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How to find your true love - three questions to love and be loved

Stephani Adam is a relashionship expert. So when it comes to love she has the answers. but it is a slow process she says.

What is Love?

Love is a beautiful feeling. A feeling which makes us feel special. Which makes us love ourselves. When an attraction between two people developes it will convert into love. When love become inseparable it becomes true love. Love has no reason or season. It may bloom among two similar people or may be among completely different people too.

In movies, books, magazines, even in our neighbor hood we have already seen many love stories. Some may have similar stories, some may be totally different from one another. But end of the day all of them are connected with love.

Love is a magic. It can bring smile and sorrow to anyone. So that's it for the intro lets move on to the heart of this story in a practical manner.

heart full of all countries in the world

heart full of all countries in the world

How to find your true love?

Even though we have seen hundreds of love stories in our life when it comes to the real world, Our life always seems complicated. When we are young we always fall in love with LOVE. First of all we dream about finding our prince charming.

When we hit the society, slowly we get to know there is no prince charming. It all depends on how we see our man.

When we fall in love, our man will always seems to be a hero material to us. He might be a utter nonsense charecter, but to our eyes he is the perfect one. Better than anyone. We can only find their flaws by the time passes. This is the true story of everyone. Because there is no perfect man or woman.

So when do you have to fall in love?

Falling in love will become a magical experience when you chose the right one for you. Finding your Mr. Perfect is a hard task. It is not easy as it seems. People suffer, break, cry out with pain when they chose the wrong one. The one who read this, Yes you! You may also already experienced this.

Because Finding your true love is very hard.

So how are we gonna survive?

First of all before finding the perfect one, you have to understand yourself. Who are you? What do you want from a relationship? Why you need to fall in love?

You cannot answer these questions at the first glance perfectly. You may say I wanna be happy, or I am a good person. That's not the perfect answer for these questions. Think deeply of yourself to answer them. Talk to your inner self. Theres always a person inside your head who is in desperate need to talk to you. When you answer them with a clear mind, You will understand your needs of love.

How to find your true love?

If you understand your true self and your needs of love, You will start loving yourself. If you fulfill this task, you will be ready to love and be loved. When you are clear about yourself you will certainly find the one for you. May be your better half might be right next to you, It takes a little patience and calmness to understand them.

Or if you didn't find your better half still, no worries the right person will come around certainly for you. All you have to do is wait a bit patiently. Remember! Waiting for the right one never hurts. But falling for the wrong one will certainly gonna hurt you a lot.

Being single is better than Being in a wrong relationship and losing your positivities bit by bit. Because by the end of the day you will gain nothing out of a wrong person. Even though he is 100% goody goody guy/girl, If they cannot treat their mate in the way they want to be treated their relationship will end up as a big failure.

greeting card recently added

greeting card recently added

couple loving each other

couple loving each other

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