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How to Write a Quotation for a Customer: Sample Template


I work in the construction industry and run my own small business, I often send quotes to my customers, usually by email but sometimes by traditional snail mail.

Rather than typing each quote individually, I use about a dozen quotation templates. I copy them as needed and customize them before sending to the customer.

Most of my quotation letters have three pages:

  • The cover letter contains a short message thanking them for showing an interest in my company. One paragraph says the quote is enclosed, and another paragraph urges them to go ahead and accept the quotation.
  • The second page contains all the details of the quote. I prefer bullet points, with a paragraph or two beneath each one.
  • The third page is where I try to convince the customer to accept my quotation. Here I list the trade bodies I am a member of, and a few addresses or places where I have worked before. These places are all local to the customer who can go along and look at the construction work I have previously completed.

If you are looking for a quotation for roof repair work or similar home repair project then try Roofer's Rates or Quotation Check.

The Essentials

Here are the essential things I include in each quotation letter

  • My business name and address (to the right of the page)
  • My website address and email address
  • Date and reference number
  • The customer's name, address and other contact details like phone number and email (to the left of the page).
  • If you are a VAT (Purchase Tax) registered business, then put the VAT number at the bottom of the page in small writing.
  • Same goes for the Company Reference number if you have one.
  • Always use bullet points on the actual quotation. They allow the writer to highlight important information.
  • You don't have to include all the technical information. You can present it on the website, and provide a link in the quote to the website (saves overloading the quotation with too much information), or put it on an additional page.

See an Example

Below you can see an example of one of my quotation templates. This example is a quote for replacing roofline boards and guttering, but you can customize the template for the type of work you are doing.

If you are seeking quotes yourself for roofing work, such as the cost of removing moss or replacing roof tiles, then these templates would be a good guide as to what to expect.

Quotation Template Page 1

Page 1.  The cover page of a typical quotation letter I would send to a customer.

Page 1. The cover page of a typical quotation letter I would send to a customer.

Quotation Template Page 2

Page 2. Here I use bullet points to highlight key areas of the quotation.

Page 2. Here I use bullet points to highlight key areas of the quotation.

Download This Template (Free)

I have put this quotation template onto my Google Docs account. You can download and save it via the link below:


Click "File" at top left on the page to get a copy of the template.

Additional Content

I usually insert a Purchase Agreement along with the quote, which the customer can sign and post back to me.

I may give the customer the option of agreeing to the quote by return email, but for larger contracts I always ask the customer to send the signed Purchase Agreement back to me as well.

If you are already in business but are struggling to find content for your template, then ask your existing customers to send to you old quotations from other businesses they have asked for a quote. You can then see exactly what the competition are up to. You could even entice your customers into emailing you these old quotes by doing a monthly prize draw. After a couple of months, you will not only have plenty of ideas but you will know exactly how much your competitors are charging.

Store About a Dozen Templates

I have about a dozen frequently-used quotation templates. It really doesn't take long to make a copy of one and then customize it for each specific customer.

At the moment I use Google Docs to store all my documents online. I send the customer a link to the document so they can view/print/save it.

I have used both Microsoft Office and Open Office before, and they are both fine if that is your preference.


Kafil U Masud on August 01, 2015:

This would help us to prepare a quotation, Thanks

Suzanne Angwin on October 29, 2012:

Very useful. I never thought of using my large array of quotes on business letters. I use them on everything else personal mail, twitter, etc.

If need some of mine feel free to ask!

Ingenira on October 28, 2012:

This is useful !! Thank you.

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