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6 Ways to Expand Your Creativity for Writing!

How to get more creative for writing?

If you are experiencing writers block or have no inspiration then you are in luck because I have 6 ways to help you be inspired!


Pinterest always helps me for getting more ideas. As they say a photo can tell a thousand words, let's see if you can turn it into a story. You can also check out my Pinterest boards @Silentvoice1503 and go to my Inspo board to see what I have saved. Pinterest can also be very helpful for creating characters boards so you what they look like, what their interests are and so on.



For those who live under a rock, Spotify is an app where you can listen to music for free. Listening to music can help you picture the world in you mind and you could even use a lyric within a song that sparks inspiration. You can also make your own playlists for characters to understand their personality more.



I feel this is an obvious one. The more you read the more likely you will start thinking out the box for ideas and can even expand on ideas you have taken from other books. Reading can also get you motivated especially if you have a favourite author that you inspires you. Personally I like to annotate my books with tabs, one of my tabs is purple which I used to tab moments in book that hit me with inspiration.


What If?

Always ask yourself the magic if. What if we lived in the world that was too perfect? What if monsters are real and they live among humans? What if there was a girl who can't feel emotions? What if dreams weren't just dreams? You see all these limitless questions can help corporate into a story.



If you are stuck creatively you can find prompts online. Writing prompts can help expand what to write and how to get creative plots. If you want me to do an article full of writing prompts please let me know below.



What are you passionate about? What moral or story do you want to tell people. Is your purpose to entertain, is it to tell a personal story about grief or is it for a belief you have? What moral do you feel passionate about that you would want to incorporate into a story.


Thanks for reading!

I hope these help you expand with your creativity, good luck.

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