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How to Build a Habit of Writing

Prashasti is a working IT professional, who in her free leisure time can be found writing or reading poems, stories, articles.


Writing is an excellent mode of communication. It is the most effective medium of influencing humans and society. In the earlier article, we talked about a few ways to get rid of inhibitions from writing. For now, I believe you must have started with your writing process. And, in case you haven't gone past that step, please refer to this page. How to Break the Inhibition and Step Into Ways to Start the Writing Process. | HubPages

Know the reasons of why a person wants to write

Before directly jumping onto those miraculous steps, first, let's take a look at the probable reasons why a person wants to write. As per my findings, research, and personal experience, we can conclude that people often tend to write for different purposes, which can go as follows:

  1. A few people write to keep track of their daily routine, like maintaining a diary.
  2. A few others love to write to express. They may be introverted. And so, the best way to talk for them is through written words.
  3. The others might write to be heard and followed. They write for society, to influence or help others.
  4. Someone may choose to write because he is passionate about writing and wants to pursue a career.
  5. Lastly, writing is the best medium to deliver and earn through businesses. Hence, a few people write through their professions which demands fluent writing (e.g., writing articles, letters, notices, etc.)

It's okay to have doubts!

However, if you take an average of all the cases above, they fall under a single category - Writing. So, that was quite a detailed overview of the reasons people choose to write. Now there must be a few questions popping on your minds right now:

In case you don't have an answer to these questions, don't worry. You are at the right place, and that is the reason you are here. I am here to help you walk out of this dilemma.

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Soon we are going to learn about ways to build a habit of writing daily.

Are you with me? Let's get started

  1. The first and foremost thing is to boost and motivate yourself.
  2. Try to keep the stress away to help calm your mind.
  3. Keep trust in yourself and upon the process.
  4. From all the listed reasons of why people write, decide which one is yours.
  5. Now, make sure you take out 30 minutes daily from your busy schedule.
  6. Those 30 minutes can be from any hour of the day. But, keep in mind to fix your schedule. And make sure you sit down for writing at the same time each day.
  7. Choose a place, which motivates or relaxes you. It can be your backyard, garden, workstation, bedroom anywhere you feel calm.
  8. Try to sit in the same place daily. Avoid changing your location as it may hamper the activity of the brain.
  9. Choose any medium that suits your comfort. You can use pen and paper, or a laptop or simply a notebook.
  10. Do not worry about the formatting of the content. Never get stuck thinking about your terrible handwriting or the alignment of the words in the document.
  11. Avoid wasting time thinking about the topic. Write whatever comes to your mind. Choose topics from your surroundings.
  12. Maintain a schedule of strict 30 minutes. Keep writing without any distractions.
  13. Start with 100 words and try to adhere to these for at least a week or so.
  14. Try to increase the word limit by 50 every day. And make a target of reaching a goal of 500 words by the end of 21 days.
  15. Last but not least, religiously follow the above routine for 21 days in a row.


Go ahead following the above routine. Maintaining this ritual of writing for 21 days will soon make you addicted to the process. And within a few months, you will be amazed to see the results.

I have helped build an easy path for you to kick start your writing. Now, it is up to you, from when and where do you start.

Good luck! And happy writing!



This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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