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How to Gift a Book on Amazon. Share Your Favorite Book with Friends and Family

Don is a Writer and a Storyteller. He has published over 9 books on varied subjects along with many articles and commentary on his blogs.

Gifting a Book to Friends and Family

As a writer, you will often want to give a copy of one of your books to certain people.

Perhaps they are a friend or a relative, or it may just be a seasonal or a birthday gift. and at times it's smart to send a free copy to someone who might help your books sales.

One way to easily send these books to others is by using the Amazon system.

Of course, I am assuming that the book you want to gift is actually listed on Amazon, but considering their dominance in the Book sales industry, this is probably a safe assumption.

Although the process is relatively simple, I am listing th steps here for those of you that might be new to using Amazon for purchasing a product and especially new to sending Amazon products as a gift.

Give a Book to a Friend!

A Collections of Random Thoughts

A Book of Short Stories by Don bobbitt

A Book of Short Stories by Don bobbitt

Use your Amazon account to keep records

Of course, you can use this same process for gifting any Amazon product, but,again, I am concentrating on gifting a book in this article.

Amazon Membership

First of all, you have to be a member of Amazon.

If you are a writer,and already have an account on Amazon, then you will already have an account. When you signed up for your account, you have to include your personal information including your preferred Credit Card account for them to bill your purchases to.

And, don't worry, Amazon has a pretty tight security system to assure that they are not hacked so your information is secure from their end.

Of course,you need to keep your personal information secure on your end for any such system to work safely for you.

As you Amazon veteran users know, once you have set up your account with them, you will have access to literally millions of items including their extensive library of books..

And, somewhere in that vast library are your books.

Reasons to GIFT a BOOK

There are many reasons for giving away a copy of your Book, and even for a serious here are some viable business justifications along with personal ones.

Share with a FRIEND or RELATIVE

Giving a copy of your Book to a friend or relative is a personal decision. Often, you want them to just have a copy, because of your relationship with each other, and sometimes, you just value and want their opinion of your writings.

For whichever reason, these personal gifts are usually special to a writer and well worth the cost of the purchase price.

Invariably, when I gift a book to someone close, whenever I am around them again, they will mention the gift,and I will offer to sign their copy for them. I always enjoy giving these copies of my works out and I even get some good comments from these people who are close to me.

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Get more Exposure

One thing that any writer, especially a struggling or relatively unknown one, needs to do at times is to give copies of their book to certain people in the industry with hopes of increasing their sales.

When you use Amazon for gifting copies, you can use your Amazon sales and purchase records, that they send to you monthly, for your expense records.

In reality, you probably already know that you need to selectively hand out copies to these influential people. Some of the people who can influence you sales are; Potential Professional Reviewers, Book Store owners, Librarians, and others, sometimes even if the possibility that they will ever read your work is remote.

Gift it on Seasonal Holidays and Birthdays

Face it, if you are a serious writer, and and need exposure for your books, what is a better reason to send someone a copy than as a Gift on a Holiday or for their Birthday?

A book will always be a great Holiday of Birthday gift for someone and you don't have to worry about it being the right size or color. And, honestly, it will probably cost you less than pretty much anything else that you might purchase for them.

And, even the most hardened industry professional would not be so gauche as to complain about receiving a book as a gift. Of course,it the book really sucks ...........?

Amazon Gift Cards

Learn from this book and Sell on Amazon

How to Gift a Kindle eBook on Amazon

So, assuming that you have an account on Amazon, you should do the following;

1- First Log onto Amazon with your account login and password.

2- When the main screen is displayed, there is a SEARCH box displayed near the top of the page.

3- In the search box you should type BOOKS and hit the ENTER key.

4- The page will change again and the search box will now be open for your search within the library of Amazon books.

At this point, you can type the book Authors name, or the book Title for your next level of search.

5- I usually type the book Authors name, even if that is me, to get a full listing of the Authors books.

Now the screen will display all of the books that the specific Author has available on Amazon, whether they are in Paperback or Kindle Book formats,along with the price for each version.

6-Select the version that you wish to gift and the page will change again to a page of data about the specific book and version that you have selected.

7- On the right hand side of the screen is a box where you will have options for you to purchase the book. One of the choices is GIVE AS A GIFT.

8- Click on GIVE AS A GIFT and the screen changes again to one where they want you to confirm your login address and your password. Fill these in and then click on


7- If you are gifting an eBook (KINDLE Version, the next screen will be where you can input the receivers email address, your Name, the date that you want the elail deliveredand a short message to the receiver of the gift.

At this point you can review the email to be sent and edit it if you so desire, or you can click on PLACE YOUR ORDER to complete the transaction

Send a PAPERBACK Copy as a Gift

8- If, on the other hand, you wan to send a Paperback copy, then do the following;

A- Once you sign in to your Amazon account, and have searched on the Authors name or the books title just like descried above, you will click on the specific book and the screen will now have a page on the right that will allow you to ADD TO CART or BUY NOW WITH 1-CLICK.

