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How to Write Scientifically Memorable Slogans

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Some may argue with the fact that slogans still have a role to play in modern promotional campaigns. But undoubtedly, they still affect the person’s mindset. I wonder how many of you remember the company Nokia without speaking of its slogan, “Connecting People” or the company McDonald's without enchanting its famous line, “I’m lovin’ it”. Well, I am actually loving it the way these slogans have made the companies immortal in people’s minds.

So, in short, all I want to say is slogans are the most important asset of promotional writing. Some marketing experts call it a weapon of emotions. According to them, slogans have the rhythm to encapsulate customers’ emotions and lure them to try the brand. It is termed as brand awareness or recognition in marketing terminology.

What is a Slogan?

Slogans often called tag or catchlines, is a catchy and memorable phrase adopted by a company to increase brand awareness among the consumers and persuade them to buy the company’s products or services.

Scientific Logic Behind Slogan Writing

A slogan, as everyone knows, is created to describe the brand and its feeling. It must reflect what the brand is all about. That concludes that a slogan has no real relationship with the products or its benefits.

It’s important to understand the difference between a brand and slogan. A brand is a tag, a feeling that customers have for your products, while a slogan is a description of your brand that makes customers connect emotionally with the brand itself, not the products.

To understand this point better, consider an example of the tech giant Apple and its slogan, “Think Different”. These two words speak nothing of the company’s products, rather it talks about the uniqueness of the brand “Apple”. And that’s what Apple is actually known for, for its unique and easily distinguishable identity.

The best slogans are always concise. If you can’t think of a few words to describe your brand, then you are just complicating it.

It is pretty obvious for a slogan to be short and catchy, yet it’s not always necessary. I really like the slogan of MasterCard, “There are some things money can’t buy. For everything else, there’s MasterCard.” It is long yet easy to remember.

Make sure your crafted slogan clearly describes your brand. Even if it's catchy and short, but has no substance, it is useless. A slogan can never be an alternative of good branding, it needs to supplement the brand.

Connect your slogan with the hopes, aspirations, and dreams of the customers that they have with you. It needs to establish an emotional connection with them.

Can you name a brand by these slogans?

“A Diamond is Forever”

“Think Different”

“Hello Moto”

“Life’s Good”

“Take a Deep Breath”

Most of these slogans are easily recognizable without even giving a hint about the company’s name. They elaborated the company’s summary with just very few words. The phrases are memorable and catchy, that’s get stored in your mind for a very long time.


Slogans are Challenging

  • The shorter you need to write, the more complicated it gets.
  • Describing the whole company’s motto with just a few words requires creativity and brainstorming.
  • You can easily write 500 or more words description for a product or service. Now, shorten it to a single sentence.
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  1. What words will you use?
  2. What words will describe your company in a perfect manner?
  3. What words are more memorable?

How to write a Slogan or Tagline?

Here are some suggestions to help you write an effective tagline for your business:

1. Notice the ads as you drive down the road

Posters and billboard advertisements have a few seconds to grab the attention of a passerby and compel them to buy the product or service. You will notice most of these have large photos with few tag lines. These are a great source of inspiration to bring some new ideas for your brand.

2. Evaluate ads in magazines, newspapers and other forms of media

Media like magazines, newspapers, radio, business cards, display ads, and TV have plenty of attention-grabbing ads that you must watch out for. It will also let you know how companies advertise themselves in different manners through different media.

3. Examine Your Logo and Decide what fits Better

A good slogan complements the brand logo. Unless you are advertising on the radio, you need an outstanding logo which can fairly do the work for a slogan. While the slogan is an important factor, its work can also be done solely by your logo. A few companies do that, for example, Walmart. In other cases, to craft a slogan, its words need to fit the logo design.

4. Write everything you can relate with your business

Before writing a slogan, it is important to know what words resonate with your company’s reputation. It is even good to start your paragraph with a narrative description.

5. Extract top words that are extremely important and worth having

Now, eliminate the duplicates and words you can go without sharing. Keep on deleting till you are left with at most 25 or 30 important words. Then circle out the 4 or 5 key elements.

6. Use small and Everyday words

Crafting a slogan with stylish and complex terminology sounds cool. But no one wants to see your creativity with complexity, everyone wants creativity with simplicity. No matter what famous brand you consider, each one of them has made use of easy-to-remember words. Whether its Nike - “Just do it”, The New York Times - “All the News That’s Fit to Print” or anything else. The best way to do is to think like a 4th-grade student.

7. Work on phrases with your final selection

Turn words into phrases. You may even like to make a new word by merging two or more of them. Keep it concise and memorable like everyday language.

Which of these slogans make you remember the company better?


“Gary’s car repair shop, the best service at the lowest prices!”


“Quality Makeover for Your Car!”


“The Best Reliable Tax Service Around the City!”


“Tax Experts at Work for You!”


“Emergency medical services available 24/7”


“When Minutes Count!”

Which one you think is better? Well, you surely got the idea.

When you have prepared your slogans, do some test marketing and find out which works the best for you. Like any other endeavors, you need to practice, prance and practice to improve your skills and gain experience.

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