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How to Make Essay Longer: Students Guide

How to make essay longer?

How to make essay longer

How to make essay longer - Students Guide

The basic rules to write simple essay is to follow the four principles; introduction, body parts, conclusion and reference.

However, in order to add more to the essay, the writer or student must do a comprehensive research and gather all the information needed. The essay's length plays an role in writing good essay.

he hardest part for a student can be meeting the required word count or number of pages, even with all the content. Some students might be tempted to add their writings by including unnecessary lines or pointless details.

A lengthy essay is a key component to write any kind of essay. As a student, when you follow the length and structural guidelines that the teacher has provided. It shows that, you have put a lot of thought and effort into writing on the assigned topic and that can influence your lecturer favourably. Removing pointless arguments and grammatical errors and rephrasing your essay will add more fresh viewpoints and a new perspective. Transitional phrase plays a vital role in lengthening your essay.

Make sure to use it wisely! If your sentence does not flow smoothly make sure to add transitional to your essay. Make sure you know exactly what you want to say and how you're going to convey it before you start writing. There are a few essential things you may take to ensure your readiness.

The below mentioned points are an essential features to make an essay longer:

1. Try adding more details

To make your points as elaborate and feasible in an essay, you need more in-depth details. Read through your points and try to add more details where your essay falls short of the required word count. Make sure you include all necessary information and its relevant to the point. For example, if you are writing an essay on "Second World War", try to provide more information such as, how it started, wars between different countries, when did it end etc. By doing so, it will strengthen your statement and give your writing a more complete appearance.

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2. Use examples

The use of examples will help you in providing strong arguments, but they must be used properly. You can also use quotation from the resources you referred. Also try to make your examples more understandable to the readers. Using examples will not only lengthen while writing your essay but it will also create an impression to the readers and make it more compelling and intresting to read.

3. Avoid using contradiction

Always remember that, extensive use of contradiction might end up leaving a bad impression to your teacher/ professor. It is always adviced to use the correct words. Avoid using; for example, "don't", "can't", "i'll" , but instead use "do not", "cannot", "i will". By doing so, it will not only make your essay longer but will also make your essay look more professional.

4. Apply proper transitional words and phrases

Another creative way to expand the length of essay is by using proper transitional words and phrases. It also helps the writer to shift from one idea into another to a different point of view and helps the writer to organize the content in a logical flow that make it more easier for the readers to follow up. Transitional words such as; although, however, therefore, accordingly, consequently, and henceforth etc, helps to connect arguments and let the readers understand what is coming next.

5. Explain the Terms

Have you outlined your essential terms in a paragraph?. Write a paragraph outlining modernism's definition if you're writing an essay about it. Write a paragraph outlining a brief history of education if your essay is on education. This will lengthen and improve your paper. After your introduction, you should have one or two paragraphs that define and clarify what your topic is all about.

6. Use the class handouts to spark new ideas

Review your class handouts so that you can add any new information. They are the most crucial sources for you. Look over all of these sources and try to note any other important topics you may include want to include in your writings.

7. Avoid Adding Useless Words

Almost every student have the habit of adding extra words to a statement only to raise its word count called "padding." Length matters alot while writing articles but good quality assignment will fetch you good marks.

Why is Maintaining Expected Essay Length Important?

Keep in mind that the length of the essay the professor requires will depend on the student's academic standing. Follow the fundamental advice regarding word count even if you are unsure of the precise length requirements for an essay for a particular school subject or university course.

The professor/teacher may feel that the student didn't put enough effort into completing the assignment. If the student submits an essay that is shorter than expected. If the word count is excessive, the student may have added unnecessary information to the essay without performing adequate.

What is importance of writing an assignment?

The importance of an assignment is the same for all students, whether they are from the same or other fields. Typically, when students hers that they must do an assignment, they consider it as a nightmare or they feel lazy to do it. However, once they begin doing it, they are immersed in a process in which they conduct extensive study and so improve their academic and other skills.

Writing assignments improves your academic background, broadens your knowledge of a subject, and improves your writing pace. The importance of writing an assignment are as follows:

1. Research Oriented Process: Teachers usually gives particular topic for an assignment so that students can engage in a research-oriented process. Our brain usually develops more when we research on a particular thing

2. Enhances writing style: Assignment writing requires the students to write in-depth about a specific topic with all of its subcategories, etc. By composing lengthy tasks, one can develop a decent writing style and enhance your writing abilities.

3. Enhances learning with real-life concepts: The idea of a real-life assignment requires a students to create learning that is based on connecting their subject with instances from everyday life. They learn more and have more new experiences when they put the daily life notion into reality because they can relate it to their own experiences. Every time the student participates in the assignment writing activity, this aids them in learning and acquiring new levels of learning.

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