complete the tasks posted by the client?
  • Is the budget of the project suitable for me?
  • Is the job description complete and correct?

Some clients give accurate and complete descriptions and add a lot of detail while others do not provide details.

If you want to succeed on Upwork, you must create a bespoke proposal for each client. Cookie-cutter proposals will not make the cut on Upwork.

Some freelancers argue that it is very time consuming to create a custom proposal for every client. They often opt to create a template that they can copy and paste.
Do not be fooled, this strategy does not work in the long run. Trust me I have tried.

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

— Einstein

Start your proposal by greeting the client. Jot down a short paragraph that shows relevant experience, include your areas of expertise, education level, and skills. If you have done a similar project on Upwork or elsewhere, ensure that you mention it.

From the work description of the client, create a step by step explanation of how you will solve the client's problem or task. Ensure that you answer any questions from the client during the screening process.

If you are available for an interview and you would like to discuss the project further notify the client. An interview will give you a chance to get to know the client and establish trust and rapport.

Submitting a proposal on Upwork uses connects. Connects for sending a proposal vary from two to six depending on the project. Connects were previously free, but they now cost $0.15.

It is important to ensure that you communicate within the Upwork platform and keep all the payments for the projects within the platform as well. Upwork offers Payment Protection for freelancers doing Hourly of Fixed contracts.

If a client wants to do work via email or make payments via other methods, it is your right as a freelancer to refuse the terms. Some clients might refuse to pay outside Upwork.

Ensure that you do not send more than four proposals per day. Otherwise, your account will get banned.
If the client feels that the freelancer is a good match for their project, the freelancer will get hired.

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This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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J Zod (author) from Nairobi on September 19, 2020:

Hi Sammy,

"Ensure that you do not send more than four proposals per day. Otherwise, your account will get banned."

When you send numerous proposals in a single day, your account might be restricted or even banned.

Sammy on September 15, 2020:

Hi, Thank you so much for the article. It is very informative although I have one question for you.

Could you clarify the point where you said that "Ensure that you do not send more than four proposals per day. Otherwise, your account will get banned."

How true is this? I have never seen it anywhere in Upwork's terms and conditions.

J Zod (author) from Nairobi on March 13, 2020:

Hi Denise,

Thank you so much for reading my article. Patience is key in getting gigs on Upwork.

Denise McGill from Fresno CA on March 12, 2020:

I joined Upwork about 3 years ago and didn't get any gigs for months and got tired of trying but maybe I should look into it again. Maybe I just wasn't patient enough or didn't customize the proposals enough.



J Zod (author) from Nairobi on March 08, 2020:

Hi Scull,

Thank you so much. I really appreciate it.

JC Scull from Gainesville, Florida on March 02, 2020:

Very good article.

J Zod (author) from Nairobi on September 24, 2019:

Hi Carol,

You are welcome. Upwork bans accounts that send more than 4 proposals.It is considered spamming on Upwork especially if one does not get a contract.

Carolyn Fields from South Dakota, USA on September 24, 2019:

Thanks for the heads up on the proposal limit. I didn't know about that! I guess I've never done more than four in a day.

J Zod (author) from Nairobi on September 20, 2019:

Hey Liz,

I have worked on several projects. I am currently a tutor at Brainly. I have several Wordpress blogs projects. I have also worked on some Amazon review articles.

Thanks for stopping by.

Liz Westwood from UK on September 19, 2019:

This sounds interesting. Can you give examples of the kind of projects you have worked on?

J Zod (author) from Nairobi on September 19, 2019:

@amanda Thank you dear ;) It's a pleasure too.

Amanda Nechesa from Nairobi on September 19, 2019:

@Jeff Zoe... Yeah I saw the other articles too... Am planning to read them to understand more on Upwork..

It's a pleasure working with you

J Zod (author) from Nairobi on September 19, 2019:


Hey dear,

I am here for you if you need help in setting up Upwork.

I will write more articles about Upwork soon. They have been received well. Thank you so much for the support. I really appreciate having a wonderful person like you to work with. I am grateful from the bottom of my heart.

Amanda Nechesa from Nairobi on September 18, 2019: did an article on Up work!!!

You might just make me create it without your help *wink*

Okay with your online help

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