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How to Tell if You are the Artistic Type

Artistic types are a very strange breed of people, and no matter how their creativity expresses itself, they all share some common elements with each other. If you are unsure if you are one of these people, here are some helpful hints to tell if you are:

  1. You spend a great deal of time trying to find the perfect journal for your writing or drawing, and once it has been purchased, it is suddenly too good to be sullied with any markings.
  2. You have a favorite pen. It probably has a name, and you do not let anyone else use it. They may not even be able to look at it directly.
  3. Ideas come freely to you when it is inconvenient for you to preform your art, but when you have time to work on it, it is like pulling teeth to get anything to come out of you.
  4. You want to show your work to people, but at the same time, you don’t want anyone to see it (but especially anyone that you actually know . . . or anyone you don’t know).
  5. You have a personal muse, and you have named her so that it is easier to curse her.
  6. You have opinions on the color purple.
  7. Your Google search history makes you look like a serial killer, and you are pretty sure you are on some sort of list.
  8. When you first encountered the work of the person that inspired you, it changed your life forever, and you can likely still remember your first taste of their work.
  9. If you are a writer of some sort, you likely have a baby name website bookmarked, but not for your real life children (you need to check the meanings and origins of the names fo r your characters. Their names are far more important and significant than those of your real life children).
  10. You have opinions on coffee.
  11. You are insulted when someone who is not artistic compares your work with someone you dislike, and who may have work that only has a passing resemblance to yours.
  12. You have probably done something crazy with your hair (whether it is the cut, the color, or a combination of the two).
  13. You likely do not go by your legal name. You may very well have chosen a name that is completely different, and you may have created a Twitter account for this name.
  14. You have the app, and you use it on the regular.
  15. You have a favorite chair at every coffee shop, and you will fight anyone who sits in your chair.
  16. You have opinions on cryptids and have a favorite cryptids.
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