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How To Start Writing


If you are reading this, It means you want to learn and earn by posting articles. If you don’t have any experience, you are not too qualified, you just have a passion to express your ideas, you are a writer. Sometimes our inner abilities remain hidden until we discover them. Writing has many benefits. It develops our thought process. Also, it is good for our mental health and increase career opportunities. So if you are interested and think you can be a writer, let’s follow these steps. You don’t need to be a native speaker for writing articles in English, but, definitely, your English should be good enough to formulate your ideas. First, choose a topic wisely to gain the attraction of your audience. Title should be short, catchy and attractive too. The next step is to read at least seven to eight articles on the relative topic, you have selected to collect the information. When you read so many articles on a specific topic, you definitely know about that topic more than any common person. Start making points from those articles, because they will help you to expand your words n you will be able to write a whole paragraph with the help of just one point. But remember one thing, you cannot copy anyone’s lines. Pen down the points just to get an idea, that how your article should be look like. So keep on writing and don’t just rely on those points. Write whatever comes to your mind. When you will keep on writing articles on different topics, your writing capacity will be increased. Write at least an article of 500 or more than that. At the end, conclude the article in three to four lines to make your point of view clear about the topic. Now, when your article is completed, let’s review it. It’s too easy. Just search for grammar and spelling checker on Google and open the page in new tab. Now copy your article and paste in it. It will identify the errors and mistakes. Add tags related to your topic. Tags provide details about an item and make it easy to locate related items that have the same tag.

Add some attractive photos in your article related to the topic and your article is ready to publish. Now, where to post it? Here are some sites where you can start your career as a new writer.


Hubpages is very good platform to join and you can earn a good amount by writing here. You just have to publish quality and original content to pass boot camp. After publication of five featured articles, you would be able to earn. Just publish frequently there to earn handsome amount. They pay through PayPal.


Simily is a fiction self-publishing platform where authors can find readers, get published, and get paid. It is an awesome platform for beginners, So I highly recommend this platform.

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It is the best platform to start your career as a beginner. It gives you opportunity to publish your articles and make a nice following. Writers on medium are very supportive and help you to grow. If you are living in country where you are eligible to join medium partner program after having 100 followers. Congratulations! Just join pages of medium groups on Facebook, post articles there, follow writers as much as you can and, they follow you back. You will have 100 followers in few days. But if you are unable to join medium partner program. Don’t quit. Just keep on writing and posting there.e to join medium partner program. Don’t quit. Just keep on writing and posting there.

It is a blog publishing platform that allows users to create multiple blogs with their account and publish articles on them. Your earning depends on the numbers of clicks you get on your ads.

Up work

You can start your career on up work after having experience in writing articles because you need to be a mature writer to get work there. You need to create a good and impressive profile to find a job. So these are some tips to become a writer and start your career on the above given platforms as a new writer.

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