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How to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others ( and Why You Should )


How many times today have you found yourself comparing yourself to others, maybe you're bummed out because you didn't hit it big with the whole game stop thin maybe all of your friends are on clubhouse and you haven't got that invite yet and you don't you might not even know what clubhouse is.

I get that um whatever, it is you might find yourself comparing yourself to others and that's just not happening, it's not gonna do you any favors the more you compare yourself to others. The more bummed out you're gonna get I know this from personal experience and it sucks.

So if you struggle with this if this has been a problem for you then I suggest you stay tuned.

It's like what's the point, it doesn't do me any good and here's the thing you have to remember when you're comparing yourself to others. You are comparing yourself to the best version of themselves, those people are showing you only what they want you to see .

You're not seeing all the vulnerabilities, all the insecurities, all the things that aren't going well. You're just seeing the very best version of them and what they're presenting. So I'm just telling you this as a reminder all of those people that you think or at least 99% of those those who you're thinking that have it together you think they're perfect.

You think they're doing way better than you and they might be doing really well, I do not know however a lot of those people, they're not doing better than you. They're not doing as great as it seems and in most cases they're not as happy with their situation as they might make it out to be on social media.

So just remember that but right now, there are three things that I've done in my own life to prevent examination myself to others and just make myself happy.


First thing stop following influencers and what I mean by that is you know you might be thinking oh but the influence that I'm supposed to learn from the influencers like why would I stop following, how am I going to get better, if I don't follow them well they're doing everything on their time.

You're signing up for their email list, you're signed for their notifications on Youtube or whatever it is and they're interrupting you, so you might just be happily working on your blog post feeling great what's this boom oh they just posted this video boom, it's already got 27 000 views and you haven't ever gotten 27 000 views on anything.

So all of a sudden you're making comparisons and bummed out, so if you stop following them you're not giving yourself the opportunity to make those comparisons. Which is going to work in your favor, so I'm not saying you have to stop following them completely but unsubscribe from the email list, unsubscribe from the notifications.

Go search them out manually, if you are looking for information on a specific thing, but the more you can not be surrounded by that and not be exposed to that.

The less opportunity, there's going to be for you to make those comparisons and successively you are going to be happier ,because you'll just be focusing on yourself and what you can control and that's what's most important.


Second thing focus on action rather than vanity metrics here's the thing you might be looking at with an example - my youtube channel you're like damn that guy's got 25 000 subscribers, he's made it he has got it and I'm looking at him like man I only got 25 000 subscribers.

Look at that person's got like 100 000 subscribers o a million subscribers I wish I was good like that man or I might be comparing like ,oh look at this like crappy background I don't have the light on over there and this is like my face is all and you look at the filmmakers and they're like ooh sexy background, lots of different lights it's great.

I don't have any of that you're constantly making these comparisons um I had a point here vanity metrics that doesn't really have anything to do with lights, but see this is my insecurities just coming out when I ramble.

But my point being I've got 25 000 subscribers, honestly I think that my videos get just as many views as they did. when I had 10 000 subscribers like it really hasn't made much of a difference, subscribers traffic for the most point that's all vanity metrics.

It doesn't mean that much action is where it matters action is what's important so focus on taking action rather than just all the numbers that make you feel good or in most cases make you feel bad.

So don't worry about getting more subscribers, don't worry about building the email list or the numbers behind it, the more action you take doesn't matter what you take action, on the more action you take the more progress you're gonna make, the more mistakes you're gonna make, the more you're gonna learn from that action is a positive thing, so just focus on that don't focus on all the vanity stuff that doesn't matter.


Final thing and this might be the most important is focus on the things that you've already done, you've already had a lot of success, you've already had a lot of wins you have made it.

This far in life for a reason and so you might think well I haven't done anything here's what I think you should do a reverse bucket list instead of thinking about all the things you want to do someday.

Create a list of all the successes, all the wins, all the just even the little things that you've already done in life and as you start creating this list it might be kind of hard at first, but the more things you write the more ideas you're gonna have and the more you're gonna be like.

This is great you're gonna feel better about yourself, so focus on those things instead of comparing yourself to others, compare yourself to yourself, compare yourself to your past self.

Maybe you like your past self more than your current self and if that's the case then going through this process is going to help you to want to make those changes, but at least that's a fair comparison, comparing yourself to yourself that's fair comparing yourself to anybody else that you don't know anything about other than what they want you to see that doesn't work .

So focus on the things you've already done focus on the successes, you've already had because that is attending to place you in a better state of mind to then start moving forward and start continuing to make changes that are going to benefit you in a positive way.

So these are the three things that's what I got stop following influencers that want to embarg you with all their stuff, stop focusing on vanity and metrics and just focus on action and three remember you're doing great, you've already done a lot focus on the successes and the small wins and the big wins and all the things you've already done .


Dora Weithers on May 03, 2021:

These are all very good suggestions. There's only one me, only one you, and miss out on our happiness when we do not take the time to appreciate our own value.

Rehana Khatoon (author) from India on May 03, 2021:

Thanks MG Singh, i am glad to see you here.

MG Singh from UAE on May 03, 2021:

Nice article. You have raised interesting points

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