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How to Break the Inhibition and Step Into Ways to Start the Writing Process.

Prashasti is a working IT professional, who in her free leisure time can be found writing or reading poems, stories, articles.

Do you love to write? Also, do you believe you share your feeling better through written words than spoken words? Then let me tell you something interesting, you are at the right place now.

You have often seen that be it academic writing or a professional presentation, or a personal experience, for many people, the start becomes tricky. With so many thoughts and ideas running through the mind, writing down that first sentence on a paper seems challenging.

So here are a few tips from personal experiences to get started on your work simply and without much hassle.


1. First, decide on what you want to write

The first thing you should do is get your thoughts together. Pick a piece of paper or a word document or a notebook and list down a draft. Write about what do you want to write? How long is it going to be? Remember, no matter how confident you are about your topic, putting a draft down is always a better idea to help your mind focus on the goal.

2. Choose topics from surroundings

Write about your day or about a flower you saw glowing in your backyard. Choose any subject from your daily life (your kids, husband, office, kitchen, etc.).


3. Start writing from anywhere

Once you have the outline draft ready, choose the most comfortable topic and start writing. Write down the first thought coming to your mind, even if it is the end.

4. Concentrate on writing

Even if it is your first day, make sure to keep everything aside and concentrate on your writing piece. Any distraction can cause interruption to your process.

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5. Don't worry about being a poor writer

Never disappoint yourself during the process of writing. Many times the idea in your brain will not turn well on a piece of paper. But, we plan to go on and keep writing. Because instead of having nothing to change, at least by the end of the day, you will have a piece that you may edit later the way you want.

6. Practice writing daily

Try to sit and write religiously every day. Take out some time from your daily chores, relax, and take a deep breath. While taking out time every day will help make a habit and bring a routine, soon it will make you enjoy the process.

7. Make sure to fix a time

Make sure to maintain a consistent routine on time. Choose the same time every day for your writing process because this will eventually help alarm your brain with ideas within the period.


8. Finally, trust your instincts

Lastly, don't forget to believe in yourself. No matter how long or short your write in a day, merely knowing and believing in yourself will never let your confidence down. Nobody knows you better than yourself, so trust your heart and get started.

Final words of Motivation

Maintain this practice and follow these steps in your routine. Within months, you will be amazed to see how easier writing comes to you. Take all your inhibitions away and write your heart out. Soon you will feel lighter as you step forward into this art of writing. As you look ahead, remember that there is a first time for everything, however in the end, what matters is, 'Did I write?'.

Get up tomorrow and do it. The goal is to get things going and to get better with each passing day. Always remember you can do this. No one but you chooses to write your feeling through words, then keep your fear aside and let your words flow.

Good luck. Don't forget to let me know if this article was helpful. I hope to read your written content soon.

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