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How to Get Started on Anything

Starting a new venture might come with imposter syndrome to some individuals. Gain some insights on how to get started on anything!


How to Get Started on Anything

Changing directions in life comes with enough packets of doubts. It even gets worse when one’s mentality is hooked to old habits. That’s why it is quite easy for an individual to give up easily in the early stages. In this article, I’ll share with you some experiences you should expect when starting a new journey. So, how can one start?

Conduct research

To avoid frustrations coming your way, it is important to conduct proper research about the destination you’re headed to. Ask yourself questions that are aligned to your goals, know how much you will have to sacrifice, and why you chose a particular path. This will provide you with a clear image on what you’re about to get into. You’ll also be aware of the learning paths and the obstacles posed before you.

When you have a clear understanding of what you want, perform a SWOT analysis on your objective. This simple practice will help you design a vision, mission statement, or even come up with a slogan that drives you. You’ll familiarize yourself with your strengths and weaknesses, and take advantage of the opportunities you’ll encounter to eliminate the threats on your way.

If you’re not okay with the results you’re getting, you should know that everything you wished for has come to pass. To change your results, consider aiming at your next destination and doing only the things that will take you there. Expect discomfort and discouraging times, as your mind is adjusting to new grounds.

Learn as you grow

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It’s okay to fail in your new endeavors but make sure you learn something from your failure. Don’t be scared of failing because it’s part of the learning curve. Imagine an obese individual starting a body transformation journey. It will take a considerable amount of time, commitment, and energy to achieve the desired results. This individual will fail countless times, but how they come back up again is what matters.

Likewise, when you’re starting a new business, getting customers will be both daunting and mundane. Just do it. Start your business and don’t be afraid to take that quantum leap. As Lisa Nicholas says, don’t be afraid to jump. You’re either gonna jump and fly, or fall on something soft or hard. Provided you have a spirit that drives you, you’re gonna get up and find your way up again.

Work on your mindset

Break those existing paradigms and limiting beliefs to create room for new habits. You’ll notice how eventful your life will be when you become what you want. Learn to always live at the moment, do something bold that inspires people. It’s better off if you try out your ideas instead of living your life regretting the chances you never acted on.

Start from where you’re comfortable, and keep your mind open as there’s a lot to be learned in your journey. You’ll notice over time that things align themselves. Like Steve Jobs once said, connecting dots looking forward won’t make sense. Education is what will remain after you experience both good and bad moments.

Give yourself time to blossom

Remember that you’re learning, and you should consider giving yourself some time. Yes, a reasonable duration. You should expect to realize substantial results after hours of consistency and attentiveness. Push yourself beyond your limits. No one became a master or rich overnight. So remember to give yourself some time.

Never stop nourishing yourself with relevant information as the world is constantly changing. Keep your spiritual realm in good shape, you’ll need your higher faculties for guidance. Network with people who’ve been in your field for a long time, and learn from them. When you realize that you’re so good at something, your spirit will just be waiting for commands to act on. Make the world your playground!

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