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How to start reading again, Follow these 10 steps

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Mar is a child educator and an English lit graduate who enjoys reading and writing poems, articles, and short stories on various topics.

Do you feel like your reading habits have changed since you were a teenager? You still enjoy reading but are hesitant to pick up a book because your life has become busy. The 10 actions listed below should be followed religiously for a week or two to rekindle your enthusiasm for reading.


Take out any old book you have

It is necessary to have a book in order to read. Simply take out the book you have already read and begin reading it. Do not purchase a new book until you have rediscovered your love of reading.

Make a goal of finishing a book in a month

Make a plan to finish the book in a month and count the pages now that you've taken it out. Stick to your schedule and finish the book in a month to meet your objective. Do not rush through the process; take your time.

Read one or two/ three pages everyday

Since you've set a goal to finish the book in a month, split the book's pages into daily chunks and begin reading. Do not read more in the beginning, but if you enjoy it and have time, you can increase the number of pages you read as you wish.

Try reading it before going to sleep

When reading a book, time is also a vital filter. According to studies, the greatest time to read is right before going to sleep. It also provides as a break from your stressful and exhausting day. If you read a page of a book before going to bed, you will sleep peacefully and calmly.

Keep your cellphone away

Another crucial consideration when reading a book is to minimize any potential sources of distraction. Mobile phones are currently one of the most common addictions. So, when you're ready to start reading, put your phone away, check all of your social media accounts, switch off the computer, and put your phone away.


Set a cozy environment with a book and get everything Ready

Your surroundings play a crucial influence in determining your reading mood. Prepare your book, as well as a cup of tea or something else, before you begin reading, and create a comfortable and relaxing setting.

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Finish all your work before start reading

It's always a good idea to start any new habit or task by clearing your mind of any household chores or other work that might distract you from focusing. Before you begin reading, complete all of your necessary tasks.

Don't use cellphone even after finishing your planned pages of the book

We all know how addicted cellphones are. After you've finished reading, you could consider taking your phone with you. Do not attempt it. Make reading the last thing you do before going to bed.

Don't quit reading if you are already feeling bored

Because you're on a quest to rekindle your love for reading, you could find it tedious at first and want to give up. It's possible that you won't like it. But don't quit up; even if you're not enjoying it, finish the pages you've set aside.

Go to sleep

The last step is just go to sleep with relaxed and peaceful mind.


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