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How to Publish and Earn from Poetry?

Poet, translator and writer of many books of poems. She is interested in literature and culture studies.

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Publishing Poetry and Earning

Poetry is the spontaneous expression of an imaginative self. In every culture, literature opens with poetry as it seems to be the first natural expression of a creative human being, a creative human mind. Every culture and every literature attest this. Form the earliest of civilizations, we have seen that the first utterance of creativity in words is poetry. Gradually as the civilization becomes more and more complex, prose literature gains importance and as a result poetry gradually looses its importance. But poetry has not died, it has its own importance even today. Who does not want to be a T.S. Eliot or Rabindranath Tagore? Even today, there are thousands of magazines and journals dedicated to poetry and a good poet can earn more or less good money by writing poetry. There are various magazines and journals that pay handsome money for publishing poetry. But before submitting one's best works, one has to study the magazines' editorial policy, their published works etc. Many magazines accept submission only through Submittable. In that case, the sender has to create an account with Submittable and get familiarize with it. Only after doing a thorough research on that particular magazine, the author should submit their best pieces, always abiding by their policy and rules.

Many magazines also do not accept unsolicited submissions. Some magazines only accept poetry in their special issues. So, it is not that we can randomly send poems to these magazines' official email id. We have to always keep ourselves update with their current information and latest announcements. These magazines are basically either print or web based. Some magazines also publish in both formats.

We shall here a make a list of the very best poetry magazines that pay handsomely for accepted poetry submission. Of course, there are many others.

The Three Penny Review: It is a very prominent and reputed literary magazine, that consistently publishes high quality pieces. They presently accept unsolicited poetry submission. Their payout rate is also high, that is $200 per accepted piece. So, the writer can always try to publish here.

The Boulevard: This is another very well known and reputed literary magazine and happily it is open for unsolicited submission. Only previously unpublished poems can be sent here for consideration. One can send at most five poems with not more than two hundred lines altogether. The payout rate for this magazine is in between $25 to $250. Before sending one's work, one should feel satisfied with the quality of his works.

Art Poetry Magazine: It is yet another very well known and one of the best in contemporary magazines that accepts unsolicited poetry submission. Though the acceptance rate is very low, yet many budding poets yearn to publish here because of its sheer popularity. The magazine pays $50 per page of accepted poems.

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The Sun: It is popular and yet has been maintaining quality for years, where every accepted piece can earn in between $100 to $200. So, it is a really great magazine for the would be poets and also for the reputed ones.

Rattle: This is a print magazine that pays for its author around $50 for accepted poems. The magazine is steadfastly maintaining its quality for years.

Alaska Quarterly Review: This is a poetry magazine. One can earn in between $10 to $50 for every accepted piece.

There are many other well reputed magazines and journals that accept poetry submission. Some of these are print magazines and some are published in web format. Noteworthy among them are Agni Quarterly, PloughShare, Orion Magazine, New Myths etc. and many others. In short, the author should first feel satisfied with the quality of his works, check the editorial policy, follow the latest announcements and then only send his best works for consideration.

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