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How to Write Poems of Shape

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One way to encourage anyone to write about form poetry is to focus on their passions, interests or hobbies. The first step to do this is to think of a form that tells something about the interest of a person. Of course, this is all too easy to include just to make things a bit challenging, metaphor or similar.

Concrete poems or poems of shape are fun to write. This kind of creative writing can be a first activity for a subject of poetry. There are three ways to write poems in shape. The first type is the simplest level. All you have to do is think about a subject. It's something you like when choosing a topic. This means that you can write about your collection, game, hobby, favourite sport. The next step would be to tackle topics. It can be interesting to know you can write poetry about hunting, basketball, cooking other than love.

Draw a form or shape to cover the poem. You can draw a star, basketball, soccer, flower, computer, fruit and more. Once you've taken a shape, write a draft of 4 to 6 lines on the subject. A form poem has no restriction when it comes to rhyming, so if you want to rhyme or not, it is up to you. Write the text in the form, it would be much better if you could add colour. That's how you write poems about shape.

Let's get to the middle level. This is a bit harder than a poem of shape on the first level. Write a draft of your poem but include a similar one this time. A simile is a speech figure that compares two things like or like. This is a similar example; Ben is as hard as a rock. Lengthen the poem with at least six lines instead of four. Write the words creatively elsewhere instead of being wrapped outside the shape or form. To colour your poem, use your imagination. Congratulations, congratulations! You just created another poem in shape.

Let's make it harder this time. Begin with a rough draft of your poem, but include a similarity, an alliteration and a metaphor. Alliteration consists of three or more words with the same consonant in one line. Ben, for instance, brought his bag. Or, in the river, Robert threw rope. Two things are compared by a metaphor. An example would be, my dad is our family's pillar, or his eyes are as cold as ice. The poem should have a minimum of six to eight lines. Use the words to form the form creatively. No drawing should only use words. To make the shape more interesting, add colour. Now, you can show all the poems wherever you like. It goes without saying that every poem varies from person to person writing it.

Before making a draft, you should have decided where to rhyme your poem or not to write your text. If adding speech figures or making your poem rhythm is too challenging for you, it would be best if you were looking for something more about the simile, metaphor or alliteration you want to include in your poem. Actually, you can do this while you draw your shape poem.

Writing a poem about shape should be enjoyable. Think of it as a step towards improving your creativity, so that there is no pressure, just have fun.

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