B- Before you select, check the box THIS WILL BE A GIFT.

C- Also click the option ADD AN ADDRESS under SHIP TO.

D- Now you can click on ADD TO CART and the screen will change to one where you will need to enter your login address and password again for security purposes.

E- Once you do this the screen will change to one where you will need to fill in the receivers address information, and once this is done press CONTINUE.

F- If everything is OK, then the screen will change to one where you confirm the address your book is to be shipped to and if it is right then click on; SHIP TO THIS ADDRESS

G- The next page you will see will offer you the option to have your book gift wrapped or on as well as a place where you can include a FREE GIFT NOTE to the receiver.

Once you have made these selections, press CONTINUE to confirm your payment options and then ship your book.

That's IT! You have just sent a Gift Copy of your book.

Selling on Amazon, for the Beginner

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.


tommy002000 on May 10, 2017:

nice idea :) and amazing post

i think anyone could also write an ebook for kindle and profit from it

Shyron E Shenko from Texas on May 26, 2016:

Fantastic Information, so glad I found this in the feed. I am working on several projects and I am spread thin.

Thank you for giving us a step by step guide.


Don Bobbitt (author) from Ruskin Florida on October 11, 2013:

ChristinS- Thanks for the read and I am glad you like the idea. I just finished reading your Soap Making Hub and it was very informative. I look forward to reading more of your stuff.


Christin Sander from Midwest on October 11, 2013:

This is a great idea actually. I had never thought to send a kindle book to someone that's very cool and will save some time/wrapping paper in the future. Love the detailed instructions you provided also. Voted and shared

Don Bobbitt (author) from Ruskin Florida on December 02, 2012:

multicultural- thanks for the support of my Hub. I just thought it was about time for the seasonal gift giving season, and I should remind my fellow writers of this great idea.

JJ Murray from Roanoke, Virginia on December 02, 2012:

The simplest ideas are often the best. I "gift" all my Kindle books to all my readers every three months with five days of free giveaways. I do let all my friends and relatives know in advance so they can stock up. So far I've given away about 40,000 books--and these giveaways have helped my sales tremendously. Word-of-mouth advertising is by far the best advertising there is. Great hub.

Don Bobbitt (author) from Ruskin Florida on November 25, 2012:

ktrapp- thanks for the kind words but my the title of my book, Roadkill, is a play on words. It is actually a collection of some of my short stories and Poems, some with older versions on HP. I wanted to put out a collection of stories from my past that tell of times that affected me as I grew into what I am as a person today. Was that a smart thing to do? Probably not.

Anyway, I am glad that you liked this Hub, and that I may have given you a new way to promote your writings.

Kristin Trapp from Illinois on November 25, 2012:

I'm back .... I just looked at your book's description on Amazon and see my guess is wrong. I've never bought a kindle book before and this just may be my first.

Kristin Trapp from Illinois on November 25, 2012:

Hi Don. Gifting a book online is a fabulous idea since so many people read them electronically now. And what a great way to self-promote your own book. I am anxious to take a look at "Roadkill." Knowing that you do a lot of RV-ing I am imagining that this book might be about your RV adventures, but I could be way off track.

Don Bobbitt (author) from Ruskin Florida on November 19, 2012:

kashmir56- thanks for the comment and taking the time to read my Hub. I tried to put together something that someone new to helping hteirbook sales might use the Amazon GIFT tools for easy and low cost advertising campaigns.

I am glad you like it.

Thomas Silvia from Massachusetts on November 19, 2012:

All great ideas and suggestions within this well written hub. Well done !

Vote up and more !!!

Don Bobbitt (author) from Ruskin Florida on November 12, 2012:

shiningirisheyes- Thanks for stopping by and reading my Hub. I hope it puts some ideas into other's heads also, and helps them get their books pout there to more people.

Shining Irish Eyes from Upstate, New York on November 12, 2012:

Don - Your article has provided more encouragement and incentive to follow through on my long planned idea of writing and publishing a book on Amazon. My family and friends have been prodding me for years. I may just decide to complete it as your article gives me some wonderful ideas.

Don Bobbitt (author) from Ruskin Florida on November 10, 2012:

billybuc, great to hear from you and I am glad that you might be able to use the information. I started doing this a few months ago, and it sure beats dealing with packaging and delivery to post offices. Plus, like it or not, many of my relatives are already checked off of my Christmas list. LOL!

Bill Holland from Olympia, WA on November 10, 2012:

Very useful information, Don! Since I have six books on Amazon this would be something I need to know. I'm laughing because I never considered doing this with my books. Great suggestion my friend; thank you!

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